7 things that steal from you the fear


Bene Gesserit with great science-fiction Saga «dune» had a pretty interesting mantra saying «Fear is the little death!». And indeed, it’s hard to realize how slowly and surely the fear of whatever binds us and prevents to do something. No fear that you would not tell anyone of the fashionable psychologists and gurus, there is no life. But here’s the difference between a normal bro and dude can be called «Silom», the first dude does not give fear to constrain himself, he just accepts it.

The problem with fear is that it penetrates as deeply as you can afford it. No more and no less. If fear is not to fight and not to seek to overcome your fear, it can Rob you of a lot of things.

1. Your path and purpose at the end of it

Don’t let other people make your life of doubt. Don’T let them decide for themselves what is right and what is not. Listen to what they tell you and make their own conclusions. The way in which you go, is hardly clear. He doesn’t even look like the way, he is totally abstract. When we realize this, we become afraid. Stupid tabloid type books Coelho assure us that the way is clear and understandable, but it is not so. It is about the same stupidity as to be sure that the universe will help you if you want me to. Stop, think, and try to pave the way with care. Don’t follow other people — will be lost. To test yourself, knocked you out of the way, as often as possible ask: «what’s do I do, or am I just following in the footsteps of another person?».

2. Self-esteem

Doesn’t make sense to be too hard on yourself. I bet you there is someone in the environment that can cope with the role of your conscience better. Do all that depends on you, put some effort, but do not forget about the rest, otherwise you will quickly lose your mind. Love yourself, love yourself. Although at first it is better to learn to respect yourself.

If you see that other people treat you with love and respect, do not rush to call them bastards, and the world around douche. Check your price tag. You may subconsciously underestimate yourself or Vice versa outrageously overpriced themselves. In any case, if you don’t respect yourself, respect no one will, that’s life!

3. Your ability to make concrete decisions

You can’t live without taking any decisions. In the near future obligations and the consequences of your desire to let it go will definitely catch up with you. You should assume any obligations without any obligations to live is extremely difficult and not fruitful. We may say that we don’t want a commitment because they limit us, but there’s nothing wrong with moderate limitations.

Sooner or later you will have to make some decisions, which, of course, will depend on the fate of the Galaxy (you’re not commander Shepard), but your destiny for sure.

4. Capabilities and experience

Sometimes we accidentally get stuck in the old have outlived its usefulness. But sometimes we deliberately drive ourselves into such a framework. And all because fear again stole a good thing: the desire to make changes. You put your dreams on the shelf until a favorable time. At least you’re trying to convince everybody. Now is not the time, you say. No money, you say again. I’m not ready, again you say. But really, is your fear! Your non-willingness prevents you to get useful experience and opportunities to the time slip away.

5. A simple human happiness and peace of mind

If you are looking for happiness outside of yourself, then congratulations, you’re a loser and never won’t find him there. Man’s happiness is within him, as a simple set of factors that make it a real man not much affected by the blows of fate. Relax, don’t torture your stupid little problems mutilated psyche. Don’t wait for the sea weather. Don’t circumstances make a person happy, and the right choice.

6. The ability and willingness of the whole soul to love

Let love returns sometimes, but most often it is a unilateral movement. This thread is a constant effort, which does not make sense to wait for the return of their investments. If you ever realize that pure love does not make sense to wait for dividends, it is not needed for this. It’s «what she gives me in return» can bring you only pain and disappointment, because no matter what you did, you’ll be going over in mind all that you have done for her and what she did for you. And hardly ever you will consider it good. And it will bring you pain and disappointment. Then go of resentments, love will turn into a list of accomplishments and will end as the parametria. You’re right (at least you think so), but the right one.

Put the direction of love and not expect anything from her. Don’t let your fear to be deceived to manipulate you.

7. Good company

No matter how much love you put in any direction, some relationships just aren’t meant to be. It is important to understand what kind of person hurts you, and from whom should stay away. If these people are not your pure and chaste love, they are necessary to you? Long term relationships don’t have to torture you. Time spent with you correct people who think like you, have common interests that have much to learn and with whom it is interesting. But more importantly: they, too, are happy to see you. Read this article to understand what it means to be in bad company.

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