7 tips to develop the habit

how to develop the habit

Habits make the man. Aristotle said: «We are what we do constantly.» If you want to be productive, we must have the habit to plan. If you want to be in shape, you have to have a habit of training. What they say about your habits?

In each of our lives (sometimes more than once) the day comes when we decide that we need to give up the habit and instead, make useful. If you are every day forced to make a decision if you’ll go to the gym, go out into the world, read a book, relying on mood and circumstances, you will not do anything. It is necessary to make the same choice every day, and when you don’t remember your goals at all and sever all contact with yourself, you become less confident, and achieve equal success in all cases. When did you first call yourself a loser, it can be a real prophecy.

If the life of someone that looks heavy, so he failed to develop healthy habits. Every day is a struggle between our desires and what we do for them. There are people who never find satisfaction in habits, to make them stronger, healthier and happier. The pleasure comes when these habits become automatic, giving you that same feeling of enjoyment of life and permanent progress.

If you’re unhappy with your habits, below we give you some tips on how to remedy the situation.

How to develop the habit

1. One thing at a time

A lot of men I know never change, because they’re trying to change everything at once. Sometimes it happens that you are happy with yourself and your life so that you make a list of things that you need to change. Somehow you believe that starting from the next day you’re transformirovalsya. This idea brings you to the point of exhaustion. To change one habit is already quite difficult, to change five habits at once is almost impossible. When you’re juggling ten balls in the end you get tired and collapse on the floor.

For example, to repay the loan, there is a good method snowball. How does it work? Should make a list of all your debts and find the smallest among them. First, you need to repay it, and then find the second largest debt and pay it off gradually using the funds that you allocated to payment of the first debt. Success with the repayment of the initial debt will motivate you to pay off debts and on. With the development of success for all is about the same. Start with the habits to develop which is the easiest. You will gain confidence when she is accustomed, and then the next. Your confidence will grow like a snowball, and when you get to the most complex habits, you have enough on it forces.

It’s hard not to grasp at everything at once: the first point I want to make it so. But gradualism will only lead you to success. Patience, my friend.

2. Start as much as possible

To take off, the rocket needs a lot of energy, otherwise it will not be able to overcome gravity. To develop a habit, a person also needs a huge amount of energy. When you develop a new habit or trying to quit cold, you need something that will support your spirit and make you receptive to change. First, indulge in all serious. Wave goodbye to your negative friends, pack your bags and move, buy an annual subscription to the gym, throw away all cigarettes from the house — anything. This is a big deal.

3. Nalivaika for 60 days

Perhaps the theory that a habit is created in 21 days, and truthful. She, incidentally, was created by plastic surgeon Maxwell Molam, self-proclaimed psychologist, wrote the book «Psikhokibernetika» (the same «Secret» model of the sixties). Scientific evidence of this.

A recent study found that on average, the acquired habit for 66 days. The number of days depends on the type of habit you’re trying to develop. Simple habits like drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach are fixed quicker and workout more slowly.

So give yourself 60 days to your new habit formed. Two months is quite a long time to make something grow. But you’re a man, you stand!

4. Do not break this chain

If you decide to work out or quit the habit, you can do for yourself no exceptions. No «this time is not considered»! You can find some kind of excuse, but such action will have an impact on your brain and on your mood, and starting from this moment you start to do yourself favors.

If you missed something once, it will be easier to do it a second, and then did throw up. Every day counts. Any excuses hurt your personality, your self-esteem and doom your intentions to fail.

How to motivate yourself? To create a chain of habits. Need to do something like a calendar and hang it on the wall. Every day when you make started, became on this day a large and beautiful cross.

After a few days you’ll have a chain. Just don’t interrupt her, and every day it gets longer. You will like it, especially after a few weeks. Your only task is to interrupt the chain.

I used this system several times and it works. Something is when you see a number of red crosses next on the calendar one by one. It motivates you to go forward, and thanks to her you’re afraid to interrupt the sequence.

5. Let someone report

It motivates even better than a calendar full of red crosses. Need to you had a man to whom you will report. It is easy to quit if no one will even know what you’re doing. Partner for the report is someone who can ask you about your progress and ask you honesty. Even one thought that you have to tell him about his weakness, motivates you to continue. You can ask your friends to ask you about the success of the weekly, start a blog, so read it people!) and to write regularly there about their achievements. You can, in the end, betting.

6. Replace the habit for useful

From my own experience, I would say, the only way to kill a bad habit is to replace it useful. Nature abhors a vacuum. If your life is formed hole and is not filled with anything good, it is sure to be filled with something bad — for example, bad habit: old or new.

For example, several years ago I tried to quit drinking diet coke. Why? First, it contains the sweetener aspartame, a very carcinogenic thing. Second, you can spend 300 rubles a week for something better.

Every time I’ve decided to give up soda, I was done within a week or two, and then trudged to the store and still bought the very first jar. Looking back at their failures, I know what I did wrong. I had to replace it with another drink. Now I decided to replace diet coke on the Mat, and things went much better.

Your habits, good and bad, create in the brain the beaten track. It’s like walking through a forest: at first it’s difficult to Wade through the grass and bushes, and then place a trail, and walk through it becomes easy. The brain wants you to go off the beaten path, because it is already padded. Why so hard to quit bad habits.

You can’t just erase the trail. Instead, you can tread a parallel path. First, it is not very easy, but finally a good habit will be clear and easy path, while the old habit will overgrow with grass and gradually disappear.

7. Just do it

No matter how much something inspires or motivates why we do not use every opportunity to bring our ideas to life. If we don’t do it, no habit will not work. It is important to act consistently. Personally, I find it hard to do anything longer than a week. Everyone likes the idea to start with a clean slate, it’s nice to talk about change for the better in our lives. To buy a new calendar for planning — is also interesting.

But when it takes a week or two, interest falls, and this time distinguishes a man from a boy. To develop a new habit is a daily work. This is a test of endurance. Here the main thing — not to leave, not to cease to strive for what you want, because of the momentary mood. Don’t let the brain to say that your discomfort in the present will necessarily last long. Will not. In the end, you will tread a new path, and everything will be easier, will have to automaticity, and you’ll see how good it feels.

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