7 services that will simplify your life

Modern life is impossible to imagine without various gadgets and services. To send a letter, call a taxi, order food, calculate your budget. This and much more you can do with your smartphone and Internet access. It would be possible to imagine a few decades ago? Perhaps only the most enthusiastic dreamers thought about it. Now you can not stand in multikilometer queues, it is sufficient to order tickets or a product online and not to waste your precious time. Not necessarily go to pay utility bills to the Bank, everything can be done by connecting an automatic payment with your card, and keep track of all expenses in real time, sipping tea and biscuits on the balcony. Now we will tell you about several interesting services that can improve lives and save your nerves. Maybe something will suit you.

1. Get the finances under control


The main question of modern man — where does the salary? It seems only yesterday she appeared on your map, and you admired a cherished message for about an hour. And today, after paying the Internet and various accounts she mercilessly lost. Of course, you can sit down and count all my expenses, but every time to do it uncomfortable. It takes too much time and in principle to consider the lost funds are always sadder than to calculate the costs for the future. The well-known truth that cost planning allows you to define and achieve financial goals more productively.


How to keep track of all your expenses? There is a wonderful service called big Spender. It allows real-time tracking of all your expenses and see how much you have left for a particular period. So you see how much you spend on groceries, how much on a taxi, how much coffee at work and so on. All the data are automatically downloaded, simply install the app on your smartphone and before you sleep you can always see where you need to cut your spending and where you can still roam. The order should be in everything. My family and money!

2. Teach language through TV shows and movies


Infinite series and movies have taken us too much time. Agree? This, of course, all interesting and informative, because without a series to present modern society is impossible. After work is a sin not to watch the new series favorite series. Some look specifically in their own language, to feel the atmosphere, transmitted by the creators. But not all understand what benefits you can from this to. And this benefit is, of course, in the study of the same language. Especially popular this method of English language.


You can even use a special service called Linguamovies. It will allow you to watch TV shows and movies in different languages and with interactive subtitles. Familiar to every second of a Tarantino movie or scenes from the Titanic will help you to remember words or whole phrases in a pleasing to you. If you love a certain series and know who said what in each series, we can develop an individual program where you will be able to learn the language, watching their favorite sitcom. It seems that this idea is always lying on the surface, but really a working circuit it was difficult to find. With the help of this service the results will not take long, and you talk like DiCaprio in the famous scene of «Titanic.»

3. Get legal help online


To understand all the laws we need to study them more than one year. To finish school and to practice in this field. An ordinary person to spend time on it is impractical, because there are special organs and help of lawyers. But then again, go and fill all sorts of papers have neither the time nor the desire. And they still need to fill in correctly to the case moved from the dead point.


What if you can get legal help online? What if you can fill and get recommendations for all sorts of applications just lying on the couch? Possible. By using the service Pravovoj you can earn by performing various interesting tasks, if you’re a lawyer and you don’t have enough practice. If you need advice, you can get it on the site. It’s enough to just describe your problem and specify the price that you’re willing to pay for the consultation. It turns out that you can get not only quality care from lawyers, but also inexpensive. By the way, the money goes to the account of the lawyer only if you are satisfied with the work done. All simply and succinctly. Goodbye age of crazy queues and collect numerous signatures from completely unnecessary to you people.

4. Calculate and order a repair


It is time to repair and head immediately began to crack. Need to find contractors to purchase material, to choose the design. And where we will live during the renovation? And how much it will cost? And whether it will be qualitative? All of these questions you need to answer to yourself first and foremost. You can, of course, to do repairs alone, but then it drags on indefinitely. To find a way out of every tick of repair of the case of course with the help of online services will fail, but calculate the costs and to find suitable performers.


