7 TED lectures, mandatory viewing

There are things which are impossible and even indecent to doubt. One of them is TED. Lectures and presentations interesting and wise people on the glorious conference enjoyed tremendous authority, and some of them become or the fruit of scientific research, or cult so that they begin widely cited, and gaining millions of views. The conference takes place often enough, and so the lack of interesting lectures is simply not the case — many speakers will be honored to perform at the famous dark scene. Last year also was someone to listen, and we chose the most viewed and interesting.

1. Alan Adams: What does the discovery of gravitational waves

If you still don’t understand why scientists call the discovery of gravitational waves as much «discovery of the century», then look at the performance of physics Allan Adams, who so easily lay on the shelves all the nuances of the main scientific events of the year, even far from the astronomy of the citizens concerned. He explains that there are gravitational waves, how they are created (without black holes has not done), and how they can learn what the universe is many, many years.

2. Sam Harris: Can we create an AI and keep control over it?

Many developed a real paranoia on the background of the enslavement of humanity by its own artificial, thinking child. For such thin nature as well as all interested, neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris read this lecture, confirming all the fears of the paranoid. Still, we should be wary of the emergence of such technologies because it threatens humanity… Well, watch the lecture, it says it all.

3. Adam FOSS: the Point of view of the Prosecutor on how to improve the justice system

Look at this guy. Least he looks like a Boston Prosecutor, but rather on what the Prosecutor does. However, this guy says incredibly smart things. Adam FOSS (that’s his name) proposes instead a harsh punishment to give a chance that changes lives for the better, not destroys them. He explains that we should encourage criminals to change, giving them the opportunity to realize their potential. He talks about the American justice system, although we have all the same problems.

4. Tim urban: What happens in the mind of a hardened procrastinator

The procrastination is not good, everybody knows it, even the well-known American blogger Tim urban. If this statement of it was known nothing, after appeared a strong desire to get acquainted with the work of the young man. Too funny and sensibly says. Despite the typical blogging approach (everything through the prism of YouTube and social networks), it encourages us to think carefully about which cases we in fact always delayed until it was too late.

5. Jennifer Kahn: the edit genes is now able to change entire species forever

About the CRISPR gene drive, said a lot, because it allows scientists to change the DNA sequence and ensures that such modified genetic trait will be passed on to future generations. This opens up the possibility to change entire species forever. However, such a dangerous technology creates more questions and uncertainty than joy and confidence in the future. Journalist Jennifer Kahn is trying to reassure and convince that nothing dangerous in this. Rather, this thing can save the planet. Scientists already have big plans to use it for the benefit of and destroy a lot of terrible diseases.

6. Dalia Mohamed: what are you staring at me?

Here’s what I think, looking at Mrs. Mohammed? Whatever you think, all justified. As any peaceful Muslim, Islamic scholar Muhammad Dahlia this attitude a bit bored, so she decided to discuss the consequences of such mistrust the rest of the world to its religion. Got the call to fight Islamophobia — quite emotional, sincere and adequate, in which peaceful Muslims are encouraged to look like victims of circumstances. It is unlikely that it will change your attitude to religion in General, but will look a little different on the known and the obvious.

7. Casey Gerald: a Sermon doubt

In this sincere conversation, the businessman Briefcase Gerald talks about several important moments in his life where he was faced with the fact that many desperately continued to believe that couldn’t be true. He began to look at what else you can believe business, government, philanthropy, — but met only respecitvely. And so he describes how he came to understand the importance of taking uncertainty, which is what everyone wants, at the same time substituting questioned their own beliefs.

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