7 sobering and sad scientific discoveries

You’ve enjoyed the pleasures of this world. Time to return to the sad reality. Science can not only lift your mood but also spoil it. That is what she will do now with you. Forgive us please, but the truth always hurts.

1 Your dog doesn’t like it when you hug her

Let’s start with your dog, because you disappoint him every day. Now say what you will refuse to believe: dogs hate it when their hug. Don’t be mislead by the wagging tail and joyful grin mouth. The research on this topic shows that 80% of 250 dogs feel uncomfortable when they hug. There are signs of stress, the dog removes his face to the side to avoid eye contact, she licks his mouth, nervous, yawns and raises his paws.

Psychologists who work with the animals, talking about what triggered the primary mechanism of protection. But maybe your dog got into the remaining 20%, so it is not the time to panic.

2 — a Universe of outsider Sounds dramatic, but the way it is. If you look at the relic cosmic radiation left after Big Bang, we can conclude that the universe is just a big homogeneous lump that expands evenly on each side. There is no center point, there is no axis of rotation. This means that travel to anywhere in the Universe would last forever. You may come across some interesting things along the way, but the universe remains infinite, devoid of center, of expression. Man will never be the center of the Universe. Never.

3 dolphins Have no language

We always suspected that dolphins have enough brains to invent their own language. A lot of their navstivenia really sound like words. But the truth was more disappointing. Signals sent from the dolphins, going to a beam, which is not able to reach his companion. A scientist from the Hawaii Institute of marine biology mark Lammers believes that a talking Dolphin can be compared with a situation where you’re locked in one room, and your companion in the other. And you both speak into the pillow. So we’ll have to temper his zeal in the search for high intelligence among our brothers. 4 People to not care about the environment And other social problems, too. But it is best to show an example of the relationship of Americans to global warming. So, 65% of Americans believe that climate change is a big problem. That’s good, if people are worried about the planet, right? It shows that most Americans want to change the future of the planet for the better.

Actually no. The same survey (data of the Institute of energy policy) shows that 42% of Americans are not willing to even $ 1 per month to spend on something to change the situation. The problem is that here our people are far removed from overseas residents. And it’s not just climate change but any other problem that requires joint intervention, not the will of the individual. When you don’t want to pay for a solution to the problem of money equivalent to the cost of one glass of beer, then for you there is no problem.

5 Dinosaurs like geese screaming

Scientists have discovered the fossilized larynx early, prehistoric birds. It was the perfect opportunity to finally know what was full of the sounds of the era of dinosaurs.

You probably think that everywhere was heard a terrible roar, threatening roar, something awful. But no. The sound was similar to something meaningless and goose. If you recall the recent news that dinosaurs were covered with feathers and down, we can confidently say that we are seeing a conspiracy of scientists who plan to destroy all the coolness of dinosaurs and turn them into stupid chickens.

6 Mission to Mars will make you stupid , We’re really excited that the theme of Mars is now actively developing. In the coming years we expect large discoveries that will cast doubt on videmanette some sci-Fi novels. But not so fast. The red planet is not the man to surrender without a fight, because there is a big unsolved problem — radiation.

The land protected by the magnetosphere. It does not pass in our world of dangerous particles, according to experts, can easily penetrate into the human body during a lengthy Mars mission. These particles are able to harm not only the body but also the brain. According to a new study, prolonged exposure to these particles of astronauts expects the risk of developing cognitive impairment, increased depression and anxiety. So if humanity does not want to the red planet, touch down Imbeciles, he would have to solve the radiation problem.

7 Negativity kills you

Perhaps we had to say it before you started to read an article about sad things that are happening here and now. But you would hardly cheered. Incredibly optimistic people — a rarity. Most of us are cynics. It’s killing us.

The researchers dug up the truth, which was known to our mothers and parents: do not lose heart, otherwise you will live badly and die early. When you’re in this atmosphere of constant negativity, this negativity will literally change your brain. One short flash of anger can weaken your immune system for several hours. If the stress is long term, it can lead to more serious problems such as skin diseases, high blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke. Cynics have more heart problems than Dobryakov. So chill out a little bit, okay? According to the materials of Stevie shepherd

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