For example, using the service Taplin. Its advantage is that you don’t need to hire several quantity surveyors for the calculation of works on repair of apartments turnkey. All the work will take one worker, and the system then projects this calculation to all companies and their prices so you can save a lot of time and effort. You can also reflect in the specifications all your wishes will be taken into account when choosing a team for your repairs. Now do not need to think about how much it will cost you to repair and frantically to defer salary in any case. Everything is simple and clear. The developers also promise that soon there will be the opportunity to order certain work separately. For example, if you need to make a suspended ceiling or a design project.

5. Give small tasks professional


Often even small tasks not enough time. And how to get out of this situation? To hire additional staff to Tinker with all sorts of documents and so on? You will spend a lot more time. Freelancing is an important part of our lives, and often, they are built even larger projects, such as creating a full website, or writing a dozen articles for SEO. But there is a problem as the inexperience of many customers. Often, they just don’t know how much this or that service. As a result, many overpayments and fraud naive customers.


To solve these issues and created a wonderful service called Kwork. We do, and they repeatedly used. The main advantage here is that fee for certain service is here fixed. So you know how much to pay and how much you that amount will get work. Here you can find a huge number of services and can be filtered for reviews of the same customers as you. On the positive reviews, you can easily find the best performer in the shortest possible time to obtain the result. 9 of 10 works successfully executed and submitted to the customer. Basically it is a service aimed at SEO, coding, programming and creating websites, so if you need to complete and bring to mind your project, Kwork is the best option. For six months the service has shown impressive results: Kwork has joined about 51 000 members, was created almost 26,000 services of freelancers, written more than 1,000 positive reviews. It is worth noting that just before the service Kwork came out of the beta stage and is now working at full force.

6. Take control of your own health


Health is the most important in our lives. It looped all of humanity. And rightly so, because health determines the quality and quantity of past years. To keep track of all this each year becomes increasingly difficult. To constantly monitor all the indicators of your body, you need to go to counseling and techniques of different doctors. To defend the huge queues and to observe, not always correct, treatment. Without this in any way, it is only a screening and prevention can prevent various diseases. Why is it so? We live in the 21st century and you can order food, call a taxi and pay bills in one click. Is it not possible to monitor your health using a mobile phone?


Here we comes to the rescue and a convenient service called ONDOC. This is an online assistant health integrated clinics. You can enter information in and have access to it at any time. So you’ll never forget your trips to the doctor, prescribed treatment and diagnoses you specialist. You can also create reminders for all matters related to health.

In Annex a lot of functions. Here you can track changes of your body, such as heart rate, blood pressure or blood sugar, and to make information about vaccinations and allergies and always have access to this information. If you go to those clinics that transmit data in ONDOC, you will receive a message about the result of the appointment directly into your smartphone. Imagine: you walk out of the office, and you are immediately notified via push notification that the survey is in the profile. Some clinics connect chat, it is possible to conduct correspondence with the administrator of the hospital or to your doctor as well as by SMS or Telegram.

7. Learn about discounts and promotions


A big city is always bubbling with various activities, promotions and exciting offers. If you can’t see it, it does not mean that it is not. In fact, the city is always alive, it always boils. Behind the closed doors of shops and entertainment center always has something going on. You just need to look through feigned calm. You have no idea how much you’re missing. In cinemas every day there are new premieres and arranged a special promotion for this event. In different bars to each order, for example, in a gift you receive a cookie. Discount surround us at every step and if you know it all, it can be nice to save money and spend time productively. But how not to miss a single event within a radius of your existence? There is a solution. There are all kinds of alerts on your smartphone. And we are not about annoying spam. It has multiplied so much that the black list no longer stands.


We are talking about really useful programmes. Such as the ZIGZAG. With it, you can learn everything interesting that happens around you. Sales in fashion shops, promotions in your favorite bars, movie premieres, interesting performances and exhibitions. If you always be aware of what is happening around, to choose and to plan your time becomes much easier.Here you can easily filter out not interesting events and keep only those that you like. Of course, if you live in a village with a population of 100 people, about the disco at a local club will tell you the neighbor’s grandmother. But if you live in a big city then there is no such app just will not do. It works, by the way, in more than 40 cities of Russia. And this is not the limit.


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