7 rules of successful hitchhiking


On the road anything can happen. Knew beatniks, tuggage and simple vagrants, which have sailed our beloved piece of land, called Russia. They didn’t have the extra money on the road. Even an old abandoned bus, tickets for which cost a few hundred. And yet, even if the money were, they were not paid. Why? So we can’t explain it to a person who has never hitchhiked. And why bother to hitchhike, when there is a notorious service BlaBlaCar, which saves a lot of your money? Shut up the child of civilization — our grandparents never used a similar, and did not pay for the gasoline. Just went to the track the thumbs up and stopped the car. If the trip looked like a success, then they told me full of adrenaline history that are remembered for a lifetime, where fellow passengers or drivers could be absolutely crazy people, strange and dangerous, or terribly funny. All this is imprinted in their memory and will remain in the memory you have, if you want to go somewhere hitchhiking this weekend. But before you catch the car, manygoodtips.com wants to share with you the wisdom learned from his own experience, that your journey goes as smoothly as possible.

1 Start with a small trip If you have no experience of avid hitchhiker, start with a trip to a nearby town. You can just yank on the other end of the country, but most likely you will not reach — such a journey is able to manage only the hard-headed tramp, who knew the kung fu of hitchhiking. Can get lost somewhere in the middle of the path butt naked and without money, and that’s all we want. Take the card (let’s be reactionary), and mark the settlement, which are located in picturesque places, find the road out of town to go and start to catch the car.

2 Stocks of food and money… the Essence of hitchhiking is free travel and new impressions from acquaintance with the driver. But the free travel does not mean that you should not be money. Those dirty green pieces of paper you will need: food, accommodation and travel, if suddenly everything goes very well. Also stock up on food that doesn’t spoil in the heat. The road is always hungry, and who knows how soon you catch the car. Don’t forget the normal water — it will always be useful.

3 Pick a place to «capture» drivers If you’re a driver, you will understand where to catch the car, and where not. Well, if you’ve never had a car, just think of the head — imagine yourself in the driver’s seat. Will he be able to stay close, not slowing down traffic on the highway? Will he see you before you pull out your hand? It is foolish to expect that the machine will stop where you can not see. And, of course, better stay away from the police post — they don’t particularly like prodejny people.

4 Always say that travel for free


Yeah, you waited several hours and before you stopped the car. What will you do before to get it? Show some knowledge of manners and congratulate his benefactor, and then tell me that hitchhiking, that is, do not pay money for travel, because you have only for food and shelter. I can say that you just like, not because you’re homeless. If everything is alright, get in the car. And again, remember that traveling by hitchhiking it, adding some interesting stories to your story. The point is that the driver fully understand that the money you claim makes no sense.

5 talk the Drivers are different. Some talkative, others can’t stand talking while driving. But you still better have a conversation on some neutral topic or theme of travel. If the driver is interested, then go on to talk animatedly, but if he answers briefly and he was bored, do not strain guy — shut up with him.

6 Take the Taser Times are harsh and all afraid of each other. Motorists are afraid of voting on the road, and they are afraid of maniacs drivers. Not going to say that the reasons for fear not! On the road can really happen anywhere. Remember the ending of the movie «big nothing» where the girl is a maniac I sat in the car to the man is a serial killer? And this probably happened. And yourself must be protected, so suggest you to take high quality stun gun, pepper spray will be useless in the confined space of the car.

7 get Dressed decently Again, because of fears to take on Board his ship» some marginal need to take care of their appearance. Before the trip, fix yourself up, wash your face, put on some decent clothes, which suggests that you’re normal and honest man. No Adidas and Nike, even if they are real, not from the market. The fact that the guy in casual and neat clothes more likely to catch a car.



Hitchhiking is not an easy task, especially if you’re a social impotent for life, but it gives you experience points that you can use in the future. An entire generation was hitchhiking, and it was not considered something reprehensible. I have a friend, called professional travelers, he managed to get to India, India! And he did it on lifts, even the ruble is not paid. God knows how he did it, at the meeting I will ask. I myself often take a ride when I just didn’t have and I’m damn late, stuck in a strange city after a stormy weekend — each time it worked and nothing bad happened, well, except for four hours of Russian rap in the car. Today, when the money of the people and the tours expensive, hitchhiking is a real panacea that can make your dreams of a relatively long journeys — a reality. And enough hell to be afraid of everything around! The disapproval of friends, beatings and robbery, their inexperience. You’re a man, and therefore you will manage this small feat. Good luck on the track!

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