7 services that will simplify your life #2

Modern life is boiling, and does not stop even for a second. Every day scientists are discovering things, the best Harvard students to think of something, and the astronauts in space can already call to the Ground via Skype. This is not surprising, because technology is constantly evolving and penetrates all aspects of our life. In the first part we described the 7 services that will simplify your life. In fact, useful electronic helpers are so numerous that without the second part just will not do. They not only facilitate your life or business, but also save a lot of time.

1. Order food delivery


We are living in society of total consumption — shopping malls are the new temples that absorb tens of thousands of people. Even the crisis did not become an obstacle to the purchasing power of people began to choose cheaper products, but to go to the shops less is not stopped. And the shitty thing is, when you enter this space of perpetual shopping, then you go out there, often, not always with what we needed. Still time to lose a lot because of the endless queues. After all, if you look around, it’s the most precious thing we have. Therefore, the purchase of products began to resemble a real punishment. You pawning off this case for a friend, a long delay time, and then poison your body with food from a roadside diner. But you can cook tasty food, and not even to go to the store, stand in line, not to buy too much, do not be a slave to the supermarket.


The solution to this problem lies on the surface — use service delivery. And we’re not talking about the delivery of prepared food (leave it to people who could care less about this miracle cooking), and the delivery of products for cooking specific recipes. This service is called FindMeals.FindMeals is shipping products for specific recipes, and the recipes themselves on the website a lot. For example, you passion as you want to cook a pizza «Pepperoni» myself and a friend for dinner. You just choose a recipe of this pizza and almost one click order all you need for cooking. The recipe contains a phased manual cooking. You just have to wait for delivery and to hit the ground running.

Generally, service FindMeals this policy teaches people to go beyond the consumer lifestyle. Nobody will forbid you to buy food for the whole week, but FindMeals provokes to purchase the products you want here and now to prepare specific recipes. This means that you can forget about any additional costs which makes everyone on the way to the cashier.

2. Solve all operational issues automatically


Planning is the key to the success of any business, and especially business. If you do not build a correct chain of communication, it is very probable risk of failure. Even in life we are constantly developing links with various people, friends, family. If you break or lose a phone number or email the right person, not the fact that it can be recovered. In the end, something to be forgotten, and what goes in the bins that are not raking in a lifetime. It is not necessary to describe every step, trying to follow the plan every minute. But to create a system that will answer your queries within a few seconds is really professional.


Any successful person will tell you that he would never have made it, don’t go it system. For such purposes, and need our next really useful service — Megaplan. This kind of system for any business. With her help, you will be able to adjust communication, to control all the deadlines, reduce costs, retain customers and free up time for life.Everything happens automatically and you can access to all information literally from any corner of the world and from any device. How can the list of young and interesting start-UPS that have gone into the shadows precisely because they had built the system. Tens and hundreds. Again planning is the key to success, will tell you any professional.

3. Keep all cards in one device


When you come to shop at the new store, the first thing you have to offer? Right, a map of «important» client, which can be cumulative, or discounts. It’s good for you and good for the store. If the product you like, you’ll come back and pay a little cheaper, and from the point of view of the store the discount will be another opportunity to look into their land. But these cards had multiplied so much that they are literally spilling out of our pockets, purses and bags. There are so many that take each becomes very expensive. So if I was in this world for justice, then some guy would come up with a map which could be domestici all other cards. Fortunately for justice the world has.

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2016_nRocLFujoin0d The name of this card all of the cards, just remember — It. In appearance it resembles a regular plastic card, but inside she’s microelectronics. With this map, with the help of the same application, you can carry all your discount plastic 666 the number of pieces at one time. It is very comfortable and is fully consistent with the spirit of the time — an extra burden to anything.The essence of such a device at first glance is very simple and without going into details, we will sort out any problems. With the help of a special reader you record information about their discount cards in a mobile application. Further, if you need any of your cards at the store, you just need via Bluetooth to transfer data on discount cards for Card and hand it to the cashier. In the app you can also share maps with friends. Very interesting device, which we are sure will only grow in the future.

