7 signs that you ceased to be a big partier

how to understand that you look old

I keep saying: dude, we’re not getting any younger. I hate this phrase, but the fact of growing up and even aging affects me so much that I can’t keep quiet about it. Notice in itself age-related changes in sad, but you can try to find them something good. For example, convenience. Reasonableness. Benefits for themselves. Or even just to laugh at how much you’ve become like a grandfather in his 23 years. I sometimes hang out with people younger than me, and they make my ass feel the deadly breath of ageing. How?

1. There was a time when every party ended around 4 in the morning, no matter what. And it wasn’t for you great work. Type «naturally, I’m not going home until the bar is closed». For you there were no alternatives. Besides, you had just an endless supply of energy. You never get tired, and if tired, you could always fighting fatigue. You never gave up and did not go to sleep. Now, when you remember those nights you just remember and morning hangover the next day, and you think: «How can I do it? How did I change so much? I thought that the grandfather be after thirty, and not in 26».

2. Are you selective in terms of alcohol. Recently I was at a party at my buddy and saw a guy who generously poured all in a row, and repeatedly. When I pointed out to his friend, he said, «Oh, it’s Oleg, he’s only 18,» and it explained everything. When you’re young, you drink whatever it takes to find what you like. Then you get older and you’re not happy with the prospect of getting drunk every time you drink, so you just choose what you taste. On cold days I drink wine or mulled wine. In summer, choose a beer or a Margarita. If you want to drink strong drink, my choice always falls on a gin and tonic. I don’t so much drink, and the taste of tonic is pleasant to me: like licking a battery.

3. You drink more often but in smaller quantities. For example, in my student days, I drank one or two times a week, but he drank himself to superhuman condition. I could have vomited, I could barely stay on his feet. Now I can drink at least five times a week, but, say, a glass of wine in the evening after work or a bottle of beer under a movie. I used to laugh at such behavior, but now I do it with pleasure.

4. Particularly well you know that is not a cake, when hanging out with someone much younger than you. That happens to me, as has been said, quite often. You think you’re cool you can hang out, but when you go in a company with a freshman, you understand that you do not wonder, and the glory of God. Earlier you had fun getting drunk a lot, and now for you it’s both physical and emotional, and even sexual pain (you know, when I drink too much, it’s hard to be macho).

5. Are you worried about how you look. When you get invited to another party where, as you know, is drunk a lot, you refuse, sending Vkontakte photo of the dude puking out of the car Keanu Reeves signed «don’t want to end up like him.»

Keanu Reeves puking

6. To be absolutely honest, that’s one of the reasons you used to hang out is the fear to miss something. It’s a shame when missing the party, and then tell you about the various improbable events of last night. When you get older, you realize that the only thing you’re missing after two nights — it’s like someone sick, someone is talking about politics, not understanding the essence, and some lady removed to the bathroom to cry and smudge the makeup.

7. You have too hungover. Previously, it was not so bad, but now that you hadn’t drank more than five drinks, you can guarantee that the next day will be for you in pain. Before, it was fun to cuddle up at home with a hangover and watch a movie, and now it’s depressing. To feel better, you sit under the shower for an indefinite amount of time trying to recover. Yeah, dude, looks like you’re really old.

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