7 tips to confidence

manygoodtips.com_19.05.2014_TtcHAO5wU2GJtWe already wrote about what confidence and what do self-confident people. Now it’s time to talk about what to do to become confident.

A sense of confidence in their own abilities allows you to live life to the full and successful realization of their potential. Uncertainty, by contrast, plays the role of a limiter that does not allow even to think about some options. But, as a rule, only a few units can boast of «innate» sense of self-confidence, for others the gaining of confidence is a daily work. We will tell you what to do to gain confidence.

1. Look at life positively

I know I sound like a broken phrase from the repertoire of «kitchen psychology». But do not rush to condemn us to shame: this advice is rational. To look at the world positively means to try to find positive even in unpleasant situations, to be content with what you have and where you are right now. This does not mean that you should take into complacency and cease to develop. On the contrary, the ability to praise yourself now means investing in self-development in the future. Think about it, if you think that you don’t succeed, you’re unlikely to be able to gather strength to rise above itself. Difficult to grow on something that’s not there. And when you will be able to adequately evaluate the current state of Affairs, you will also feel the belief that you can achieve more.

2. Take care of yourself

Yes, we are talking about such a mundane setting like appearance. If you don’t like yourself in the mirror, your dissatisfaction with their own appearance could easily be transformed into dissatisfaction as a person. Besides, you’ll be a lot of thinking about how others see you, to compare yourself with others that will haunt you senseless and destructive and soul-searching, undermines your sense of confidence.

3. Eat right

Even more down-to-earth advice. There is nothing easier: the right nutrition equals good health. Even if you’re not going to make his career and set out to become a successful writer, your body you definitely need. The difference between the writer and the athlete is not in the fact of using the body as an instrument to achieve goals, and how the body is used. Various activities require different kinds of loads on the body, but the fact of participation of the body in the process is not discussed. Healthy back and eyes still need as a person of intellectual work and physical.

4. Do sports

Or at least do exercises in the morning. Why — see previous paragraph.

5. Chase away disturbing thoughts

It is difficult to imagine a person who does not worry and is not going through. You’re not a robot, and thus experience negative (like any other) emotions are normal for you.

It is important to remember that the problem is something that can be solved if it cannot be solved — so it’s not a problem. Anxiety — the emotion is counterproductive. Focus not on the negative feelings about a given situation, and how you can influence it. If influence is impossible — let her go. It is not necessary to go on about the bad thoughts and thereby undermine confidence in myself. You will never be able to control everything, not because you’re so-and-so and in General is bad, but because you’re human.

6. Enjoy what you have now

One of the best ways to gain confidence is to learn to live in the present.

Dip into bad memories or feelings about the future is inherent to human nature. They kill the best aspirations of the spirit. Regrets about the past generate fear for the future, and fear paralyzes, corners, prevents to live here and now. Try not to waste energy for nothing, learn to love your «now» because apart from him there is nothing.

7. Remember that life is short

And you only have one. His term on earth is limited, but the knowledge of this fact should not lead you to despair. On the contrary, understanding that time has a limit, and no second chance will serve as one of the most powerful incentives to finally believe in myself. And not to embarrass myself here and now.

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