7 things that should be in the wardrobe of every man


Man sees the things that he does. But meet him, in any case, for clothing, as all on this planet. Good or bad — is very important. Importantly, it is a truth that must be taken in order to succeed in this world. You need to look stylish, but manly. Not just fashionable, and confident. It confident men opened all the doors. They make their way up. And clothes will always be a part of this belief, although to work on your personal qualities you still have to. But today we are talking more about the clothes, not about personal qualities, because it is easier to change.

So what all should be in your wardrobe? What should be in the wardrobe of every man?

We will describe you 7 things that characterize a successful person, without which you can not do. Some of them have no practical use, but they definitely complement your image. Other things are expensive, but we decided to use the site Promocode to some of them you could buy for a reasonable price.

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1. Costume


If you still have no decent costume, it’s time to buy it. And we’re not talking about a suit that you go to work. We’re talking about this suit, which would not be ashamed to wear to dinner, to the theater, a friend’s wedding, an important date with my girlfriend, or to meet her parents. It should not be too conservative — it does not need to look like James bond. However, he is definitely obligated to look perfect. A good choice would be a suit by Roy Robson, the design of which was developed in Germany. It is made of 60% wool and if you know anything about this stuff, then guess what’s hot not in it. A great choice that will save you in the most important moments of life.

2. Shoes


They are much better than shoes when it comes to everyday life, work, and respectable. Good shoes for its convenience in whole, and in particular their openings, which are created for air circulation that your feet have not experienced the torments of hell hot summer. Classic shoes can’t offer that. For example, we took Spanish shoes from Sergio Serrano. This model is made of genuine leather, and material for the sole is hard rubber. They look quite ordinary, but these are the shoes you need the most. Simple, comfortable, in European style, and most importantly quality. She couldn’t be nicer.

3. Umbrella


There is no reason to explain to you why you need an umbrella. Of course you can wear a jacket, throwing on the hood and not be afraid of the rain. But if you go with a girl, and you hang black and dense clouds, is it not better to use an umbrella to show himself a gentleman to her attachment to you is growing with each drop that fell from the sky?

Umbrella take a classic, without any drawings and craziness. There is nothing better than a classic black umbrella, which has a wide dome to shelter from bad weather several people. It thus seems umbrella Flioraj from the Italian manufacturer. Its handle is slightly oblong, the dome itself has a large diameter and great strength to not be afraid a strong gust of wind.

4. Purse


For example in my personal experience, when you’re trying to find money or keys in pockets of numerous pants, jacket, or jacket — it looks like you’re a helpless little boy. The very restlessness creates a feeling which is not like anyone of your colleagues, friends, and even girlfriend. Already a long time for such things came up with a purse that does not take up much space and allows you to not worry about what is in your pockets. If you lose your wallet, you lose everything together — so, but no hassles. Purse should be in place in any manner that is absolutely neutral in appearance, conservative. And who can boast more conservative than the British? So we thought, choosing for example a great Woodland Leather pursethat also has a solid discount promo code. The design was developed in Britain, coin purse made of genuine leather and viscose.

5. Strap


You can argue long about what belt you need. There are straps cause with the big plates in the shape of a bull’s head, for example, and is — a classic, without fussy details and designed for their primary function — keeping your pants. If you’re not a cowboy tomorrow to perform at the Rodeo, and the day after the fight in the saloon with the bandits, you need the classic belt. Made of leather, no frills and pomp, but still one that would look decent. The belt from a familiar brand Woodland Leather will perfectly cope with this role. It can be worn both with suits and with jeans is a versatile choice, supported by aesthetic considerations.

6. Shirt of the day


We have already mentioned that every husband needs a suit, so the presence of classic shirts to discuss pointless and so obvious. But in your wardrobe, except they should be a couple of shirts of the day, which can be worn with jeans when you send with friends to watch the game at a bar, or go with a friend to the Park. Now a lot of styles and they should not get hung up. Importantly, these shirts were light, short-sleeved, fit the lower part of the image, and shoes. You can take anything from products Mustang — they never failed their quality, their shirts are durable and comfortable.

7. Tie


Where do without him? So, we take it rarely, but if there is a need, then this need cannot be ignored. At some events without a tie you just did not miss. And even if you miss, then look at you sideways. But the tie is one of the most recognizable elements of the male wardrobe. He is the personification of the business style belonging to the men’s tribe.

Ties vary in form and color, and by appointment. There are ties in the business community will be even more unacceptable. For example, with pictures of naked girlfriends or aliens who want to capture the planet. Others will be too boring, too formal. In General, you need to choose a middle ground. The tie, which would not be ashamed to come to business negotiations, and which fit perfectly into the framework of informal communication. We have one in mind, namely Italian silk tie from Pal Zileri. Great selection of all occasions. However, consider your preference in color, stripe, cage, etc.

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