7 tempting things that she wants, but is silent

Dita von TeeseI don’t know what would be to try to diversify their sexual life? We have a few ideas.

Most women treat sex without much enthusiasm. They need something exciting, passionate, something out of the ordinary. They wait for what they offer, and you never speak. They are also complex: I don’t know how to raise the subject, and generally a decent girl to say such a thing because cute girls and dirty sex is supposedly incompatible. However, you’d be surprised how many girls dream of.

The next time you lie in bed, and she would complain of headaches, ask her if she wants to try something new. Here are seven seductive things about which she could fantasize, but hesitated to tell you this.

1. Threesome

For some naughty friends a way to diversify sex life might seem interesting. It’s true: a Threesome does not have to be only your imagination. Some women, this idea is also intriguing. If you’re terrified that your eyes and your woman can have sex with another man, hold your horses. Maybe she also like the option of another girl.

What is important to note that before start to list all her girlfriends as potential candidates, think about this: a Threesome can be dangerous for your relationship. Therefore, discuss everything carefully, setting mutual boundaries, in advance discussing what is and what is not.

2. Striptease

It is no secret that many dudes like when their girlfriend is dancing for the erotic dance. Some couples even set in the bedroom stripper pole so they like it. I wonder how they explain it to parents who come to visit them? Have you ever thought that if you dance for her? And she probably fantasized about it.

Why not surprise her with this speech? Pick one of her favorite songs and just do it! Can start to practice a little in front of the mirror when you’re alone. And don’t worry to embarrass myself and appear a fool: she will be very touched by your efforts and appreciate it.

3. Role-playing

If you are a child went to the theatre, now you have the chance to make his own idea about which you dreamed. Role-playing probably appear in her list. Think about the scenario that you like both, buy sexy costumes and surrender to fantasy.

At first you may feel a little silly, but after a few rehearsals,» you’ll like it. Some of your characters, such as German Latin a maid or a gardener, can become regular guests of your bedroom.

4. Toys

Toys is fun and exciting — a great way to have fun in the bedroom. You can start with small steps and buy massage oil, then a stimulating lubricant and finally a vibrator for her.

When you’re ready for great adventures, you can already move on to the dildos, anal plugs, etc. Use them with her, let her play with you, take turns or use them simultaneously to each other. Regardless of how you play, it will raise the sexual tension between you.

5. Sado-masochism

She loves to be in control? Then she must like sado-masochism. You can obey, and she will have fun over you with handcuffs and a whip. Sometimes it can be a little painful, so before contact of hot wax on the nipples and prisacom, think up a code word, such as «Zebra» or «red light» to let her know when to stop. You may wonder: what’s this? Will you help her realize her fantasy, to feel happy and to ensure the strength of your relationship. Plus, you will see it in sexy female outfits.

6. Anal sex

Anal sex is as old as the world, but somehow it is still treated with caution. For some strange reason, for some couples it is still uncharted territory, and some women being modest, when it comes up. You can start slowly from the posture the stomach when you lie on your side (you’re back). It is a slow and a very good way to start, and it is very important that she have fun. When you did it, you can go to passionate anal sex (well, like you saw in the movies).

7. Masturbation

Masturbation is a healthy part of life, why not share it with a partner? If you’re not too shy, lowered his visor and let her watch how you do it. The element of voyeurism is interesting, it may be good for her. When she sees you masturbate, perhaps she even has ideas on how it can make you more enjoyable.

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