7 tips on how to choose jewelry

For many of us, buying jewelry is a real challenge (especially when it comes to gift friend). As in the case of clothing and shoes, jewelry talking about individual preferences and tastes. Know the tastes of his girl – 50 % success rate. But there are some points that you should pay attention to when choosing such a valuable gift. About them we will tell.

1. How to choose decoration for a friend

The choice of jewelry for the beloved – is a science that requires great sacrifice both in time and in finances. As a girls best friend is diamonds, then the whole approach requires perfectionism and impact.

But this is not enough. Decoration in the first place should be like your girlfriend. There are 2 ways to find out what a woman wants:

1. To draw attention to the already existing Arsenal of decorations. Find out what jewelry she wears to work, to parties and various celebrations, and of which she wears most often.

2. Go shopping with her. How this option is trivial, so he and convenient. If you want to make a surprise, to not need anything, just offer to go to a jewelry shop, casually. Look at her reaction to what jewelry she pays more attention.

If such experiments have no time or queries is extremely far from your capabilities, you can resort to two generic ways. To give a gorgeous jewelry setto one stroke to kill two (or even three) jewelry birds with one stone. And the girl will be grateful: don’t have to think about how to combine decorating for, say, going to the theater.Or go the «astrological» way and give a magical piece of jewelry with a stone that suits her zodiac sign. The belief that the stone will bring to life even more prosperity, make the decoration and the girl is simply inseparable.

2. Ring – not a simple decoration

If you are found not so long ago, and to tie the knot (at least to you personally) is not going to have earrings, necklaces or bracelet – best options. But with the ring in this case, it is better to wait. It can be a little scary or, on the contrary, unexpectedly to inspire the phrase «I agree!» So if you don’t want your friend interpreted the wrong gift, you better turn your eyes on other decorations.

Another thing, if you’re already married. Then the extra ring in the collection is not hurt. Before doing this be sure to specify the size (just don’t ask in the forehead). If no suitable size can be attributed to his master that he has adjusted the decoration to ideal proportions.

However, sooner or later, for most of us in life there comes a time to marry, and then no ring can not do. Now, see that it doesn’t have to be pretentious, flashy and pompous. Engagement ring is a symbol of fidelity and purity to each other, so it must be, on the contrary, modest, aesthetic, causes unconcealed affection.

And the most important tip. When it comes to rings, no matter how easy or engagement, it is better to choose famous brand such as Tiffany.

3. How not to run into a fake

The worst thing when buying jewelry is to run into a fake and pay for it, like for real. To stop this from happening, every normal jewelry is a kind of passport data, which can easily determine the origin of the jewelry.

First, it is a special label affixed seal, is attached to each factory product. It is better that the seal was made of iron.

In the shortcut parameters: price, metal, weight, insert stones, stamp of quality Department and name of the manufacturer with the legal address. Even buying a used product that requires a label.

Second, the sample and the stamp of the country of the manufacturer – a kind of Yin and Yang of this product. The mark must necessarily be near a break out. The most common of the brands used a coat of arms.

In addition, the product must be branded with the name of the manufacturer. It is called «noun». It can be defined by a set of letters or numbers. Besides the «birthday boy», and the stigma, respectively, of the sample, no other prints could not be.

However, even the presence of the above markings does not guarantee that you ran into a fake. They also must relate solely to the right place. For example, if the decoration consists of several separate elements, the sample shall be marked on each of them. On rings the stamp and the sample are placed on the inner side. Earrings are branded on the brackets of the chain on the lock and surrounding parts. The pendants and suspensions, the sample is usually placed on the hanging loop, at least – on the pendant with its reverse side. Buying bracelet, the imprint should be sought to the ring or chain that connects the main part of the product and the castle. If the mark suddenly «slipped» on the other side, we can safely leave the store, because its location is strictly regulated international standards.

4. Savings when buying

Of course, everyone wants to please his girl jewellery by Cartier, but the price is unreasonably high. Some choose Lombard because it was in the use of decoration, in theory, cheaper. But even there you can run into a defective product in unreasonably large amount of money. So you need to arm yourself with knowledge and to carefully study the product before you buy it.

