7 ways to get drunk without money

how to get drunk for free

Nothing empties our wallets not tight like the night at the bar. Parties and fun dudes keep constantly on the verge of poverty. To help the guys who like to have fun, even when they broke, we offer 7 ways to drink, almost not spending money. Of course, we do not think it should behave always, but in principle, in rare cases, cash-strapped, why not? Everything is good in moderation.

1. Preliminary round

It’s just like a day, but many guys somehow do not. When you come into the bar already drunk, you need less than half when you show up there sober. So if you should one of your «sober» friends you will not refuse to drink: that they should take a fork to their bro had fun.

2. Hey buddy!

Stay close with your buddies: whether you know them already not the first year or just met them just behind the bar. Hang out with them all night. Every time your friend approaches the bar, if next to him. Nine times out of ten you something to treat you: they will simply be broke and rotate to create a queue, asking you, aren’t you supposed to pay you. Not in this crowded bar.

3. Do not keep a cash in bars, do not accept cards

Forget to get to the ATM, and it will save you plenty of expenses: taxis, alcohol – whatever. If no intent, challenge your friends to go to the bar does not accept cash, and after you drink your first glass, announce that you have run out of cache. No one wants to go, and will pay for you. Of course, you can equip it to the nearest ATM, but we sincerely hope that this will not happen.

4. Flask

Here you need cunning and caution, but is an effective way to get drunk in a bar, without spending a penny. Method – one «preliminary round».

5. Join the company celebrates

Birthdays, various parties and stuff like that – these companies buy the booze at all. Join us! Everyone will think that you came with someone, and you’re going to fit in. Grab a shot and immediately say a toast out of that girl in the sparkly dress!

6. Corporate events

They are created in order to drink for free. Never miss out on office parties: Christmas, in honor of February 23 and March 8 – and who knows what else. Take advantage: because the chief knows what could pay you more, so don’t be shy and drink.

7. Make friends with a drunk guy

These types have almost reached the point of no return. Usually drunk bro is very generous, so sit down, relax and enjoy it.

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