7 teen violent games of the past, from which you will shrink eggs

Remember your childhood. You played football, threw the ball into the ring, but if was a bit more lazy, played table tennis (good sports). Violence you began to face in school, but it had to do with the games — were bullies, high school students, some more trash. If rebuffed, the fellow. If not, then all this happened already in his student years. But it is not always the adolescence and youth have passed is so simple. There was a time when teenagers themselves run into trouble while doing it in a playful way, reinforcing the norm of cruelty and violence. We took two old books (Games and Sports for Young Boys (1859) and » Young People’s Library of Entertainment and Amusement (1903), which are not translated into Russian language, but contain interesting information about how teenagers were brought up earlier. Discharged out of the most hardcore examples that you can experience with your friends.

1. Jingling

It is reasonable to translate the name of this game as «strumming». The game was attended by several boys. One tied my hands behind my back and wore a bell around its neck — a player called «gingerol». Other participants hands are not tied, but rolled up eyes. The essence of the game is to catch the «jingler», so to bury his nose in the ground. But don’t worry for the «jingler» — he was a bastard, because his task was to confuse the other participants. He could control the «hunting» itself, to introduce all the confusion and to incite participants to each other, which happened often — fights in this game were common.

2. Sling the Monkey

The essence of this «healthy and mobile games for the development of the body» were as follows. One boy was hung by a rope on a tree like a pinata. His feet barely touched the ground — well, that at least around the torso was tied with rope, and not around the neck. He had to sway from side to side, because if he thinks to stop, then the other players gleefully attack the «monkey» wet scarves — it’s quite painful. Therefore, the more the «monkey», the safer it is. Of course, the poor could fight back, and if he succeeded, then he was allowed to go down to the others to happily beat someone to take his place.

3. Aerial Archery

If this game was popular in Russia, it would be called «air archery». Sounds fun, isn’t it? The children took the crossbows or bows (then, to get such a thing was easy, because children’s «boyish» books contained detailed instructions on how to make such a weapon), and then started to shoot on the beam, which was suspended at a height of 27 meters (it was attached to the Christmas tree to the top). The point is that I had to shoot vertically. Doing this usually a crowd, so often the arrows fell down, punching the heads of the teenagers.

4. The New Game Gudgel

In this «dubeneckas» the game is full of madness. Seriously, if you look at similar games that have enjoyed widespread popularity at the turn of the century, it is not wonder that mankind has passed through two world wars.

To participate in this game have two. Each player must be blindfolded and give a stick, which is made from a tight roll of paper. The players then fall to the ground and begin to literally beat himself on the head, while holding left hands. But the beating is not chaotic, but «for science». One of the players asks, «are You there?». The second says: «I’m here». Objective the first player to get the club head of the second, focusing on the voice. Head after the question of moving is impossible.

5. Drawing the Oven

Let’s call this game «drawing furnace» — adequate counterparts of the title of this game is in Russian anyway. But the game really connected with the furnaces, which were very unaccommodating couple of centuries ago. It is now baking bread is easy. But previously, you had to pull it from the depths of hell. Now the game resembles a simple tug-of-war only the rope could be you. Several teenagers sat on the ground and covered each other’s waist — I was the human centipede. The other two children took the arms of the first row and tried to get him out of the sitting crowd so that the second player is sat down first. Winners and losers in this game has never been teenage just filled his bruises, torn clothes and in between laughed.

6. Baste the Bear

This game is a teen version of the practice of baiting bear. In fact, it is just called «bear-baiting» or to «beat the bear». Of course, the place of the bear is a child. So, «bear,» kneels in a circle. The «bear» has its own «boss» that holds it on the rope. In those two players one goal — to go beyond the circle or to make «bear» concerned other players who have the role of hunting dogs. No, the kids didn’t bite each other, but again used scarves which are twisted so that they were very, very busy for a bruising enough. If «bear» was able to touch the other player, he changed places with him. What’s the point? We don’t know, but desire to sadomasochism humanity, probably in the blood.

7. Jump Little Nag Tail

Damn it, why invent such strange names? If the seller from AliExpress, the game can be called «Jump little nag-tail», Lord. But in Russia, fortunately, there is an analogue of this game, and it’s called «Elephant».

The essence is as follows. There is one guy who turns his back to the team and adopts a stable position. All the other jumps on his back thus to fix its position — jump is not necessary. The game continues as long as the back of the poor guy is not formed mountain people, called «ponytail». But that’s not all. The sufferer must go through several steps, until all say «Jump little nag tail one two three». If the «Sisyphus» will not stand, then the other team wins.

According to the materials of Teresa o’neill

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