7 services that will simplify your life #3

In the world there are many things that are worth time spent on them. We carefully spend the time to you, dude, not had too often to make such sacrifices. In today’s selection manygoodtips.com I suggest you save valuable minutes or even hours, although we know that you’re still going to spend it on «wolf» or next series «breaking bad». Appreciate the moment — download useful programs and meet with comfortable services!

1. Decorate the apartment in someone else’s hands

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2016_rjcVI7clXP4HeMoving into a new apartment or a simple change of taste — whatever the reason, sometimes in our life there are such moments when the soul needs a change of scenery. That room can have its own design, the Europeans thought back in the 16th century, and by the last century finally captured such a creative field and began to offer everyone «decorate» their home. Whatever your attitude to designers and decorators, it should be understood that: a) they need to meet and discuss their ideas, b) they are expensive.

For such needs — the selection of furniture and fixtures for the room and the entire apartment — and it was created Hello Divan. All that is required from you to complete a short questionnaire on the website to determine the necessary items, select a style and define a budget. And that’s all. Experienced specialists will find stylish solutions to decorate your home, will offer options based on the size of your wallet and send a clear collage.On your side — minimum problems, wasted time and nerves. Moreover, to bother you even less by choosing one of the already prepared on the website of decor options. But if your house is infested with very fluffy cat, may be asked to pick up the interior for the color of your pet.

2. Send a mail-order without the hassle

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2016_plVDtKCMoi0tLWe do not exactly remember, was a time when you could trust the «Mail of Russia» sending valuable parcels, but I can definitely tell you that it is risky. Unfortunately, the average citizen of our country used to Federal agencies, although there are services that work hundreds of times better. This «Opera» is the scope of shipping and delivery of goods. Now you can not worry about the iPhone or mug with an autograph, which is delivered from another city or country.

Getberry not just acts as liaison between the customer and the contractor. Its main value is in the recommendations. Imagine that you need to send a whoopee cushion to your friend in the United States. You just open the app and choose who will deliver your precious cargo, based on the independent assessments that have already received the contractor. That way, you can be sure that this person has passed the verification and Polictal Dobromyslov — his real name. It can be like an ordinary tourist, to whom not laziness to go to thy friend and great company.Moreover, you yourself can participate in it: going on a vacation at sea, you just take any order and are required to bring the desired souvenir. Relax and earn money — now these two things are very compatible.

3. Eat a dish from the chef in his kitchen

The path to the heart of a man is through his stomach, but the way to a good grocery store is sometimes too long to waste time on it. Any bachelor will tell you, I’m happy with what eat for dinner, but never acknowledged, what could be better. If the house is no lady refrigerator often frightening faceless void, and even if your culinary skills leave much to be desired,… we heard your cry for help and found a great service that will save you and maybe your cat from hunger.

The sense «Basket» is literally contained in the name. It’s not just delivering ingredients directly to your doorstep — here you every day will find a unique and proven recipe for Breakfast, lunch, dinner (there are options for vegetarians), as well as desserts and salads. So you just choose the appropriate option, you can order vegetables and cook everything according to the scheme. No doubt, your girlfriend will appreciate.Not arguing, pizza and dumplings is, of course, cool, but good food should be not only tasty and nutritious, but also good. Sooner or later each of us thinks about the fact that consumes our body, so why not do it now, especially because it is so easy. By the way, in St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Moscow region shipping is generally free.

4. Train together with a home fitness coach

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2016_PXBnoGCTsoJcwAh, the luxury of the 21st century! Today, almost everything in this world can be obtained without leaving the house — food, clothing, furniture, man (we mean the maid, and not slavery!). Now to this list were added and personal fitness trainer. No, fitness coach, of course, also a man, and one that will be able to train your body to the level of Sly to «First blood». Just before they had every week to go to the gym and now just download the app and invite a super-coach to his home.

