7 situations when it’s better to lie to a friend

So, begin the tradition with a disclaimer: in any relationship: both new and long — honesty is usually the best choice. You know, when in doubt, its better to tell the truth. But every rule has exceptions, right? So. Sometimes your honesty can cause more harm than good. Sometimes a little lie will benefit and protect you and your friend about the extra pain, strife and nagging. Now we will tell you the seven questions and seven diplomatic answers. Just remember the expression «white lie». Salvation, no more!

1. You will take care of me when I get sick?

when it's better to lie

Of course, some people like to lock itself behind closed doors, and remain alone, when they have something wrong, while others (probably your friend) like to take care of them. They want hot soup, a cold compress and you’re there. Of course, take care of sweating the patient suffers from fever, it is not always fun, but if you say, «well, you’ll get a disease!» — she’ll be upset.

2. Are you uncomfortable when I cry near you?

when to lie to the girl

Afraid of the feelings? Bad. Most women are not afraid. They love to share these feelings with others and especially with you. Unless your girlfriend isn’t roaring every day (here it needs the help of a specialist, we will help you), it’s business as usual. Tell me that in any difficult moment you will be there. No need to run from it at the first sign of tears — this will make you look in her eyes an emotionless fool (forgive me for the harshness). No need to panic or to buy giant bouquets every time she cries. Just hug her and listen to what she says.

3. Do you think I should be wearing all that makeup every day?

when the girl is better to lie

No girlfriend wants to hear that she is beautiful only with makeup. It is clear as day. This question makes you look at her face («Well, you have beautiful lips, but it would be possible to use a toner to cover up the dark circles under the eyes»). What I wrote in parentheses, wrong strategy. Make her feel beautiful from nature and, more importantly, make him feel comfortable and sexy with you, whatever happens.

4. The bachelor party was a stripper?

when is it best to lie to her

Remember: what happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party. Of course, if your girlfriend or wife says she doesn’t care or that she likes it, better not to Wake a sleeping dog. If you tell me about the stripper, it will undermine her confidence and level of sexual desire when she gets what you gets with a Pro in the field of sexual dancing. You’re not gonna benefit.

5. Do you think my girlfriend/sister beautiful?

when the girl is better to lie

Here it is critical to lie. It is one thing to agree when your sister calls beautiful your sister or girlfriend or when he says that today, those look good. Look good, do you hear? Here an entirely different meaning. When she says, agree with him. When asked for your opinion, refrain from seizures. «Normal» is a wonderful word, a good description of their view about the male understanding of beauty. Or «nice». That’s about it.

6. Do you like spending time with my family?

when it's worth it to lie

If your friend is close with my family, get ready to be close with her relatives. This does not mean that you have to call her mom every Tuesday. This means that you don’t have to sit in the corner when she communicates with them. Communicate and don’t complain that you were invited to a family reunion. If the friend is not close with his family? Well, you still need to be careful, because usually the girl reserves the right to gossip about their relatives only for themselves. If you like the girl, members of her family go with her to the set. Put on a smile and tell them that you like them.

7. I shouldn’t have it because I better?

when it's worth it to lie

No. Just, hell, no.

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