7 things that will never appear in your office

Poradi.s.ua_29.08.2014_8maOfoihk2pRaIf you said that you will every morning to go to work completely happy and satisfied person, you probably would have laughed at this cruel joke. Every office worker who spends most of his time in the dull and grey atmosphere, wanted to dilute his work interior at least one subject from this list.

1. Bed


Every office should be equipped with a set of comfortable couches. And this is no joke. A recent study by the bright minds of Harvard have shown that people tend to work with greater zeal, if you do not suffer attacks of sleepiness during the working day, and the best way to maintain combat efficiency is «to rest a little before I get tired». Many major companies have already introduced a special time for a short «NAP during the day, as a constant practice.

2. Pet


Your favorite four-legged friends must be near your workplace.

First, they are perfect to help relieve stress, and secondly, they are a source of inspiration and the creative process. Many famous writers created their masterpieces when they are in the neck nozzles shaggy dog, or in your lap snuggling fluffy cat.

3. The gym


Small company that can boast its own gym in the office. And exercise is another powerful way to relieve stress and tension, increase self-esteem. For example, training before lunch, great help to cope with sluggish mood and fill you with energy for the rest of the day.

4. Eatery


Even if you have no opportunity to sleep or exercise during the working day, there is something you should definitely! Each office must have «room for eat», where you will be able to communicate with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere, to relax a bit from the heart and fill the belly assorted Goodies. But it’s not a good idea for those countries where one of the key problems is the massive obesity of the population.

5. Color


Your boss blames you for the lack of enthusiasm and creative ideas? But how can you work among these grey, brown or black walls and plastic furniture?

Offices should have bright colors, pleasing to the eye. Huge Windows for bright sunlight. Within a few minutes as you twist creative diarrhea, and you won’t even have time to record all the great ideas and fresh solutions.

6. Bar


Probably, many have already happily agreed with this item, even without reading the explanation. Most of the major transactions take place in an informal setting, with the drink strong drink. Relieves stress, there is trust and openness to the other party. Opponent does not seem so nasty and ugly, and the joint drinking party, as the key to future cooperation. So why do bars in the office not to make points for negotiations?

7. Nonlinear hierarchy of the company


Many modern companies reach their goals, not having a strict hierarchy of workers, as reflected in most startups today. Important is the result. Severe bosses constantly hovering, should be less rigid and open to new and sometimes risky ventures. Freedom of thought and the ability to implement it — that is the most important in our rapidly changing world.

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