7 the folk singers that will amaze you in the heart

We all sooner or later turn to the roots. In fact, so many musicians playing folk and otherwise experimenting with folk music and melodies of the Renaissance. Besides, it’s beautiful. Very nice. And sometimes just running out of ideas, but folk always ready to throw a couple of other occurrences of history. Old in the service of art. And that’s what comes out of it.

Here is a collection of teams from around the world. Who hinders folk with rock, and someone plays clean. Sorry I didn’t included in the list of «Mill». About them you know. But on the other… don’t know?


Once Greece said that this is a country that has everything. Now it say that this is a country where there is a huge problem. But not addressing it.

Know all about the island of Crete. Ancient, majestic and very beautiful. There are a lot of steep mountain slopes and, of course, olives. The largest is at the top of Psiloritis. However, living here and another giant, music. His name – Psarantonis.

Psarantonis is a dense old man that looks like Karl Marx or that it would probably be more appropriate, given the geographical features of Zeus. But the talent he really is divine. Clever play on a traditional Cretan Lyra perfectly with his voice strained. This is some dense, like an ancient forest, vocals. Deep, like thick, timbre sometimes frightening in its gloomy shades. If in ancient times was a voice, it would be the voice of Psarantonis. And it goes well with the old tool under the ancient musical tradition.

Because of their love for traditions, their own view of music and craftsmanship, Psarantonis glorified this simple tool to the whole world. Almost all his music is based on folk songs, but it only brings her special touch. In his music you can hear the joy, sadness, and anxiety, and notes that modern composers love to accompany a fight scene in various historical films. It does not have the soreness of the mouth, which often fills people’s music. And most importantly, his music has overcome the crisis. It is clear that nothing could defeat him. But all over the world know the kind of Greek. And his work helps to return to traditions, which is especially necessary in difficult times.


It’s hard to recommend any one album, so listen to what the network sent.

Blackmore’s Night

Someone of our readers has a doubt that Ritchie Blackmore is a great musician? No? And well, for it is an indisputable fact. Yes, he has quirks, like the fact that he was born in Thuringia in 1514, or that «Mistreated» was written by Santa Claus. Yes, and shooting at targets from living people does not make it the best. But now Chernomor sensible, and his 601 year looks just great. And the skill is not diminished. Although rock icon different music. In the late 80’s and early 90’s he realized that he was tired to rivet the hardrock on an industrial scale. For 30 years I wanted something new, but rather old. Richie went back to the Renaissance and Gothic style, who always loved what was said in the glorious Coca-rock-and-roll ‘ 70s, when broken guitars of Deep Purple and Rainbow.

In fact, this music has more in common with fate than flamenco. With his beloved Candice night they organized a family row in which joined their names, both spiritually and legally, by creating a brand. So it’s not really «Night’s Blackmore». To convert minstrel was not too difficult to master mandala and a lute and start to create music that made many of the old rock-n-rolldice to pay attention to the music of the Renaissance. What is the name of Richie made a specific genre well-known and in demand.

But let’s talk about music. Sometimes it turns out so eloquently that overcomes the desire to be a little bit peasant. By the way, do candice and Ritchie and their children Autumn Esmeralda and Rory Dartanyan, leading a life close to the era, played. However, do not shy away from absolutely all the benefits of civilization.

Vocals Candace is amazing: magic, sounds like a fairy tale. Skill Ricci, of course, captivating. And the melodies take you to those ancient times, when the music played for the soul and not for money. There’s no guitar zapilov, as in the legendary «perlowski» Burn and Child in Time. Everything here is very melodic and beautiful.

The team plays on large sites and old castles and churches. Speaking of team, I mean more and other musicians. In the group there is another guitarist, bassist, percussionist, backing vocalist and not only.


It is difficult to recommend any particular album. But to be quite honest, listen to the first 3:

Shadow of the Moon (1997);

Under a Violet Moon (1999);

Fires at Midnight (2001).

All about month, enchantment, love and joy.


On may day, as we know, is celebrated this demonic holiday like Beltane. Celebrated the beginning of summer, but glorious holiday is not that, and the sinister Walpurgis night. And Beltane is the name of the famous Polish band that plays pure, beautiful Celtic folk. 7 guys from Silesia manage a very cool mix Celtic music with modern, and the result is very cool. Their song soaked tale, apparently, so they were invited to record a track for the game «the Witcher».

The combination of violins, flutes, guitars and juicy bass, but still in the right hands is a joy forever. These poles attract.


Definitely «KONCENtRAD» 2007 is the best way to get back to normal 2007. Perhaps this is the peak of the band. However, this does not mean you have to ignore other creations of the team.

