7 universal life advice


There are thousands of books on motivation, many of which are likely to lead people astray than help them in life. Their an incredible number — copies selling out like hot Shawarma on the Central Sochi beach, and people demand more. I want to again go through the pages to find a universal recipe for his miserable life. The only problem is that all these books are 90% percent of what the author assures the reader in their own abilities. The other 10% just to have for specific advice. The 10% of useful material, we brought in 7 universal tips for life which you can now read. It’s time to fight with my laziness and stubbornness and become better. 1 If you control the mind you control your life Is the Foundation of any book on motivation that has ever written on this godforsaken planet. The opinion is based on the premise that most people fail because of lack of discipline. Modern life gives the opportunity for a grown man to remain a petulant child who can’t control his impulses, desires and bad habits. The lack of this control is the main enemy for the realization of their talents. You have to start to fight.

2 Focus on the important thoughts

If you constantly think about that will not achieve anything, you, properly, will achieve nothing. Allow yourself to evolve. Focus on thoughts that make you act. Don’t just wish for something (like foie Gras), namely to act. Just thinking is not enough. Let the thoughts circle in your head can be until old age, but the sooner you let them out, the faster the thoughts will start to become a reality. Better something nedodumyvat, be wrong, but to do than to think everything is OK, but nothing to start. 3 Practice every day we Need to develop their brains every day. Don’t just convince yourself that you will succeed because you are talented and good, but also to saturate your brain with new knowledge, which will help you in the fight against their stupidity. Write down your achievements, marking progress according to the skills, try combining brain work with the action.

4 Develop healthy habits


When there is a system, you can control your habits. For example, you need to lose 10 pounds. For this you need to limit the power of 1200 calories a day — this is the system. Do you know what you want and created a plan for the implementation of this desire. Therefore, you should do every time you define a goal. In this regard, the main thing — to develop a daily habit, which makes it possible to safely pass all the stages to achieve the desired.

5 the Result requires time You will stumble on the obstacles that will fix your friends, enemies, strangers, fate, and even an accident. Do not expect that you will achieve as soon as think about it. Will have to go through the millstones of labor and in pain to prove to yourself that you deserve to win. So please be patient and work hard every day, and then you’ll see what great results you have achieved by the end of the year. Don’t give up.

6 to accuse Anyone

You’re the only person who is responsible for your life. You can’t control it completely, as the Emperor can not perfectly control their own state, but anyway, you’re the only one responsible for your destiny, only you make these decisions and you make mistakes. So don’t blame the government, crisis, illness and lack of support from loved ones — if all of this was across your path, then you yourself to blame. Don’t make excuses and do your job. 7 do Not be asshole In the world without tokodaltaro assholes to get another. Negative thinking, destructive behaviour, attacking others for no reason — it all makes you a mad dog that is ignoring all the normal people. If you had a bad day, try to keep your emotions in check. Most failures are directly tied to the negative perception of the world and disgusting behavior. If you’re happy with life, the people you will reach.

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