4. Organize the move (easier than to call a taxi)


Have you ever moved? So completely moving my entire apartment all its contents to the other end of the city. It usually needs to call and compare rates of many companies. The other issue is the safety of your things. Often no one will even package them into special items to area on the table is not chipped, and the sofa fabric is not torn. Of course, this issue may be lucky and you’ll get a really responsible driver and porters. But here, as with the repair, hope only for a miracle. Sorry that miracles happen so rarely. Plus for a city dweller it is very difficult to choose the right time to plan the move.


For such purposes, and it was created in the form of a smartphone app called MOVER. It solves a number of issues associated with the move. To order with it, moving no more complicated than call a taxi, but for a busy person this is very important.The time of order takes only 3 clicks and the price will not change after the move, when the movers just put you before the fact, after the work done. Everything is simple and clear.

5. Exchange currency with favorable terms


One of the most unstable values of the modern world is undoubtedly the currency. In our country this is most clearly seen. The unprepared and uninitiated, who for the first time is sent to the Bank to exchange one currency for another, it is generally extremely difficult to understand how profitable it is to do. Most often, he simply goes to the nearest Bank and even trying to find out where it was to make profitable. Of course, to view all quotes of all banks of your city is no easy task. And from the amount much. The more you want to change the currency, the more favorable rate you need to look for.


For all these problems there is a lot of services, but the most convenient is Exchg. C it can be easy to perform all the quotes of the banks in the vicinity of you. You’re just limiting the area for which a service in real-time viewing quotes indicate the desired amount and what kind of currency need to be exchanged.As a result, you get some of the most profitable options for the map of the city, which the service offers to ring and clarify you the correct information.

6. Help your business


Russia has a lot of problems, but one is bleeding more than others — we are talking about small and medium business. Today, many entrepreneurs see public tenders and orders a lifeboat for their capital. In fact, the way it should be. The government order will benefit those people who do their job efficiently, quickly and for good money. They should not win his heavy weight and his competitiveness. Do you consider your business? I guess you think so. However, if you take an active part in public contracts, it will certainly face a terrible injustice, pressure from monopolies and ties. Hands down bad for your health and wallet. To scream that the world is unfair is too pointless. Explain how to act.

There is an organization called the FAS (Federal Antimonopoly service). It can regain its rightful place under the sun (if you deserve it), but in normal conditions it takes a long time. You don’t have it, since the velocity of the filing of a complaint must be similar to meteors invading Earth’s atmosphere.


To do this, and it was created Quels. It reduces the process of filing a complaint to the Antimonopoly service from 2-3 days to 1-2 hours. Full automation, which is made in strict compliance with Federal laws.Online you can not only to appeal but also to consult with lawyers in the matter of drafting. Imagine a world without endless calls to the FAS, easy access to needed information through a personal account and a warning in the form of SMS. It should look like the relationship between a businessman and the state in the XXI century.

The service itself is paid. There are no restrictions on the number of complaints filed. Pay once a year and all the possibilities, including legal advice, are available throughout the paid period.

7. Translate this


The world we have created inside the close links which did a mandatory foreign language skills. With the Internet things have only gotten faster globalization has affected everyone who is outside of North Korea. Today, you can avoid contact with foreigners, to lock myself in the apartment and forget that life exists outside of the Fatherland. However, in five years, we are confident to speak in English you’ll have almost every day: on foreign websites; work; travel; training; everywhere. Not because the British Navy will be in our black sea and Baltic shores. The matter of globalization — it is even stronger unite the peoples of the world, which will have to interact and communicate. Therefore, you should today learn the language or find ways to fast and high quality translation.


One way we have found is an extension for Google Chrome called Lingviny. To expand his work uses a wide base in two thousand professional translators that have accumulated over the years of existence of the Bureau to transfer money online Anylanguage.Translators do a lot and they all live in different time zones, which makes possible round-the-clock access to the service, the essence of which is quick and high quality translation of letters sent.

To work with Lingviny just. All you need to do is register on Gmail and download the extension that adds the necessary functionality when working with emails. Then you just write the text of its Chilean, Polish and Scottish friend, click on the Lingviny and choose the recipient’s language — within half an hour your letter transferred to skilled people and one will receive it on their tongue. It is convenient, especially when it comes to important business correspondence that is short-sighted and foolish to trust an automated translation. It’s also handy when you need to quickly translate any text.

In General, the extension solves the actual problem of our time — it translates and does it well (it’s not Google Translate). At the moment Lingviny available to users of Gmail, but the creators plan to launch a similar service for Outlook Hotmail.

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