7 ways to increase your productivity

In today’s world every person is like a little factory of something. Who does the lyrics, who forms a good mood, and someone commodity-money relations. And not to stay in one place, everyone needs to improve its performance. However, even the most zealous diligence subsequently rests on the wall of circumstances and fatigue. As a result, you are constantly on edge, all your work seems pointless, and performance drops to a record low. Begin depression, resentment and loneliness. Particularly acute is felt when you don’t work for uncle, and for himself, or doing creative work. To this will not reach to follow the following seven rules.

1 Always ask yourself: «Why?»

Before you take on a new project, take on a lot of tasks and heavy burden of responsibility, ask yourself: «Why am I doing this?». Keep asking this question until you get the answer, and you will feel satisfactory. Your «because» has to be compelling and soothing. If your answer is «I do it to please your boss or a rich distant relative,» or «because I’ll feel guilty if I don’t try,» is all this worth it? Correct answer: «no.»

2 Say «no» twice more than you usually do Warren Buffett once said: «the Difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say «no» almost all the time.»

They openly admit that they are not doing one or the other, for many tantamount to an admission of incompetence. Successful people only do what is important to them. All of this relates to additional duties in the office and even for business. Sometimes it is better to refuse a few clients to your business in the future flourished. It must be justified. No need to say the word «no» only for the sake of protest itself.

3 Stop thinking that success is achieved by struggle

Trendy modern writer Denise Duffield-Thomas once said that the biggest myth of success and money, in which people can believe is that it must be difficult. And if the money got easy — so this way is dishonest.

But look at people like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. They work hard, but they are cheerful, happy and constantly entertained. All because their work is good. This tip not help you make money, but will (and should) take life easier. 4 Everything is not so bad have You ever noticed that when you’re in a good mood, things are done much faster, and my head is full of a variety of creative solutions? Or are you adept to the small group that is really passionate about the complexity?

When we leave the stress and apathy, your head’s on straight like from various debris, and we see different ways of solving problems. Therefore, «cleanse your mind from the defilement of life» and try to make these decisions that you yourself will be fine. However, everything so bad, it’s just we all hurt. And stress in the world, too, no, all the toys of Satan and idolatrous. All that is is a tense mind.

5 Always use a vacation

There is a reason why even the leaders of large global companies always take a vacation because rest helps fresh eyes to look at the fruits of their labors. We all periodically need to charge the batteries in order not to go crazy. Just as an artist must step back to look at the canvas, we need to escape from our working life to see how actually things are. Not necessary to fly to the edge of the world to rest (although, in General, a good idea), do not have to take a vacation, just to relax for a weekend or to do a short 10-minute meditation on the couch before work.

6 Less work for more inspiration

Than more free time — the more you miss work. Than it is less, the more you want to escape from the workplace. Golden rule, which would hint at the fact that the work must be carried out strictly within the designated hours. The rest of the time should be spent on recreation, and not for refinement and processing. Though, because the most useful ideas come in moments when we walk the dog, take a shower, or even cook a meal.

7 the Rule of «Golden hours»

We all have «gold watch» is that part of the day or night, when we able to fulfill the most difficult task from a list of daily chores or to take on several tasks at once. Someone this morning, someone in the evening, which is not always convenient to adjust his working day under the watch of inspiration. But it is necessary. If you know you have to perform difficult, time-consuming tasks in the near future, then plan your dead all in advance to get on the «gold watch». Sometimes, if time allows, it is much better to stretch the job for the long term in any case, it still is faster, and most importantly — better. So just need that to show your gold watch and build your schedule based on them.

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