7 things he wants from you girl


When guys have problems with girls, we simply say to ourselves: «Yes who do understand these women or understand a woman as easily as to build a space rocket.» Part of the truth really is, but not because you are brainwashed nonsense and rape your soul, but because Paul is a serious dividing line between people. However, it’s not as bad as it seems at first glance. Too many stereotypes that we have imposed to themselves. Most of them are extremely harmful for our healthy relationships with a friend. Man being easy to read. You just have to include the brains to understand what she wants. There are, for example, a number of universal things that can apply to every woman. If you can satisfy your passion not only physically, but also from the point of view of these desires, all problems will sink into Oblivion.

So, how to keep your girlfriend happy?

1 Loyalty Loyalty is one of the first signs that your relationship is strong and healthy. When there is no loyalty, endorsement, all communication is destroyed in a matter of months. From the former feelings does not remain anything that would remind of their former power. In practice it looks so: she is nonsense and you know it, but you will support her because for her it’s important.

2 the Honesty of Human being is rarely called honest. We lie even when they do not want. Perhaps the blame instinct, force of habit, or something else is not that important. Principle is that in a relationship you need to be as honest as possible. Because the lie of a person who lives with you around the clock, visible to the naked eye. And when you are caught in this lie, then you lose any respect. Very easy to start a stormy relationship that will be based on your fictional «I», but extend it — an impossible task. Why? Because, however, your true side shows up. So if you really like the girl, then be honest with her from the beginning.

3 Time


Time is perhaps one of the most valuable gifts you can give to your girlfriend. Of course, many very tight schedule, work 15 hours a day and a lot of «important» things that I want to accomplish before you take on a friend. But, in this case, you may not need a relationship? Sense to support them if you can’t find a couple of hours at the girl live? And I’m not talking about the time you spend together (sleep, lunch, and dinner). No, I’m talking about those moments that you are totally dedicated to his woman, and she dedicates it to you. Correctly prioritize.

4 Understanding the Eternal problem that still need to be addressed. We guys are guided by the mind (often) when trying to solve a particular problem. If a friend is a hell, then we try to help with these positions, because we know so the problem can be solved faster and without much nerve and energy costs. But not always, the mind will be a good helper in the relationship. The fact is that sometimes a friend wants does not help and your understanding. With the problem she can handle it, but without the emotional support — no. In General, you should somehow develop an emotional connection, you know when your girl needs warm words that will help her in any case.

5 Control of emotions is Now a lot of arguments in one direction or another. Like, women like that we can show emotions, but a whiny boys they love never will. I think there should be a certain balance, which would indicate that you are not a nagging woman, but not a soulless scraps of metal. Emotions are good when they help to increase the level of trust between two people, because their presence indicates that you don’t keep in front of friend shield and not afraid to be vulnerable.

6 Power


Just be strong man, both physically and psychologically. There will be times when this quality you need to protect the girl from danger, even at a time when she does not ask. If a friend dark times, you have to be there. The woman may not ask you to do something, but it is, of course, will be hoping that you’ll understand. She needs your strength.

7 Security Call us old fashioned, but security is your main task since the stone ages. Not necessarily to be taken literally, though without that too (in a dangerous world we live in, it does not look). But I say that a man should be confident in your path, future plans and finances. This is a huge plus when a person knows who he is and where he is going in life. Indecision — that is the true evil that will disappoint any girl.

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