7 ways to spend less time on housework

how to spend less time on housework

As practice shows (and the unanimous opinion of women), men often only add housework to their wives and girlfriends. Of course, to realize it’s not very nice, so tempted to argue, saying that I help, it vacuumed on Sunday and the trash in the morning made — but it is not the most productive option of debate. What really helps and girlfriends and the dudes – so this is an effective ways to reduce the amount of homework. And so she has to do a lot of things, and here’s how not to worsen the situation.

1. Put all things into place. I know it’s simple, but effective. If after using every little thing to put in his place, cleaning will take much less time. Much. This behavior is very typical for children: pick up a toy – played with it a few more minutes and left immediately. Amazingly, I notice myself acting the same way! Only instead of dropping the thing on the floor, I lay her on the nearest shelf, on the couch, on the table – and the result is litter all around. Instead, try to practice the following:

  • after the meal, gather the dishes from the table and put them in the sink;
  • before going to bed, OKIN room a quick glance, and if you see things where they shouldn’t be, do a five minute cleaning service;
  • get «organizer» (from the English. door – door organizer – organizer) is such a thing with lots of pockets, which is attached to the door. You could put different things. In order not to forget them, not to scatter around the apartment and always have on hand.

2. Do General cleaning every month. Too cool to wash the whole house every week, but if you do these things less often, your housing is likely to be a pigsty, and then you don’t have to spend entire days on something that can be done in a couple of hours. Therefore, every month you need to clean the Windows, shake out the bag to collect dust from the vacuum cleaner and do a lot of different things.

3. Prepare the meal. Many women love to cook, but still they are nice from time to time not to pursue the case. Judge for yourself: they have to figure out what to cook, what to cook it, set the table, and then stand up every time someone needed bread or salt. Why not replace it at least once a week? I’m not talking about pancakes on a Saturday morning (it’s cool, man) – but there’s something, something you still can do myself. For example:

  • Prepare the meal in the morning. Get up half an hour earlier – what you got? – peel and slice different, what you do, and in the evening just slip the whole thing in the oven. Imagine: you will need to wait only half an hour and dinner is ready. Cool?
  • Buy semi-finished products. Sometimes it is so tired that is not able to cook. For those moments of humanity and invented the semi-finished products: dumplings, dumplings, frozen pizza and similar things. Not every day, but very convenient.
  • Take your family to the cafe. This is the last lot. That’s certainly will save your wife from cooking. Of course, children gather in a cafe – it is fun, and besides, this idea is not cheap.

4. Let you will have your duties. Daily do some homework, take certain responsibilities – and remember that for you no one else will. For example, take out the garbage or put things in the washing machine (and put them). It disciplinarum yourself and give a bit of free time to your wife. And for you to better to spend 10 minutes every day than an hour on Sunday, right?

5. Divide financial responsibilities. Understand: for many men to handle money – an impossible task because they spend all they have in their pockets before dusk. But imagine how it is when your wife buys one of the products for the whole week, and then pull them home, or as she trudges after work to pay for daycare. Divide equally cash expenditures, and you don’t have to spend the weekend to go to this place and to pay for that.

6. Keep order in the car. Much easier once a week, vacuum the interior, than to kill a whole day to shovel out the car of all unnecessary things. The same applies to technical condition: it is easier to fix a small damage at once, than the whole month to ride the bus until your car finally fixed.

7. Form good habits. If you do all of these things systematically, you can great reduce the time you spend on household chores. The best way to create good habits is to ask your wife what you’re doing wrong: for example, leave open the toothpaste, not my hair out of the bathtub drain — it could be anything. Just ask her to point out your mistakes and work on them every day.

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