As you have understood the basic concept of Delivery Fitness is a personal training anywhere — even at home, even in the office. And don’t be shy colleagues — let envy or join in. In addition to visiting the coach you get a workout nutrition plan from a nutritionist and daily online support. A subscription to the gym is not necessary: for effective training it is important to not place, and the frequency and correct technique. Most useful this service is for young mothers who find it difficult to escape somewhere with a small child. However, you need to think about: most bought a gym membership thrown in the first month due to a lack of personal approach and lack of motivation.»The 300 Spartans», who work in the Delivery of Fitness and are ready to come to the end of the light, passed the security check and have the necessary certificates. Didn’t like the coach? New will arrive to you free of charge. If the aching knee or the back — the guys will consider it and will not be forced to squat in sweat, and prepare an excellent preventive program that will invigorate the body. Safety training is paramount.

5. Travel where you like

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2016_4rF2gKJvCD9G9For someone the greatest confusion during the preparation for overseas trip — to collect documents, but often the problem becomes the choice of places for cultural and entertaining guests. Attractions, exhibitions, restaurants, shops and hotels — there are plenty of services that can help, but why download tens of applications when you can use only one?

Google is famous for the variety of services and now one of them is aimed to help tourists and travellers. Google offers Trips from a few things: to reserve a ticket to select local attractions and to find the most suitable cafes and bars. The app initially aware of your whereabouts and are ready to offer a card with the option to save it for offline use. Even better, by choosing the route, you’ll get helpful tips — where to go on the road and where is the best place to do a selfie.Of course, this magnitude of service is very much lacking. Too easy to accidentally remove the download of the old city, drugg acts clumsy and settings very little. The main minus — absence of the Russian language, although once you’re going abroad, have no knowledge of the English in your head is.

6. Save life abroad during disasters

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2016_Wy8itbjtcnXCxIf you are going abroad, we should remember not only about the local exchange rate and the crime rate. Recently, the frequency of natural disasters, civil wars and terrorist attacks is growing exponentially. Just this year it became clear that no Pakistan can not go — fighters are perfectly cope with their responsibilities even in the European capitals. As a responsible man, you should perfectly understand — in which case abroad assistance for you or your family can not wait.

Mindful of situations where one phone call could save the situation, but the man just didn’t know where to call, the Russian foreign Ministry finally created the service of «Foreign helper». Downloading the app, you first put back the data from the passport and report the plans for the trip and information about it. After this simple operation you’ll be aware of any disaster, or simply adverse conditions in the place where you’re going.Flight delay, heavy rains, the threat of a coup is anything that can threaten you in a foreign country, the service will notify you immediately via SMS-messages. If everything has already happened and it is time to call for help, it only takes one button to make an emergency call to the call center of the foreign Ministry or to request a call back. The government rarely listens to complaints about dirty yards, but saving their citizens from other States for the President to be a priority.

7. To talk to a nice person

Order.kom.ua_5.10.2016_Hy0hlb4vHEUxkThe hero of the film «She» was suffering from despair of life, yet did not buy the OS with the voice of Scarlett Johansson. Alas, in our time, these rolls had not been invented, although if you like to chat with Cortana — it’s your business. Nevertheless, we can firmly say that a long time artificial intelligence can’t replace the human interlocutor. When everything seems gray and dull, or the opposite — bright and cheerful, I want to share my emotions with… well, at least someone. To hear the voice that will cheer you up and tell you that everything will be fine.

Alas, in the modern world somehow is such that people are moving away from each other, shifting emotions in the emoticons and caps and not finding the ultimate satisfaction. And if to write no one? Fortunately, the guys from the project «Talk to me» I have decided that it is time to stop this Orgy of loneliness and created a telephone service for those who just want to talk. You just call the guy and tell him what hurts or pleases you in this moment. In return you get an empathetic companion who will share your feelings and emotions.You can put your heart in the emoticons and caps, instagram pictures waiting for the likes and look for someone in anonymous chat rooms, but only the live voice of the person capable of answering our aspirations and give advice on how to live. By the way, work in the project «Talk to me» not just anybody, and experienced psychologists who really care about you.

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