7 things that don’t make balanced people

Know that makes the man in our time? No, not the lack of money, work and ambitions. It will come with time and question time. What can be said about behaviour that is not amenable to rational analysis. Surely you have met such people — they are always complaining, frustrated shouting when there is no conflict, gossiping and, in General, produce the worst impression. It’s the same imbalance, which irritates any normal person. And if you’ve noticed, the following sins, then it is time to think about the development of his personality. Perhaps we need to change ourselves today.

1 Swamp empathy


One of the signs of intelligence is empathy, the meaning of which is compassion for your loved one. Empathy makes us human, it is. However, there are opposite, the painful side of this phenomenon. Perhaps you observed or became the source. And here’s how it looks from the outside: your close tragedy strikes, grief you experience as if it happened to you; you focus on the problems of this man, forgetting his own; in the future you continue to follow this model — score on their own problems and meddle in other people’s lives, living them with all my guts.

But emotionally stable people do not do that. Of course, they can be support and cherish the feelings of loved ones, but they do not allow someone’s life to influence their identity.

2 Whining

Whining and grumbling, suggests two things — one says that we are the victims, the other about what we don’t know the solution to our problems. A smart man rarely feels like a victim, even less, he believes that the solution is beyond reach. Instead of looking for the guilty, smart people immediately start thinking about how to constructively solve the problem. They also realize that their complaints affect the emotional reactions of others, and instead look for solutions, complaints make the problem even more serious. So, stop crying for others and ourselves. Nagging is not helpful, only frustrating. 3 Stop saying «Yes» a Symptom of emotional resilience is self-control. It very clearly demonstrates the attitude towards drinking. If you have problems in the head, then you can not adequately assess the amount of alcohol consumed, will not be able to provide all the next morning, which will respond with a nasty headache. Balanced people do not know how to tell others «no», they are still doing it, with no regrets. For example, if you have to get up early in the morning to get to an important meeting, it is reasonable to refuse an invitation to a party. Common sense, and nothing more. And if you’re afraid to say no to people, except that you lose a lot of time, you gain the disturbing thoughts, which, in term, can be a source of depression.

4 Gossip


Gossip are born not only in the minds of women. It’s all a big stereotype. And being in the company of men, you immediately realize that, indeed, among the ten men are certainly one which considers the business of life to rip someone’s secrets to the entire company. And such people should be avoided, because intelligent people do not judge a person by rumors, they are guided by personal acquaintance and you’re talking about things.

5 don’t count on other Balanced people self-sufficient in terms of living his time on Earth. They do not put other people — only ourselves. And that’s why they win. Yes, we really believe that normal people will not shift their problems on others: the state, girlfriend, employer, economy, religion, etc. If you want to succeed, take, for starters, yourself together and then come to success, whatever he was.


Few are immune from pessimistic thinking, and some guided — there’s nothing you can do about it. But at least you don’t have to go to extremes and engage in self-flagellation: «I’ll never get a girlfriend»; «I’ll never have a good job»; «this life is unfair to me». Enough! Try to shut these thoughts some tube and try to rely on facts, not speculation. The facts, as we know, lead to conclusions which are not sucked from the finger. And you will find the opportunity to achieve their goals. And it’s much better than beating against the wall and breathe on you things. 7 Past you would get Noticed that the mad always think the past few days, as «all was well»? In fact, memory is the sort of thing that forever idealize the past. Such people, who always glorify the past, terrified of the present. It gives them fear, because the present requires a full commitment — there is no room for nostalgia, no room for accusations. Of course, we are sure you must remember her past and accept it, but it should not affect your future. Remember, it is important to live right here, right now.

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