7 trips that you will remember for a lifetime


Once a year be where you’ve never been.

— The Dalai Lama

We all want to go on a trip that we will remember for a lifetime. Adventure that sink into the soul, and will float before my eyes every time fatigue and monotony envelop our minds. Many people think that annual leave and similar to each other of the trip this is the trip that need. No and no again. Every time you go on the road, you need to choose new places rather than repeating old ones. Based on the experience of the company «KLUB PUTESHESTVIJJ PERSONA», we picked 7 iconic places that you just will remember for a long time and will remember the cold winter evenings.

1. World adventures on the ancient island of Ceylon

Sri Lanka is a unique world where in a small area, there is such a diversity of cultures, landscapes and climates, many will not find even in countries whose area is ten times more.

— Sir Arthur C. Clarke the Island of Ceylon — a truly unique place, where it joins a huge number of climatic zones and landscapes. When looking at photos of this amazing corner of our planet, the impression that they are very different countries and even continents. Here you can enjoy the tropical climate on the coast of the Indian ocean and to feel the coolness of the high mountains, where the misty plantations growing the most delicious and famous Ceylon tea. Such a journey will appreciate the true lovers of history.

The historical heritage of the island of Ceylon recognized by UNESCO. If you like masterpieces like «Indiana Jones» or «Lara Croft», this piece of Paradise to visit you just need. A number of ancient cities, which has such titles as «Royal» or «Holy», absolutely amazing.

Special attention is given exotic national cuisine of Sri Lanka. The diversity of rice varieties, spices, vegetables and fruits together with local traditions that were formed centuries, will make you feel new emotions and for a moment forget about the routine that was already tired.


To visit Sri Lanka and not to miss any detail of this amazing corner of the world through the author’s journey, which will allow you to feel every second of all 10 vacation days.

It includes: walk around the old Dutch Fort of Galle, a visit to the plantations with this DILMAH tea, stay in one of the most peaceful places in the world — Royal Mulkirigala rock monastery. There, you will meet the big sea turtles that come here every year to bring new offspring. Here divers can explore wrecks of the 14th century. Those who are indifferent to nature, have a unique chance to swim with these whales reach a length of up to 37 metres long and weighing up to 190 tons. If it’s not perfect, as you can still feel the beauty of life?

Duration: 10 days 9 nights

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2. South Korea. Seven wonders of the country of morning freshness

In 20 years You will regret more what you didn’t do than about what you did. So tear off the ropes, catch the wind, optivite away from safe Harbor, explore, dream, discover.

Mark TWAIN of Course, a special pleasure from the Korean of the morning, you can get in the spring when they are flowering plums, cherries, velvet Camellia and purple azaleas. But this does not mean that South Korea does not attract tourists in other seasons. A unique neighborhood of modern skyscrapers and masterpieces of medieval architecture will enjoy the combination of historical eras. The people of this country managed to preserve almost intact the culture that has glorified for the whole world. To become famous you need to stand out, and it is impossible not to pay tribute to one of the oldest and most interesting cultures in the world.


Familiarity with South Korea is better to start with Gyeongbokgung, the main Royal and largest Palace of the Joseon dynasty. Here you can feel the true breath of an era. Even the changing of the guard at the Palace square in exactly the same as the one that was held during the reign of the great dynasty.

You can visit the ancient musical ceremony — the motives and dances from 500 years ago. Fans of food and fashion will appeal to one of the largest markets in the country, which collected a variety of artifacts and gamma all the smells of ethnic cuisine. And, of course, one of the main attractions of South Korea «Korean Hawaii». It is the largest in Korea, Jeju island, famous for its mild tropical climate, black lava rocks and a huge cave with numerous exotic inhabitants.

And still contain all the advantages of South Korea in one trip is almost impossible. As they say, better to see once than hear a hundred times.

Duration: 7 days and 6 nights

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3. Argentina. A trip is always a little

To move, to breathe, to soar, to sail, to what is presented, to explore, to travel is to LIVE.

– Hans Christian Andersen –For people uneducated and incurious any knowledge about Argentina are limited only by the football, the immortal song of the band «Chaif» about the infamous match with Jamaica, and tango. People are more educated will be able to add that it is also the birthplace of the eternal rebel Che Guevara. After this is somehow a shame for this great Latin American Republic. Of course, tango and soccer (even without old Che) — two cornerstones on which is based the Argentine culture, and they need to visit first thing. But I think that in Argentina there is no longer anything interesting, even something as ignorant.

Why visit: Argentina can be a real discovery for those who are tired of trips to the southern Europe. In this country you can see the unique symbiosis of Latin American expression and the European pomposity. 2 780 400 km2 can be found and the white desert, and vibrant jungles, and majestic canyons are not inferior to American, and authentic ranch the brave Gaucho (hard men, capable to give odds to American cowboys), and the majestic ancient cities, whose unique architecture is not inferior to the European. What can I say, if luxurious, like an Italian Palazzo, the historic center of Buenos Aires is no less impressive than the streets of Barcelona or Florence.


