750 ml of vodka in 9.6 seconds

manygoodtips.com, 19.07.2013, 6FQov4NZZwkzJqRPS83Q36Ytl6DaqQYb

Look at this dude. Judging by his face, he almost became a Russian and understand the meaning of life. This red-cheeked American with a frightening, like husky, blue eyes puts real-time world record for speed drinking vodka. 750 ml in 9.6 seconds. Red mug of our hero, says that guy is really serious in his quest, and had long trained.

I recommend to first rewind to the third minute and look at the training, and then from the sixth — to see the process, it’s really impressive. Now this dude is the time to create on Kickstarer project «Sintesi me a new liver».

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