7 things that make very boring people

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2014_0XrYbu0xMv70YTemplate thought, afraid to go beyond that worried about someone else’s opinion that they run from any changes in life even good — typical traits of the «man in a case». Boring people are boring in the world.

Read this interesting article about how to entertain these people. And don’t ever do that if you don’t want to seem tedious and boring dude.

1. Boring people talk only about themselves. And many complain about

Such characters, when it comes time for awesome stories, I find that talking about yourself, but deeply unhappy — much more interesting and informative lesson.

Boring people never think about what might be interesting to others, their problems, interests and point of view.

It happens like this: you meet a old friend, who with a smile asked you about how your business (a good start), but you say: «Yes, lo, I come home from work, tired, hungry and angry, because…», you then interrupt and start to ask with surprise, even without hearing: «is it a problem? Yes… But I have tonight!..».

And away we go… Maybe you of common courtesy will withstand a few minutes of this, but soon the irritation will covers your head. Moreover, there is a paradox: if, repeatedly stepping on the same rake, you will cease to communicate with such a person, in his eyes, you’ll acquire a reputation of a boring, focused only on myself.

2. They never broaden their horizons

Boring people forever stuck in the muddy swamp and grey their personal, psychological, or physical boundaries. They never attempt happiness, trying something new, no risk. For them, an unknown thirst for discovery and adventure. Comfort zone, the eternal excuse that «now is not the time or place,» and elementary laziness keep them in prison squalor of the mind and a humble Outlook.

3. They don’t know how funny joke

You probably witnessed the pathetic spectacle of someone in the company, giving some delusional nonsense after another, and receives in return only sympathetic looks, but not jovial laughter caused great joke.

And, damn it, a joke! Such people should not expect and a little bit of interesting stories of life, though not his own, but one of your friends that would be able to arouse vivid emotions of the audience.

And all because any joke or cool story is taken from something, be it life experience, read books or seen the movies. A person with a great sense of humor, also referred to as witty, as the basis for creation of jokes is the mental baggage, broad-minded and observant, you need to use. And these things are not boring in person.

4. They are not capable of empathy

Empathy is the ability to feel emotions, to put yourself in the other person, the capacity for empathy, compassion, penetration of the subjective middle. All these qualities are completely absent in a boring person.

For such people, the world begins and ends in the apartment or the office to Express sympathy or to show part, of course, considered beneath the dignity.

5. They don’t have their own opinions. For any questions

Boring people don’t have passions, they are still in the side, so there is no point spending time to learn something, digging deeper, or to study in detail and make their solid personal opinion on anything. All the interesting events of the world pass by, because it is irrelevant for the boring individual.

6. Every day the same routine

What could be more onerous than a permanent Groundhog Day? «And how!»,- say the bore and will begin to prepare your own Breakfast, the same for the past seven years. To Wake and sleep at the same time, make the mechanical movement in full automatic, because the procedure is already instituted and, in principle, not quite bad, because the stability is a sign of mastery!

7. They can’t think of a single insane act of his life

Oh yeah, they recently looked at welding, and a whole minute!

The head of the boring people do not attend to the idea that life is a feeling of joy and happiness when you are open to new things and not afraid to take risks, because in any case the inevitable bumps and bruises left by destiny, is an experience from which to build our essence and tempered steel of character.

Boring people live in a kind of bubble where there is only work to clearly established way of life and putting money aside for a «rainy day».

And if at least one item you learned yourself, don’t even think to ignore this Wake-up call: get the detailed balance of their priorities, maybe it’s time to change something in your life. We don’t want to lose such a cool guy like you, because we have such a funny and cool, so there are very few.

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