7 tips for traveling together with a friend

Work.com.ua_7.06.2016_mMnhRXcwvTOjkThe summer came and some have pricked up skis in the direction of the exotic countries. And all anything, but you go there with your girlfriend. And here begins some of the nuances in terms of planning your voyage. After all is not so simple, some things you need to consider in advance.

1. Discuss the cost

Money in principle often become a stumbling block and a source of problems for many relationships. During the trip, the financial question will pop up all the time, because a new country, experience too, and the principle of survival of all one – all through the money. So you have to spend considerably. And the money is not made of rubber, the rustle of bills in your wallet becomes less loud, to pay for the two of you get bored, and start to hint, they say, may is horchata with castanets pay?

So before you buy anything, just talk about who pays for what. The easiest way to split the budget 50/50, in all fairness, it has not turned so that while you were spending 200 euros in a Berlin brothel, your girl were interrupted from Sneek to Sneek. Track expenses with Splitwise or application shall describe in detail each of their waste. But consider: how many don’t plan, you still have to add.

2. Plan everything in advance

Yes, this is important. Especially if you are going to a country where neither of you speaks his native language. You don’t want to spend the entire holiday in a state of confusion, right?


First, you need to follow the Golden rule of the traveler: to learn key phrases in a foreign language. Something like «where is the nearest hotel?», «How to drive on the street…?» or more important, such as «Where is the nearest pub?».

If you want to experience the culture of the country, simultaneously considering all available sites, then it will take at least a week.No matter how microscopic or size of the country. Not to mention the States with different time zones. Of course, this holiday is meant by a «non-stop» no rest, only motion. But if you decided to go around the whole of France (country a very large sum) for the week, visiting all the regions, from Ile-de-France to Alsace, Brittany, you have to score on the sleep. In the end, at one point the legs will refuse where to go, so don’t try to take unceremoniously a state. Give at least a week and plan your dead, given distances from each other, your route.

3. Go beyond the tourist trails

manygoodtips.com_7.06.2016_yL5FxqU5Y3GzcAnd now to the question of common sense, planning and economy. Know experienced, inexperienced let listen. Avoid Hiking trails. Not in terms of attractions, but in terms of hotels and restaurants. Remember the restaurants on the Arbat and Tverskaya. Ordinary traveler enough money is that something to see with sad eyes how successful people consume gourmet cuisine. And then the two of you.

Much more interesting, cheaper and healthier to move 3-4 blocks away and go into some kind of family Inn, where there are only locals. This is the best way to explore the country’s culture, as any culture begins with food. But at the same time meet local people, in order to understand the specifics of the country.

Same thing with hotel reservations: don’t cling to the first «all-inclusive» in the center of the city. Much more interesting to rent an apartment. For the money it is what comes out, although sometimes rent a one-room tiny with a small kitchen and bathroom is cheaper. Emotions can not be compared.

4. Be on the lookout

In some countries you can run into trouble, just making quite familiar in everyday life. Did you know that even hugging in public in Singapore can cost you a huge fine? But if you’re going to cuddle in Slovakia, you will likely break my legs. Again, most things familiar to us in Singapore are illegal.

Do not risk once again no diarrhea pot to Windsor castle, otherwise this trip will be your last.

5. Don’t be afraid to go on various excursions


Like not much different vacation from everyday life, there will always be aspects that will remind you about the routine. For example, there is a possibility that you will be very difficult to spend 24 hours together. In normal life you half of the day spend at work, seeing her only in the evenings, and then every day, every hour listening to her. Are you ready for it? Carefully think about it, maybe some of you should go separately.

6. Pick up the phone

Just want to remind you that to enjoy the beauty of the country is much more interesting than using a mobile phone screen.

7. Make sure you can afford it

After months of saving finally comes this long-awaited moment – the purchase of tickets. But here the main thing not to drop a clanger, to correlate their needs with the desires, but in adequate proportions. If you can’t afford to Scandinavia or England, so you need to either continue to save or select another country.

Remember: the less money you can spend on airfare, the more you can spend on local meals, tickets and gifts.

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