7 signs that now’s not the time to make an offer

If you are at least at the last moment will realize that now is not the time to make an offer, this will save you time, energy, nerves and money. Sometimes a crystal ball is required to predict the future — just don’t be an ass.

1. She got drunk

she got drunk

Your girlfriend’s drunk. Don’t offer her to marry you, even if you somehow miraculously suddenly appeared near the Registrar’s office. Holding on to walls or just drinking a few cocktails, she can’t make adequate decisions. If she’s holding an empty bottle of wine, it is a quite clear sign. For God’s sake, for the sake of your memories, just be sure that both of you then remember how it was. None of you should be drunk when you call her in marriage.

2. She has a friend

He’s always hanging around her, as if he was her husband. Although he’s just «one». If your girlfriend is too attached to his friends-dudes, you know what to do. Don’t do her, better yet, find another girlfriend.

3. If she’s sleepy

Hoca spathi

Let’s say you’re planning a special night to make an offer — make sure you’re both in the mood. Like men, women also sleep to recover after a hard day. If she falls asleep on the go, then you can make an offer and if the offer deprives her of sleep, this is a risky option.

4. She had a bad day

Pagani day

When are you going to make an offer, you will be guaranteed that feeling of butterflies in my stomach. Still not. However, if you’re going to propose when your girlfriend is in a bad mood, your own mood will be ruined entirely. Nothing good comes out of this venture will not work. Offer her to marry you in a good day to start was favorable.

5. Religious issues

There are very religious people who love non-religious people. There are various options. For example, you are Orthodox and want to get married, and she was not baptized — and to carry your idea she had to accept Orthodoxy. This policy of religion. However, to draw someone into their faith more complicated than it seems. It is not necessary to ask. If she asks that you stay away.

6. She empties your pockets

If your wallet is losing weight constantly after meeting her, you should think if you’re moving too fast? She can marry you for money you need it? He can look for another sucker.

7. You build a career


If she is on the threshold of a great career and from day to day is increasing or translation, if it is nights and days lost at work, better wait. How much are you willing to share life with a woman who’s never home? Respect the working time, if we signed up for this, and do not rebuke her when she delayed once again. If you work hard, maybe better to wait the moment when you will be able to give her more time?

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