7 types of people we hate thanks to the Internet

Work.com.ua_16.02.2016_u7ec7OzFGbUmiThe Internet gave us a lot, but took a lot. Print edition bent, book all download, for movies nobody pays, and information has become so much that to keep your brain in a state of adequacy with each passing day it becomes harder and harder. But all this does not matter. Here, as with guns: «Guns don’t kill. Kills the man who holds this weapon in his hands.» And in the network: her beauty kill people. Free when Paradise turns into a closed structure with its concepts and rules. Dude it is difficult to survive in such a virtual reality, but in our hearts we still hope that everything will be fine.

Yes, we hate the people gathered in this list, although to some extent the traits of each character inherent in each of us. Just don’t always notice their dullness and stupidity. A little hate won’t hurt, especially nowadays, when the Internet is changing rapidly and ceases to be a Bastion of free thought.

1. Sspoilersite

They burn in hell! But seriously, the joy they bring, but happen very often. And, unfortunately, to protect themselves from them is almost impossible. Lifetime ban for these guys, power is not provided. Particularly disgusting from the fact that their comments can be seen only by the eye, and engaging film nevertheless spoiled. Specifically they write for each film this shit? Or are these guys really think their opinion is anyone interested? Friends who throw out spoilers right and left, if you’re reading this, please save our Internet from its existence. Please.

2. Spammers

manygoodtips.com_16.02.2016_PBL8FzU0YimITI don’t want to join that shit, no I’m not interested in this concert, I don’t want to buy it! If you write your letter to the commercial and, of course, «best» offer for the hundredth time, then I would react the same way as before. You’re right, you can put all kinds of filters on the account and prevent yourself from such hell, but I want to get information about any interesting events. So why not send your damn ads once and not ten? Spammers absolutely brutalized with their spam-bots and do not understand how strong the object of hatred they are. Thanks to their «useful activities on the Internet is absolutely clogged with unnecessary information, it acquires mold, rot, and find something good quality and every day more and more difficult.

3. The Internet-alcoholics

There is a type of people, which at first amuses, and then drives disheartened. Maybe you’re one of them, and maybe you have a friend. They have a very lonely life, and when they can drink, they drink a lot and cheerfully. But if you are in such moments, hang out with friends or watching some kind of zombie treshak, our characters begin to write in chat rooms all in a row: girlfriends, friends, and casual acquaintances. In the morning, waking up with a headache, they barely remember what I wrote. But we all remember you, the person who had to read all this. So funny and fun, but in the end – black list or alcoholics anonymous. Online without them nothing to lose.

4. Debaters

manygoodtips.com_16.02.2016_ncZwMtwsW8pHZIf it is about the state, religion, politics or art, then you will certainly begin to argue themselves disgusting people on the planet. These apes have neither the knowledge nor the understanding of the theme. They just want to argue, to prove first to himself his innocence. I think you’ll find intellectual interlocutor in the comments under some controversial topic? Possible, but the chances of you a small. Better don’t waste your nerves and energy on those who suffer from trivial energy vampirism.

5. Grammar-Nazi

Hire a proofreader – regularly lame punctuation.Thanks for the advice, man. But we will open you a secret: this is the Internet, and the proofreader we have. But okay, we can not be wrong: write for people, not for themselves. However, we believe that a sign of bad taste are not themselves grammatical errors, and regular guidance to them. What’s the point? Or do you think that on the other side of the screen sits a man with a small volume of the dictionary Dahl, he has no chores, no work, and time so much that he has the ability to check every comma? Don’t be an idiot.

If someone is talking on the network, then communicate on the subject. And accusations of ignorance is the most authentic proof that you’re illiterate yourself. If after reading the article all you can say is «fix the end…», we just want to ask: a) is the article itself, which worked a few people did not cause you any emotions?; b) you are not too lazy to write comments?

6. The liberal whiners

manygoodtips.com_16.02.2016_nrrRaHJLiFCacLiberalism of course, they have no relationship. Just so happened that the whining only those people who are constantly dissatisfied with something. They do not see a causal relationship and prefer to shoot from the hip and not systematically solve the problem. They are not «business people» and people of cowardice, those that a finger does not hit, but accuse their own people of all the deadly sins. Yes, we have a shitty situation in the economy, and Yes, our government could work much better. But all this unhealthy negativity that builds up under every major news on the economic situation in the country, disasters or anything else, heavily poisons the life of ordinary users. «Kvass patriots» can be forgiven, because they are all happy, so, nothing to complain about. But shouting about how it’s bad, frankly we got in the last time. The crisis not to go, if you do not start to rise themselves.

What we propose to do? To analyze the situation and look for ways to overcome it. At least on your local level. A man should hold his life, otherwise it all looks very sorry.

7. Scammers

I don’t agree with one word you say, but is willing to die for your right to say it.To close any site it is not a problem. Dashed off a statement to the Prosecutor or Roskomnadzor – and voila! – you joined the Legion of monsters, and the people can only be called a stretch. But today the institution of denunciation is growing, although as before among the masses as something vile and degraded. I hope it will be, because I do not want to because of some frivolous complaints closed our favorite sites.

And, our friend, never take this hideous thing, even if you want to shut down the most vile place on the Internet. Remember that following you. Civil society and civil that freedom of information applies to all views, regardless of our perception or rejection of them. Maybe it’s an unattainable ideal, but we should strive for this.

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