7 things you should stop expecting from others

manygoodtips.com_12.01.2015_RQACzeDao1lQMThe biggest disappointment in our lives is a logical result of misplaced expectations. This is especially true when it comes to our relationship and interaction with other people.

The content of expectations is the best way to improve your life at least a little, to reduce suffering and to focus on the things that really matter.

1. Stop wait that you will all agree

We all deserve to be happy. Everyone in principle has the right to life, don’t let anyone think otherwise!

Of course, we have our own way, we are all unique snowflakes and all that jazz. In short, we need to be respected, to love and often to feed. And we have a very important and all need the opinion. Then why do we all believe that it is the most important and everybody should agree with him? This is reminiscent of the Caprice of a child, do you think? Our position is not the most faithful, man! This is one of the points of view.

Of course, this paragraph has another meaning. For example, when we think that everything will be so excited some our decision, but in reality it is quite different. Like everyone should accept your position, to say that they are very happy for you, but it is not happening, and why, they start to shout and say that you did something stupid. It makes sense not to be distracted by these people, and just go your own way, whatever they said.

2. Stop to expect that they will respect you more than you respect yourself

Real strength is not in muscles, but in the spirit. But muscle is cool, too.

Decide for yourself once and for all, never ask someone to love, respect, and recognition. Nice to be nice to others, but if you’re not it and you won’t be good for yourself, how it differs from hypocrisy? The more you respect yourself, the more chance you have to be happy. Here’s a simple arithmetic.

3. Stop to expect that others will like you

We can be absolute shit for one person and for another it is the most indispensable in the world. Never forget your worth. Even if you don’t have anyone who would value you above all else, you can come up with! So easy! Or tell him it’s mommy!

Spend time with those who value you. There is always the negative person that you will quietly despise and criticize. Smile and ignore the bastard.

In this crazy world, who is trying to make everyone like each other, the most brutal battle will be to just be yourself. Many may retreat from you in these battles. Some people will quickly realize that you’re «different», many do not like it, but many, on the contrary, will be to adore you. So why can’t you apply all of this to another person? He’s also trying to be what he wants.

4. Stop hoping it will accept your vision of «who they really are»

To love and respect people around is to let them be who they really are. When you leave them the right to self-determination, they start to respect you.

You yourself should respect the man for what he is, not because he went to your temptation and becomes someone you want to see. Even our good friends we know from the power of half, although I am sure that know them well. The more we know people, the more we understand that our advice about what is right and what is not, are meaningless, because these people are doing everything right.

5. Stop waiting for that all know what you really think

No telepaths, at least, their existence has not been proven. Surrounding will never know what you really think until you can’t tell them! Your boss knows you want a raise because you didn’t tell him. Your girlfriend doesn’t know what she way to you, because you were not told about this. This girl you like but she doesn’t know about it. Do you know why? Because she didn’t tell!

In life you have to communicate with others regularly and effectively. And often you have to open your mouth and stretch the vocal cords to say the first words. Tell people what you think. It’s that simple!

6. Stop to expect that they will suddenly change

If you seriously think that the specific habits some people with the time, somewhere to disappear, then I have to disappoint you: I doubt it. If you really want to, they seriously have changed just to lay all the cards on the table and tell them about it.

Basically we can’t change people. Moreover, there is no point in trying. Or we accept people for who they are, or we live without them. Any attempt of forcible and rapid changes someone else does not lead to anything good: people, despite all their assurances, do not change so easily. But if you don’t make any effort, besides, that will tell others of their unpleasant traits, there is a chance that if you’re nice to them, they will change into a more pleasant direction. But especially do not hope. Life is pain!

7. There is nothing to expect that they will become normal

Be kind to people, because underneath their smiles lies inner struggle. Everyone has their own internal struggle. Each has its own needs, don’t think they can be serious and get rid of all their problems. This does not happen.

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