7 signs that selfishness is harming your success

There’s a fine line between confidence and selfishness. And proud of their work, of course, good, and have self-esteem at all. So, if you’re good at your job, you should be an example for the whole team, not the man who sows the seeds of malice on the soil, thereby undermining confidence in the team.

To be selfish is not bad until, until you do not begin to demonstrate the symptoms of a man who all kind of hate does not work.

So you’re selfish if:

You constantly complain

Nobody likes the guy who always dissatisfied with everything. When the work is not as intended, egoists prefer to blame other people, not to do what you can do to change the situation.

You often argue

Confrontation is your middle name. It’s not enough to blame the other person mistake, you want to create a conflict out of nowhere. This leads to the fact that at work you better not do business. In addition, these collisions you impede the progress of employees.

You always have excuses

Easy you attack others notice their mistakes and feel like the king of the situation. But you always have a reason to justify their own failure. If you make a mistake your colleague, then he is incompetent. If a mistake was made, you didn’t get enough sleep, bad Breakfast, getting caught in the rain. You don’t listen to constructive criticism, but absolutely non-constructive way to criticize others.


But when you remain alone with yourself in the head immediately climb bad thoughts. You just mark all their mistakes and begin to understand that it is not as good as you think. So you can’t go out of your comfort zone because you are afraid of ridicule. This is due to the fact that you think a lot about what people think about you. And the fear of another big error that keeps you in one place.

You don’t know how to apologize

And why apologize, right? In your eyes you’re not doing anything bad. To rationalize the behavior isn’t working, so you can easily offended and bitter wait for an apology from the other side, but he’d never go.

Patience is not about you

Many people need much more time to delve into the work or perform a specific task. You find it difficult to assess the ability of other people and their approach to business. Maybe he is more thorough than you? But you better say your colleagues are just too slow and stupid.

People for you – an empty place

You all people – it’s just a big rabble of the gray mass. You find it hard to imagine that each colleague has their own personal life, your home, Hobbies and a great experience. You’re always offended if you consider as an incomplete person.

How to deal with it?

You may not even understand that they behave this way. But, trust us, wildly affects relationships in the team and can lead, if not for your bullying, certainly to a negative attitude to your selfish ass. Be above it.

Help others

Obvious advice, but tell it like it is. Do not have to be the Dalai Lama to please everyone. Just don’t waste time whining about the mistakes of others. If you think that worked much better try to help the Laggards. Think about what you can do for this, and, my God, stop whining! Share your experience with your colleagues, make it so that the whole team was moving towards success and not have you pulling for him.

Criticize wisely

Most people are not able to adequately criticize and accept criticism adequately. Everyone thinks that he is better than the other, so criticism is necessary either to bypass, or to treat it very carefully. If you’re sure that person each time screws up in one and the same, then it makes sense to show him the error. And always make sure your criticism will have a positive effect on the work of another employee, and not negative, otherwise it makes no sense.

Judge yourself and not others

It is foolish to compare the performance of other people with her, because you have no idea what could be going on in the lives of other workers. And maybe you’d never want to be in their place. There is a General rule for growth in any field of activity: compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. Other people, if you’re not their supervisor, not in your competence.

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