7 things that make your family and you don’t want to forgive

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As we have already mentioned, to be in bad company is one of the worst ideas you can come up with. No matter how close it may seem to you, he can treat you no better. Friend, friend, relatives — all these people can treat you as the most close person. Such people need to be expunged from your life, or avoid. What are the habits of loved ones don’t need to be tolerant?

1. Bullying

Unfortunately, there are many people which do not feed bread — give to mock. As in the article about a bad company, not only are they in a penny do not put all your abilities and skills, but also very often lower your ego. Such acts are committed only in order to raise themselves in their own eyes. Constant reproaches, no praise —that you have to keep even your family members. Big chance that they’ll not only love, but also secretly despise.

2. Physical violence

If your friend, comrade or even friend seriously tries to lay a hand on you — think several times about what they actually your friends or relatives. If you forgave them the first times and they repeated it, finish with them, you don’t need them.

3. Support hate

These people make you someone to hate and in every possible way to cultivate it is not the most useful quality. But, as Gandhi said, «an eye for an Eye » making the whole world blind» and hatred only generate more hatred. If these guys make you hate, think several times about whether to leave them or to stay away. And that will, honestly, like in school, everybody hated closed bespectacled Sidorova.

4. Negativity

Loved ones are negative, they are pessimistic, they despise those who succeed them, and hate those who are worse than them. And dealing with them robs you of mental energy. For example, I do not much believe in all there energy, but I can say for sure that from the point of view of psychology of communication with people with such mental trauma takes you out of balance and you will never look at the world soberly. So calm down.

5. Lie

If someone deceives you once, shame on them. If somebody deceives you twice, shame on you. It’s an old saying, but very accurate. Never let loved ones lie to you. Even blood relatives. Pay attention to their actions and make sure that is not like their lies are endless. Endless lies is that whenever a person is lying, he comes up with another lie, and lying to cover previous lies. As a result, we have the cycle of lies in nature. Note that an honest enemy is better than false friend. And look at the actions of the children: they are a lot of them will tell.

6. Attempt to force you to give up Hobbies

As aptly here in this article, if the girl strongly makes you abandon any things (Hobbies, work, your favorite things), is worth several times to think about your relationship. Usually a true friend will never tell you what you need to throw something because you’re not able to do it. High, will say: «Dude, think about it, maybe it’s not yours?!» He will not say like: «Bro, how can you be an artist? Your work is full of shit! Stop doing that! You’re acting like a child! You’re not little girls to draw! A lot of this does not work! Forget it!» This negatively affects your desire to continue to do something. Maybe the friend is just jealous of you, of course, why it should be avoided. Maybe he’s just a boor. In any case: why you need it?

7. Attempt to decide for you

Never let someone decide for you. And soon, when you touch his neck, feel her someone carefully fastened to the collar, and it is necessary to you? Normal bro usually offers you, not decide for you, your destiny — to listen to the pros and cons and then make an informed decision.

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