7 ways to apologize to my girlfriend

to apologize to girlfriendThere are some cases. You really screwed up and want to beg forgiveness from his girlfriend. If you want to keep it, it is vital. You can always deny the fact that made the mess, to hide their mistake and lie and then you only still more spoil. It is better to admit that you did something wrong and sincerely apologize. This means that you must truly regret their actions and behave accordingly. Here are seven ways to apologize to my girlfriend and show how much you appreciate it. Good luck.

1. With humor

To admit that you acted like an idiot, in the form of jokes is a great idea. Your girlfriend agrees, will laugh, and she will have no other choice than to forgive you. Shit on itself in the form of stand-up Comedy, and not in the form of self-accusation. No girl wants a man asked for her forgiveness, exposing themselves to the poor and insignificant. But she wants you to admit that you acted like an asshole.

2. Emotionally

Imagine the worst scenario: your girlfriend dumps you forever, though somewhere in the vast Siberian taiga. Sad, huh? And I want to cry. Intreat her forgiveness with these tears in my eyes, unless of course they are real. Say that you love her that can not imagine without it life and that you hate snow, taiga and Siberia.

3. Promise to change

The tears of the previous paragraph, this promise must be sincere, if you want to be forgiven. When you lie, she knows it. Imagine: you have to live a new life, with new habits, for example, no beer before meeting with her mom.

4. Tell her to make amends

Promise me friend that liabilitiess. How? For example, to spend all Sunday with her mom — and while completely sober. Make amends — a great way to apologize to girlfriend, if you have something to offer. Maybe you don’t even have to change their habits and it will be a single considering.

5. Punish himself

It sounds kind of cruel, but such actions will show your friend how much you care and feel guilty. It is necessary to choose something, so it will feel better, and you’re not going to bring a lot of fun, so you will be equal on points. Imagine how you felt when as a child you put in the corner. For example, for a month give up weekly get-togethers at a bar with dudes. Six months go to the market himself. A year endure the garbage.

6. By letter

Suitable for special occasions. If you’re not able to Express their thoughts in words can be easily broken to a new the showdown, you better apologize in the letter. You don’t even have to leave the room while she read it. Just do not write SMS or email. Give her the usual piece of paper with handwritten letters, where you tell how much she means to you and how sorry you are.

7. With expensive gift

Earrings. Bag which she wanted. Nothing begs forgiveness like an expensive gift — though a gift is a bad thing, of course, is not correct. It’s like a rich daddy who has no money for the children and which compensates for the constant purchase of sweets. Accompany a gift of apology or just admit that acting like a freak.

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