There is one interesting option: you can contact the company Mr Diamond, who is buying among the population of expensive diamond jewelry and precious stones from famous jewelry brands, after which skilled jewelers lead them to a state as close as possible to the new product. Things are completed with authentic boxes and corporate documents. In the end, the customer is offered a high-class jewelry world-class at a price cheaper by 60% of the price in the boutique. This is a great offer for people who are able to save and to wisely manage finances.

Your girl will be in seventh heaven, receiving luxury jewellery adornment from Bulgari, an Italian brand producing luxury items since 1884. Well, you will be pleased to present new, original, and expensive jewelry with a 60-percent savings.

Happy girl – lucky you!

Another piece of advice. The most reasonable prices – on the eve of holidays. Even if you’re planning on giving your girlfriend a luxury gift on her birthday in September, better stock up on the decoration in the eve of New year or March 8, so it will be much more economical. It is also worth to observe price shares that are from time to time held in many jewelry stores and online stores.

5. How to buy online high-quality jewelry?

Of course, to buy jewelry through the Internet is much more profitable. But that does not say, but it’s one thing to touch and to consider a future gift in the smallest details under the unctuous advice of a consultant, and quite another to choose, focusing only on the description and product photos. In addition, the website may be unfair, the product – exceptional rejection, or worse, fake. Not to spend money for nothing, will have to examine the whole site. Even tougher the decorations.

The first thing to pay attention to the range than it is wider, the more of store providers, which means that the store is trustworthy.

Secondly, in good stores there is necessarily the possibility of online or phone consultation with the responsible managers. Ask them a question for the sake of experiment. If you get a competent a clear answer, without indirect common phrases, then you can safely order it.

Of course, we should not lose sight of the appearance and design of the site. If it looks like assembled between the case on the knee, if next to the product description there are two poor quality pictures it is better to leave it. Normal sites hire photographers to show decoration in a more favorable light, noting the details and shimmering stones.

Study the history of the store. Honest sellers have nothing to hide. So on the website of the online store that you can trust, be sure addresses and phone numbers Central office and branches, if any.

But it is all about the question of payment. If the jewelry online store payment for the goods is possible only through WebMoney, Yandexmoney or Qiwi, close it as soon as possible. Much safer transfers to the Bank account, it is easier to track fraudsters. And the most responsible sellers that do not do dishonest decorations, working on an advance payment and also offer payment option to the courier upon receipt of goods. They have nothing to hide, but because they give the customer to touch the goods before paying.

6. Size matters

It is very important to choose the right size. If you decide to take the ring in the store, then to be sure to quietly take one of her rings to compare, because the same size can sit in different ways. There are, it would seem, impeccable decorating, in which everything is fine: the firm great, looks more than worthy, and it seems that there is nothing better in the whole world there. But the girl will be very inconvenient to wear too much ring, and then falling from her thin aristocratic fingers.

If you have not guessed with the size (or needed just was not available), then don’t despair, it always can be attributed to the jeweler and fit directly under the finger. But it requires additional costs.

7. Jewelry with inlays

Many decoration with large faceted stones to evoke more admiration than neat ring with carved pattern and a scattering of small, sparkling diamonds.

When such rings could afford only the status of the individual.Choosing jewelry with large panels, you should pay attention to several characteristics.

First of all, the quality and shape of the cut. The stone must be «clean», i.e. without visible defects. Even hairline fractures greatly reduce the life of the jewelry.

A huge role when buying plays stone color: pure white diamond is valued much higher than a stone with a yellow tint.

Many have heard about the weight of the stone. The one which is measured in carats. This option affects the price, but not as much as it may seem. Small, but flawless the stone is much more valuable than a large, but less perfect.

And don’t stop the choice only on some diamonds. This is the most precious stone, but there are not less worthy alternatives or additions, for example, decoration with small emeralds and diamonds looks very elegant and luxurious.

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