7 ways to hide an erection

how to hide an erection

You know, dude, you’re not thirteen, but hot girlfriend and different ideas can still occur in the most unexpected moment and put you to have to take a cold shower. Urgent. In your defense I’ll note that an erection can occur at all at any time when the blood decides to pilinut to your buddy and fill his cavernous body. You can make a joke to make fun of it not to forget and to hide the erection so that no one will notice.

1. To fix the shirt or t-shirt

Long shirts can be a blessing, if you dripped sauce on his pants, if his nose was bleeding and poured it or if you have suddenly had an erection. Just wyprawy shirt out of his trousers. Would look a bit weird, but try to behave accordingly. Think of some excuse why you did it: the same tale about the sauce or what you don’t like to look too formal. The important thing is that now nobody can see.

2. Tagarades a book, newspaper or any such thing

Reading is a great way to hide an erection, especially if you read a great book or newspaper. Even the menus and napkins on the lap, shopping carts and bags will stand in good stead. Hold the object in front of you, relax your hands and do them natural gestures. Do not be too focused to obstruct: to attract more attention.

3. Distract people than at the other end of the room

If you’re a ventriloquist, you will not have any problems with it. Let out the ficus say anything people. If you don’t have that ability, you can always refer to some hum, look in any direction and thereby distract attention from the newspaper that lies in your lap.

4. Lean

Bend over to tie his shoelaces. Lean in to show that you can reach to the fingertips. Lean in closer so there is something to pull out from the soles. If you bend at the waist, this will help to hide his erection and draw people’s attention to what you’re doing. This means that they will look at your laces, not the crotch.

5. Wear briefs instead of boxers

If the random, uncontrollable erections happen often, you may want to start wearing briefs that the risers were not so obvious. Briefs harder you push on your genitals and stronger giving them to the body. Baggy pants also can help if you don’t mind looking like an idiot.

6. Pretend you’re sick

Sudden deterioration of health is a great way, it is like suddenly to bend over. It is possible to combine. Stay low and grab onto the stomach, and in the process can also straighten the shirt out of my pants and run to the nearest toilet.

7. Think of something unpleasant

Unpleasant thoughts can nullify the erection, placing your brain in a different, non-sexual direction. Imagine watching the butcher cut up the carcass. Imagine that you got hit by a bus. Remember the most vile movies I saw. Of course, this does not work, if you’re a pervert.

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