7 things we broke

manygoodtips.com_22.03.2016_xtwEgTpf19OmpMany years have passed since then, as in England and Puerto Rico abolished slavery. Although there are still countries where you can first grab, and then sell at high prices. And you thought that we live in a magical Kingdom of elves where everywhere the smell of herbs and fragrant edinoroses litter? For example, in Africa there is a country – Mauritania where the Arabs keep slaves, and it’s considered quite a normal thing. No wonder mom and Korney Chukovsky were scared of Africa.However, slavery exists in all countries of the world, even in our. Although it is true, and the machinations of the state Department. To become a slave can be completely random, because free labor in the hard work needed by all, and people take anywhere. That’s why in the modern world slaves live more than 27 million people.

However, in addition to slavery in the usual sense of the word, is slavery not as an objective, it is more voluntary, and therefore more insidious. Humanity is voluntarily putting on a halter neck and is going to massage the heels of their «masters». It look a little different and don’t involve whips and a nomination on «Oscar» for best film (well, you know, «12 years of slavery», right?).

1. Money

Trivial too trivial, but from the realization that the essence does not change. Money is the basic value of humanity. If you have the money, so you have the opportunity to use other values. No matter how they tried to instill in us a false axiom that, well, not in money happiness, life every day proves the opposite. One may shout about «paper happiness» and «paper dream», but these loudmouths often, showing his teeth, fighting over a penny, because otherwise it is impossible. Rich can extend their life due to expensive drugs, buy, though not real, but still love.


Let it be about values, but it-what’s the difference? Money make be stupid and do exploits. Stimulate money, money makes you do nasty. Even Superman, be it in real life, over time began to save the earth for money. Batman – he has so many of them.

A vicious circle, built by human hands the chain from which not to get. Everybody wants money, everybody needs money, did without them. And it makes us slaves.

2. Smartphones

This thought came to my mind. It is necessary to introduce a law allowing zvizdyuley each modelove that in total, the company sits, staring at the phone. After all there are, isn’t it? Such a beautiful, loving, healing bachinovo bream to snot on display poured. Maybe then you will cease to live in smartphones?

On average, boys and girls aged 18 to 24 years immersed in the phone every 5 minutes. There is, of course, it’s interesting and it’s more fun than going on public transport, immersed in the universal longing and staring at grey cityscapes, and everything would be fine, if «smartphoneware» killed fellowship and fun.

When you tell something to a person immersed in the smartphone, it feels like you tell their thoughts on camera live. The uncomfortable sensation. But while escape from the smartphone at the right moment does not work. Here it’s all or nothing. Now all chartsmart, even the contemplation of nature and going to the concert.You do not look at the stage and on the screen of the smartphone, you do not communicate, correspond, do you not think, and surf the feed-tape. Would be looking for something useful, like how to seduce the girl, and not to write about it under the heading «Community».

3. Illusion

manygoodtips.com_22.03.2016_Lv743uBSOpLrRThe main human slave is not idolatrize from the planet Nibiru and not even the masons. This illusion, imagination, embodied in the head lies. And the worse things get, the more convincing the illusion that you’re not happy start to believe. This can include everything from beloved fighters against the regime the illusion of freedom, illusion of truth, happiness and success. In illusions you fuck Satan himself was born, Smoking weed, but in reality can’t slap even the cat, except hairy and sweaty palms. nobody to love. You convince yourself that it is normal that many live so that you’d be happy, but this belief is wrong.

The same happens when you think that living with gastritis in 20 years accidentally, smear of the mortgage loans and, as silks, fine. That kill your health and life hated the work is good, moral and right. Well what to say, good luck in the illusory world, but unfortunately, it’s not the Matrix, nothing is restarted.

4. Hedonism

We are all in the thrall of their desires, in the wet needs. These requirements are imposed by society, but nevertheless we less and less able to overcome them. What is the pursuit of life rich, full of gold, Turkish delight and small Asian masseuses massaging your prostate day and night, pushing us into a different relationship – money.

The current generation pays less than the life of a family, children, self-improvement, spending it on games, entertainment and unrestrained predavanje pleasures. Pleasure driving us, they are like a drug. To live, of course, is better and more fun, but when you see what people are capable of for the sake of a carefree life full of luxury and wealth, it is scary.

5. Narcissism

Ran out of people, extinct race. There is salfity and gays. Bugger – a literary word, so do not rush to throw our way, baseless accusations of stinginess language.

And yet, you see people shelling out monotonous pictures with a loved one. The most offensive, that being in a «complete this line» you’re capable of terrible things. The number of narcissists increases dramatically, but this is evident not only in the insane and mindless spending on clothing and gold chains, as well as in selfishness and exalting himself over other individuals. Imposing their views and their rules, by the way, also refers to this terrible Vice.

6. Rules

manygoodtips.com_22.03.2016_erMuCupD5AAoMBanal slavery of rules and regulations. We are not hippies and we will not call you to Express yourself in full, breaking the law and irritating people. In any case. The main problem samovyravnivayuschihsya that they don’t know the rules. But on the other hand, to get married before 25, to take loans, to get involved in cars, watch football, fuck everything that moves – all these are the rules which prevent to live happily with other citizens.

7. Information

While the Khovanskii with Larin gather big hype with his «versus», the whole country is discussing two bloggers verbiage, even those who do not like both. Wrote a hundred times, and I will write the one hundred and first. In this modern era the main weapon is information, and whoever owns it, owns everything. In fact, our behavior determines the information that is most often false.


People being on broadcast television or online speaker. He believes that the world really is a mysterious case. He goes to Church, even if painted on the walls, satanic crosses, if every day he will say that there is a God. He would write anti-government demonstrations or, conversely, to go to rallies in support of the government, barely hear or read an idea. So people are arranged. Unquestioningly believe authorities and the media, not trying to logically allocate the truth. So it’s easier to live with.And why? From a lack of knowledge and intelligence. But if someone on the Internet write that it is normal, he will believe and with quiet soul will live on. Teaches them the life that we believe only a personal experience.

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