To see Argentina is this: a multi-faceted, magical, musical and expressive, with all the beauty, nuances and attractions, you can use the route with the promising title «Train to the clouds». Recommend to dedicate Argentina not less than 14 days and visit the route Buenos Aires- Iguazu – Salta – Mendoza. So you can appreciate the full flavor of Argentina: a unique desert, mottled shades of Calchaquí Valley (jungle, majestic canyons) and the luxurious beauty of Iguazu falls in the National Park. You surely remember the legendary «Venice of the Argentine» and wine Mecca of the Republic, «the Argentine NAPA valley». On the last day of this trip, sitting on the verandah riverside restaurant, filled with the sounds of Latin guitar, and eating tender beef steak with a fine wine, you will understand that it is necessary to come back here again.

Duration: 14 days and 13 nights

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4. Ecuador. The center of the world — the obvious and the incredible

Sometimes one day spent in other places gives more than ten years of life at home.

– Anatole France –What do you know about Ukraine? Country in South America with numerous customs and beautiful scenery. «The center of the world» — as the locals call it. A well-known fact that in Ecuador the largest area of National parks and reserves, counting a percentage of the total area. In conjunction with the unique customs of this country and the beauty of nature, it is safe to say that there is something to see and do.


To meet people from Ecuador made from the capital Quito. Here you can walk along the narrow and cozy streets with lots of churches, cathedrals and monasteries. One of the most spectacular places in Quito is the zero Meridian. Here you can stand with the left foot in one hemisphere and the other on the right. It is the centre of the world!

After Quito — Amazonia. What could be better than the descent in canoe on the Napo river? The journey can be continued flight on the amazing Galapagos Islands, where you will be offered numerous tours of fascinating places. In General, Galapagos Islands is one of the most stunning places on Earth. They considered to be a «laboratory of evolution».

Nature and customs of Ecuador is beautiful, and every day this country takes new visitors who remain indifferent to this beautiful corner of our planet.

Duration: 10 days 9 nights

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5. Voyage through Europe on the retro-train

Train ticket excites more hopes than the lottery.

– Paul Moran –have You ever wanted to feel some age, live in the past and feel the emotions experienced by our ancestors? We don’t need. Think about it. To plunge into the spirit of the revolution, to participate in the election of the king in the middle ages or to travel to old Europe by train from the early 20th century. Modern life is certainly good and ten times easier than what was before. It is now possible to contact any corner of our planet in seconds and to watch the weather thousands of miles away from us. But in different eras had its advantages. Of course, feel the atmosphere of different eras will be impossible, but at least to reproduce the events and the environment to try.


There is a unique opportunity to feel the spirit of the Golden era of train journeys of the early 20th century. All 17 cars that glisten after the restoration the same as at the time of its construction, and the stewards in the form of the time will give a unique atmosphere to the journey.

The accommodation of the passengers in the train are given special attention. In the usual form it consists of two interconnected compartment. You can use one of them as the living room and the second as a separate bedroom. Day two-seater coupe have a living room with a couch, a footstool and a table. At sunset they turn into a cozy bedroom.

The starting point in the classic version is London. More Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy with a final stop in Venice. Of course nobody can protect you from the modern gadgets that can slightly dull the feeling of the old era. So manygoodtips.com it tells you at least a few days to forget about mobile phones and laptops. Ideally it is better to completely exclude them and not take a trip, of course, if you have a connection at the destination of travel.

Duration: from 1 to 6 days

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6. «Caribbean regatta»

What is happiness? It’s white sand, it’s azure skies and salty sea.

– Frederic Beigbeder –Remember beautiful views of the Islands on the covers of famous magazines about travel. In most cases, this is the Caribbean. The same Paradise on earth, which seems drawn and not real. But no, he is, and you can reach it. Each island is different in its nature and traditions. Seriously, any man dreams to Wake up from the light sea breeze and the beautiful view outside the window. Night, dance music, friends and the sea. What else is needed for full happiness?


The journey may start with arrival on the magnificent sailing yacht, which for several days will show you the lagoons of Martinique, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, Grenada and Saint Lucia. The advantage of this is that when calling at ports of these Islands you will have time to explore not only the sea but also land. For example, to dine at Ti Sable in Martinique or visit the famous beach with black sand in St Lucia. The route of course, you can choose yourself, but before you think you will learn everything not to miss something interesting.

Duration: 8 days

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7. The eco-village in the Caribbean

The real journey is not to open horizons and meeting new people.

– Marcel Proust we All wanted to spend a few days taking a dip in another culture. To live in some primitive tribe, to take part in the coronation or cause someone to a duel in the Wild West. This opportunity provides a place in the Caribbean called Belle Mont Farm. This is a unique cottage-type hotel, where all the buildings are made from local materials, but without compromise. All level Suite. We agree that to go to the Caribbean and to live in the village — it is not something to aspire to tourists. There’s also the beautiful sea! But don’t jump to conclusions. A change of scenery and to start your relaxation with a visit to this resort is like a breath of fresh air before the real holiday. Here you can get a boost of energy and, with it, to plunge into rest after long work days and flights. Plus it’s the real Caribbean, which means you will finally consider this culture from all sides. At least for a few days.


The hotel features a SPA and a farm on cultivation of exotic fruits. Restaurants with the Caribbean «story telling» will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of the local cuisine. There is a village with a variety of Souvenirs. Close to gym, Golf and Hiking in the mountains. It’s not all that will make you escape from everyday problems and enjoy the sea views every morning. But the main distinctive feature of this eco-village is that there are many plantations with various fruit, which you can personally gather is magnificent pineapples, mango and papaya. It’s not an eggo the taste is a real Paradise!

Duration: not limited

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