7 uncompromising and dark graphic comic story

Novels, graphic novels, comics. Do not call, but today it occupies a large place in modern culture. Grown men looking at pictures, frantically turn the pages, come to the finals and remain devastated from a brutal denouement. People which believe that comics are for children, not understand the whole beauty of this art form. If you’re one of these, then judge for yourself. On it works not only the writer but also the artist. You receive creative out of two people, the first of which is thinking visually, and the second stories. If the symbiosis of the two authors was convincing, they reveal to you a vivid world that’s hard to forget. In a serious comic, otherwise the graphic novels, we are always talking about serious things that only adults known to the people, but not children. Getting to read.

«Revenge», Hermann

Let’s start with a little-known European work, called «Revenge». This is a small story which takes place in the Victorian era. The atmosphere is Bang on. The main characters wear bowler hats, dressed like real gentlemen, and the drawing itself suggests that the comic book got into your hands straight from XIX century. But in fact, «Revenge» was published in 1987, in a very advanced Belgian weekly magazine » Spirou. If you need a spooky story for the night, «Revenge» is a good choice.

«Black hole» by Charles burns

Hollywood is going to film «the Black hole». In the Director’s chair himself, David Fincher. The project promises to be bright, though, and it left Neil Gaiman and Roger Avery. But let’s forget about Hollywood and think about the original work — it’s beautiful. Maybe you will push the painting from the artist, apparently, was the only black paint, since he used nothing more. We caught the story of growing up that takes place against the backdrop of provincial life, which breaks down from the inside, mutates and turns into something infernal. By the way, this is not a figure of speech — mutations in «Black hole» complete. They are transmitted through sex, not inherited. Brutal, beautiful and interesting thing.

«Batman: the killing joke», Alan Moore, Brian Bolland

No, you just look at that poor man! That’s what makes people a dose of reality. I personally so this shit don’t touch it. She, you know, stopping to hallucinate.Don’t want to read a comic book in which Batman looks stupid Bumpkin (just like in the last movies) in the background of the unique and attractive personality of the Joker? If you want, then you need to find the «Killer joke» — is an independent graphic novel written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland. In fact, the Central figure of the story — the Joker. Alan Moore quite differently opens this character. And he does it so deftly that we are starting to understand the Joker is much stronger than Batman. Some are happy to be under the banner of such «crazy».

«Batman: Year one» Frank Miller, David Mazzuchelli

Do you know why I hate men? Because we’d never met.Since I was talking about the Dark Knight, you should pay attention to the unique work of Frank Miller «Batman: Year one». Now you can buy it in hardcover — not so long ago there was a reissue. But first, this story arc consisted of four editions of which were published in 1987. The films of Christopher Nolan, by the way, based on the work of Miller, it was taken from his comics. In fact, it makes no sense to tell a story — Miller always writes tough, sharp and uncompromising.

Preacher, Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon, Glenn Fabry

Originated this series of comics in the bowels of the Studio Vertigo. Since 1995 was released 66 releases. They are all translated into the Russian language, contain a good portion of obscenities and at least a good portion of selected actions. The Central character — the preacher Jesse Custer who was possessed by some supernatural creature named Genesis». At the time of «the universe» destroyed the whole flock Custer. The incident has changed the character, his world and his main «friend» of God. And, by the way, the show is much worse than the comic — I say.

«The Fell», Warren Ellis, Ben Templesmith

The brainchild of Image Comics, and very successful, as all work and smacks of the author’s view that goes against consumer interests fans of Superman, Thor and spider-Man. What can be distinguished in this graphic work? First and foremost, a unique panache that recalls the drunken opinion of some private investigator. Secondly, the fell loudly declares its commitment to the style of film Noir. Noir we love and are willing to read literally everything that goes under that dark sauce. Third, the story written by a master, otherwise, the comic wasn’t nominated (2006) for the award Eisner Awards in five categories.

«Girls», to take Month

When we dug up this comic, it was crazy from the pleasure. The oldest story in the world: on planet Earth was attacked. But by whom? Zombies? Alien creatures? Cthulhu? No. The invasion was attended by carnivorous girls alien origin. They are amazingly beautiful and so dangerous. Sounds like something very creepy, but «Girls» cannot be called thrash — it’s science fiction with an eye to social issues. The comic is dynamic, does not mince words and not afraid to show violent scenes very realistic. If you want something strange, but with a strong story, «Girls» — your choice.

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