7 types of people in whose opinion you have to score

Work.com.ua_11.02.2015_L7SXb53EqBqOgYou’ve noticed that recently especially exacerbated one problem: people don’t think about their happiness, they think about how to do to look happy. All this wine is blowing public opinion. We have already raised the topic of dependence on extraneous thoughts, but we can talk about it again and again.

Moreover, we will not stagnate, and call you those types of people whose opinion you definitely should not care about. In fact, if you’re too overconfident, then you must rely only on their opinions, and to listen only to a specific circle of persons.

You should do only what can make you happy, not what makes you cool in someone’s eyes. Put finally the right priorities. Instead to show their «beautiful» life in instagram, better get the build-up of the brain. When you really happy and you’re just overwhelmed, you won’t find time to post another picture, but just enjoy the moment. Of course, if you transferred a bit of Tesnosti from your ex.

Every time you hit a keyboard yourself in the balls if you even thought about how high in front of these… bitches. You live for yourself, but, apparently, still do not understand. Want a cotton candy? Go to the Park for the purchase, and not to mention that it’s not brutal, but tasty and smells of childhood.

Therefore, according to what kind of people you should score:

1. People from social networks

It’s obvious, and you had to guess. Okay, you’re a normal dude, but there are also a lot of Asses who only do that live on the Internet and make everything visible for a happy life, which is broadcast on social networks. The social network – it’s good! It’s a great platform, but it will not harm, but only if you use it correctly.

How many would be the means of communication you wouldn’t be registered, you must always remember the difference between an expression and an expression for someone’s reaction. If you use social networking to tell the world about yourself or transmit any aspect of his personality, then you don’t have to worry about whether to use this site.

Social need for expression, for communication, exchange of information and different kinds of promotion. If you spend a few hours a day of my life see likes, shares, subscriptions, comments, throw your phone.

2. School teacher

Just because we don’t know why you spent 11 precious years of his life. The teacher is a good man, who says he’s smarter than you. Maybe that’s true. But is a smart man whose opinion you have to listen, ruin their lives, sitting as a teacher in the school? It is unlikely this guy could teach you life. To teach a lesson, to explain the subject in which he specializiruetsya – so. But to give a valuable advice – is unlikely.

Do not let a teacher affect your life. While you’re in school, you don’t even know who you are, don’t really know what I wanna be. The school is needed in order to know yourself a little better. You’ll deal with it. You don’t need the help of a stranger who decided to mark from year to year in the same place. Another thing, if this is the teacher who dreamed all his life to give knowledge to children, not insolent students. But such a person would not impose their views, it will just do the work, these people need to appreciate, love, respect, but not allow them to influence their own destiny.

3. Your first boss that you did not appreciate

This guy didn’t even pay attention to your potential – you’re a born engineer, and he sends you to the sales Department, where you have to lose a few valuable years of his life, if time does not come to their senses and get out of this office. But in such experience there is nothing wrong. If you are working out at this place a couple of weeks and he realize the full depth of futility, then you have nothing to worry about. Mother would be proud, because you took away a valuable lesson.

You caved in under the weight of thoughts stupid boss who didn’t appreciate your knowledge and put you on useless in your performance post. Your first job is not merely work, but are invaluable life experience. Did you realize that not every chief is smart and that you don’t always need to rely on the opinion of the boss. Sometimes he’s wrong, you don’t have to turn a blind eye.

4. The one who broke your heart

Usually, this ex-girlfriend. You were incredibly close to each other, she was the main person in your life. That’s why her opinion means a lot to you. You were ready to change (though not changed, but was ready!), refuse unnecessary friends, to do everything for her. Of course, this girl is very strongly influenced by your opinion.

But now that time has passed, time for a new life. You broke up, and you don’t have to wash the dishes immediately after dinner, limit yourself to like photos of other girls. You’re free now, and that bitch just disappear out of your life, may evil to spit on her opinion.

5. Your «friend»

If your «friends» are trying to dissuade you from doing or want to stop it, then say goodbye to these people, they are just not your friends. Try to surround yourself with those who at least will you understand. They don’t have to imitate! They can simply support you at the right time and not only bad. They have to share with you your happiness. From friends you don’t have to wait for the approval. True friends are always with you.

6. The people with whom you eat

More precisely, those people who are trying to convince you and insist that you ordered another dish. Most often it is, of course, the girls, and you don’t have to succumb to their magical charms. You have a week wanted to go for a weekend in the restaurant to order a juicy piece of meat with blood and to wash down all that unusual. But for some reason this woman is trying to convince you, wants you ordered pasta with seafood and claims that this pasta is much tastier than a juicy meat. Unable simply to ignore it and pleasure to enjoy the long-awaited steak.

7. At all

If you are truly confident person, then you do not need the approval of any audience, and you can make choices, not based on anyone’s opinion, perhaps not counting the parents, even God or meatballs – it doesn’t matter in whom you believe. Let you determine the course of his life and priorities. The society did a lot to you. For example, the information vacuum that you have to fight the same way as the opinion of this fucking society. They you no. So – good luck in this difficult battle, we’ll only be on your side!

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