Goran Bregovic

In fact, about Goran Bregovic need to write separately. The great composer. Big. And it is said to not only me, but millions around the world. Their creative Union with Emir Kusturica introduced the world to the crazy Balkan music. And it is unlikely that this music would be as popular if it was not done April, and anybody else.

As we know, Goran wrote the music to the best movies of the Maestro. Many people sincerely hope that this creative Alliance will eventually be reunited.

He did not invent anything, he just took to Serbian folk music and brought it to mind. Well, of course, wrote his own. In the best traditions of the genre. It turned out a miracle. Perhaps the best music to Express joy or sadness, for funerals and weddings no one has yet invented. Therefore, the ensemble of the Maestro and is called «Wedding-funeral orchestra».


By the way, Maestro Bregovic at the time, when I was doing the music for the film Kusturica «Arizona dream» (the one with johnny Depp), recorded several songs with the renowned rebel Iggy Pop. Listening to this masterpiece is simply a must. Here is how the space tracks like «TV Screen» and a lengthy legendary «In death car» crazy «Money». And the rest of Begovic can listen to everything. He even recorded an album of Irish folk. So listen, but first and foremost the music that was written for movies.

Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird

Simple Jewish shmuck (in the best sense of the word, not literally), who settled in Boston, performs typical Jewish motifs with all that arm will fall. In his work breaks the boundaries between radical & traditional, lyrical and political, East-West, folk & punk, dialect and hex. With his «Yiddish punk cabaret» The Painted Bird, he has traveled halfway around the world, but did not hesitate, and solo projects. Very interesting is its collaboration with the famous Psoy Korolenko.


For the record, you can listen to all.

Gogol Bordello

Since, as a simple guy with a hooligan Obolon, in Kiev, began to roam the world in the capture of a shelter, it has been many years. Eugene Hutz has lived in Vingriai, America, Brazil, absorb musical and cultural flavor of the «temporary shelters», to settle in America and to create an international team that plays in different languages, mixing English, Spanish and Russian, but the audience around the world. Crazy, knocked on the spot, Gypsy-punk to the violins and an accordion (which, by the way, are our former fellow citizens) can not leave anyone indifferent. Some would call this a cocktail of genres and musical traditions, folk-punk, some even folk-rock, and someone is confused. Therefore, we will follow the advice Gudz and to dignify the genre of Gypsy punk.

By the way, greedy for the Gypsy Madonna get noticed and invited to speak at a crowded Wembley stadium. And they are very incendiary. With charisma Gudz can not be otherwise.

You ask, what the heck, I slapped it in here, of the Vedas is very different from other bands, not quite folk? Folk music, Pref folk, and the mixing of different musical traditions, giving them the full right to be on the list.


Definitely nice and perky all, but the highlight, perhaps, «Super Taranta!»and «Trans-Continental Hustle». The most sacred, so to speak.


For those who have an acute intolerance of trash in the body, it is recommended arteterapia from a professional. After all, and in the vast Soviet Union always produced great instrumentalists. That’s a simple Kishinev guy Edward Suhari, having mastered in due time the harp has evolved from simple to multi-instrumentalist wizard who gives reverent peace and tranquility to your game, immersing the listener in a dream fairy with elves, dragons, and enchanting music. With his ensemble «Ann Sannat» under the pseudonym Elizbar, who concurrently is his baptismal name, he has traveled almost the whole world, and everywhere his music has been accepted on hurrah. Unfortunately, it does not cause such excitement as pop music, and remains undetected only among experts, but I think it heals the soul, and this is important. So he conducted sessions of arteterapia around the world. Elizbar long lived in Hungary, and probably in this country, his work is most known. Now the musician in Moscow, but looking at its history and tour schedule, I want to call him a man of peace, not hanging a label of national identity.


Both solo albums are very beautiful. Although I like the second one – «Harps fairytales». Harp, it will always be a harp, especially in the hands of a master. So you can listen to everything.

Corvus Corax

Vintage like myself medieval folk, which she performs, a group of distant Germany. First of all, the team known as the soundtrack to the games Dungeon Keeper and Gothic, and their authentic music was decorated with an infinite number of historical films. The band name is Latin for «common Raven». But the music is unusual. And the names of some of the instruments played by the musicians, sound more like the name of the disease, plants or instruments of torture: Salma, bucinator, sistra, mandolin, lyre, transit, organist – this is not a complete list. There are more familiar bagpipes and drums. By the way, the tools produces one of the participants of the group and of the same materials of which they were made in the middle Ages.

Their live show is always a spectacular show and absolute hit images in the music. Appears obsessive feeling, like being in some medieval fair.

You must have heard about their project Tanzvut in which they blended medieval music with electronics. Also a nice thing. Until 2010 it was a side project of the band, but in 2010 there is a split, then some of the members left the band and continued to play Tanzwut.


Probably, no. Better to make a compilation of songs and listen to them.

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