7 ways to destroy your future

There are many ways to rise above this world and become successful — read a book trump, and perhaps made superintendent. But really, you don’t need to know how many in this world working methods and non-methods of achieving success — the rapid river of life itself will pave its bed if the river has power. On the other hand, you can always go to the side and fall, foolishly, into some hole where cannot get out. These «pits» full of life, and they threaten to break off all the fun in your life. However, many people are attracted to them as much as moths to the lamp. But have you seen what is happening to them — they fry to a crisp. If you want to avoid this, save the list — he will help you not to do anything stupid.

1 Head of the family ahead of time


The best way to start his adult life was wrong to start a family. Why? Yes, because your brain is not yet Mature, you don’t know the essence of women and not really implemented in the professional, intellectual and even physical sphere. Why do you have a child when you can’t even pay for the mortgage? Why pregnant wife, when you went to College? Why do you even have a family when your job is to explore the world, gain wisdom and only then that wisdom to use to the woman and the child that you must appear, were under the protection of a real man, not a youngster. Understand that feelings nothing can be done. Sometimes you see a girl and know she will be a very long time and maybe until the end. But let’s wait the test of time before thinking about children and even marriage.

2 Take the credit when there is nothing to pay , We would generally not recommend to borrow — in our country it is dangerous, especially when it comes to foreign currencies. The wages we get in rubles, and some credits to give the dollars. During the crisis a lot of people who broke thank my stupid decision to take the credit. We all want to improve their living conditions, to purchase a car or even a washing machine. It happens that even a normal smartphone does not have enough money. But trust me: if you don’t have enough money for a smartphone, then a loan is the last thing that you need to contact. Be smarter than this shit.

3 Smoke grass on the street.

Event, it would seem, on a smaller scale than the desire to start a family, but due to the fact that one day you will want to smoke a joint in the fresh air, you can pick up for a long time. In the colonies it is possible to adapt, where even the Internet is, but to call sweet life at the local barracks language does not turn. People sit out there, go crazy, start to live by the rules that are not worthy of civilized man. And it’s all because you ran into that COP at a time when he wanted to relax the brain a small puff. You’re not in California, where recently legalized marijuana — you are in Russia, where such things are possible to lose all. 4 Take spontaneous decisions , Many successful entrepreneurs teach their fans that need to make spontaneous decisions, to take risks, to take balls in hand and moving forward. It’s great when you live by the principle of «sink or swim» when you have nothing to lose and the stakes are too high, but when you make spontaneous decisions just because you’re too lazy to think, to analyze and calculate probability, then you’re just an idiot. These people find their homes in cardboard boxes from under big widescreen TVs, which were purchased by those who prefer to make informed decisions.

5 Never grow up


To grow up is not necessary, and this is partly true. What adulthood is such a psychological construct in the mind that kills the human passion for the unknown, stupid things (which and memorable life), and craving for adventure. On the other hand, adulthood is also a sense of their responsibility, which helps to keep things in the real world. If you can’t answer for his words (not concepts, and conscience), then you’re not worth anything, you do an empty place for serious people, because most things in this world is based, ironically, on trust. Even the leaders of the conflicting States, in some sense, obliged to trust each other not to go beyond diplomacy. If there is no trust, then the war begins.

6 Trust everyone be naive

Above we wrote that without trust there can not be peace on this planet, populated by the most ruthless creatures of all — humans. But when your love of neighbor takes on a pathological character, you lose the protection given to us by nature itself. Our nature doesn’t want you to be kind to everyone, trusted everyone and believed in each other. Keep in mind that even the closest people can turn on you. And when cheating happens with someone who wasn’t expecting it, then there is horrible — people die. Not physically, but mentally. He asks himself: «How so? Because I loved her!». But the vicissitudes of life do not care about your love and make the wrong choice the man should be in the inner circle, everyone can. Be ready and don’t trust anyone — even his eyes. 7 don’t listen to the advice in our country all the politicians, experts and all the sages in life. Take any man of average apartments, and you sagely tell about his attitude to quantum mechanics, although nothing to your question have not heard about it. This maniacal desire to appear smarter than others, spoils the overall impression, rightly so. But that doesn’t mean you have to go through life with the setting in my head «I want nothing from you — I’m smart and he know everything». You know nothing, and one who flaunts his mind, smart can be. Now you use objects which represent the experience of thousands of generations — you already are using their experience. So when we say that we should not listen to advice from other people, and we must listen to ourselves, we become confused, because each person uses the advice of others, holding a smartphone in hand. It is possible that it is sometimes useful to listen to the opinions of others, even if it is unpleasant? The question is rhetorical.

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