7 ways to be an idiot

You can read thousands of intelligent books, to be realized in financial terms and even get a degree in molecular biology, but still remain an idiot, because the condition of the idiot is not based only on intelligence. This is such a behavioral model, which is difficult to determine at first glance, but which strongly affects the life of man and his environment. In General, this time you have to contemplate, our very special and important guide «How to become an idiot». You’re welcome!

1. Read horoscopes and astrological predictions

The stars affect your life, horoscopes – so this is a elegant theme. Remember the name of Pavel Globa and bring wisdom to the masses. And if you’re a more advanced user, you enter the world of the occult. In fact, the same horoscopes, only overgrown smart and sophisticated words that have kinship with them something scientific. In General, write down the numbers of hereditary witches, seek the advice of shamans, and if it is revelation, then he becomes a Wang. The most effective and shortest way, by the way.

2. If a girl dumped you, pursue it

And in General, be obsessive son of a bitch. Want to be an idiot and ruining his love story – then don’t take failures. Although from the outside it looks really pathetic. The man must understand the truth, sometimes to retreat and not to be carried to his teenage emotions. If you’ve lived with one girl and she is really with you got divorced, started a new life, don’t be silly – in most cases, it is necessary to go his own way and not look back, sad as it may sound.

3. Take a loan on a house, a car, appliances, Doshirak

Anyway, more loans! Especially if you don’t have stable salaries and prospects for its growth. Smarter will not, but will pull together themselves with chains of obligations, and wear out in the courts, will be restricted to leave the guy. Cool perspective, it is a pity that this is the reality for thousands of dudes in our country who do not know what is financial literacy. Remember that all you have to pay, and if the question is not choosing between life and death, to borrow from the banks is not worth it, especially in the current situation.

4. Bet! You definitely earn, can win, all will return

Sometimes we mourn what we do not have a city like Las Vegas where you can with a clear conscience to leave with nothing. But then realize that we the people gambling, and gambling is not always a good thing. And there is a sweepstakes, where sits a lot of people, throwing to the wind his salary. If you know about, for example, in football, and your job is inextricably linked with the rates, that is one thing. But more often we see guys who rely on luck and luck, that is nonsense in the world of serious pair. And each of these guys knows of a story where someone once won a lot of money, just put on your favorite team.

5. Thumps every day

Don’t pity the nerve cells! Drink beer with vodka, beer, champagne or beer beer. The difference is not important, the main thing – the result. If you’re not drunk on a weekday, life was in vain. If someone tells you that you have a drinking problem, so is it with evil and not know a damn thing. And what about the work at home and not to worry. Now the climate is getting warmer, you can live in a cardboard box, and the food is lying at every step. In addition, because Diogenes lived in a barrel, and normal.

6. Live on concepts

What’s that stuff in your hands? Nietzsche, Kant, Diderot, Machiavelli? What the hell, man?! There is only one law, and this law is «normal». The concepts should live, and not how you came up with it or subtracted. If you say that doing ballet is gay, then don’t do them. If you say that a man should not cook, do not cook. Why do you have your own interests, if all of you have been already invented and told.

7. Outside of work, rest

What is life? Of work and rest from it, right? Why do something to do when you’ve already spent your 8 hours of labor? You can relax, watch a movie or some show with Malakhov. There are, of course, strange faces that operate not only in the workplace but also at your leisure: something carved, something you train, think of something, something done. But if you do not need, just rest, eat, sleep, eat. More in life to do nothing, at least in that case, if you don’t want to develop further.

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