7 types of friends that need to be in your life

manygoodtips.com_21.05.2014_VTWerCBXHpOKGDo you know that statistically people who don’t have friends, die earlier than their more sociable peers? It’s a harsh scientific truth, man. But your life was not only long, but rich and varied, friends should be diverse.

1. Best friend

Best friend and the best thing is ready to support you in any situation. He knows all your cockroach by name and greets them by the hand at the meeting. He knows your darkest secrets and the darkest of thoughts. And despite all this, he continues to love you.

2. Fearless adventurer

This guy never stays in one place, a week ago he quit his job and went to Ufa hitchhiking, and today he is learning to play Cubase at the local music school. This fellow will surely not let you sit your ass around the clock in the office, he will drag you down with him – to watch the city and the country, to master new activities and to realize the most crazy ideas.

3. Honesty

Sometimes each of us needs to hear the truth no matter how brutal it was. A friend will not play the hypocrite and be warm and fuzzy with you, he boldly pluck your rose-colored glasses – for your own good, of course.

4. A wise mentor

This is a very valuable type. A friend captures and inspires. Despite the fact that he is a step ahead, he never looks down on you, and finds the strength and patience to teach you and guide your movement in the right direction.

5. The complete opposite

Usually friends themselves, we choose those who are similar to ourselves. But sometimes fate brings us people whose character, temperament, and views on life, tastes completely opposite to ours.

Friendship with a native contrast may be a pleasant surprise: this man will open your eyes to many things, the existence of which you never knew existed, and forced her to look at familiar objects and phenomena from a completely different angle. In short, this one will definitely broaden the horizons of your consciousness.

6. Friend, a neighbor

With one, live next door, you can always drink beer on a bench near the house when you’re not drawn to go somewhere. In addition, this friendship is practical: if, after leaving the job, you can’t remember whether you locked the door, just call a friend and neighbor.

7. Friend colleague

At least 50% of the time her waking hours you spend at work. Statistics is hard, the more isolated you feel in the office, the sadder your life. A friend with whom you can talk in the Smoking room or at the water cooler – an ideal option in order not to die of boredom and loneliness during working hours.

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