7 ways to catch

how to do all the timeIt seems that it is impossible to keep up. So it is: «you can’t be everywhere and be at the same time on different parts of the city. However, if you’re a normal guy, you don’t plan your schedule and ensure all business was strictly one by one. Even with these hands often not easy to manage all plans, and now we’ll give you seven tips, as always, all the time.

1. Prioritize

Prioritize every day, with all the cases in descending order of importance. To watch a movie is a good idea, but it should be somewhere in the last part of the list, and focus on work, health or other matters that are important to your life.

2. Plan ahead

Better to paint all their Affairs in advance. If you know that on a certain day planned for some events, you should build your schedule based on the fact that at this time you’ll be busy. For example, in that day you will be in a certain place, and if you have business nearby, plan to implement them at the appropriate time and be free from having to go back. This will help you to be more productive.

3. Every thing should have its own place where it is necessary to turn

Know where everything is, this is very important, friend. So you’ll spend much less time looking for lost things and faster to finish all their Affairs. Checked electronics. We spend a lot of time looking for keys, papers and similar things, are going through terrible stress, upset and knocked out of the normal rhythm. Instead, it is better to calmly take things where they lie, and then return them there.

4. Don’t be afraid to give assignments to others

Give assignments and ask for a favor — this is normal, so you can have time to do more things. But just do not force anyone. Instead, make sure that the selected person is indeed able to fulfill your request, not causing problems; that he has all the necessary things and tools. If he is unable to help you, it will only mean a waste of time for you, and in addition stress from having to fix other people’s mistakes. If you quickly deal with the matter, do not take the other head.

5. Make lists and re-read them

Lists are your best friends, thanks to them you won’t forget anything. Leave reminders in different places to remind yourself what you need to do. This is important: it is dangerous to rely on your own memory, she is so imperfect. Studies show that people get more if they have a list of cases in which they keep track of your progress. Try it, dude.

6. Stick to the schedule

The schedule will help you to timely accomplish the assigned case and get more done. The only problem here is to understand how much time it will take each specific case, remember that you may be wrong, but implementation of the cases may be delayed. Always leave stock, when make the schedule. If you think that it will take 10 minutes, write for peace 15. So you’re not chasing time.

7. Be disciplined

And finally, doing a job, you have to be disciplined. It is important to focus on work and not be distracted, even if it is very difficult. When you’re not concentrating on work as much as possible, it takes more time. If you distract people, let them know when they should leave you alone. When someone tempts you with an prospect to drink coffee, remember that you have balls and say that your coffee shop will not disappear tomorrow and no need to fend off schedule, if it can be avoided.

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