7 reasons why the world seems worse than it really is

Did you know that over the last 20 years the world has become a billion fewer poor? I did not invent it, but I read on the website of The Economist. Did you know? You know how this happened? Can you imagine how amazing this is?

I’m not. I’m more worried that some fuck from the upper floors are constantly throwing cigarette butts from the balcony and burn my unsuspecting and innocent lingerie. However, I sincerely believe that in between our complaints about the economy, politics, issues, provider and other garbage we should note that we live in a wonderful age of civilization, life is getting better, and not only for the filthy cold sweat, and so everyone is happy.

Why is it so difficult to notice? Well…

1. We are happy only when someone is bad

all rotten

Sounds sad, huh? Let’s rephrase that. Most dudes would not mind if their girlfriends were as beautiful as Emily Ratzkowski or Isabelle Gular. Well, «beautiful», it means «so attractive that rarely any woman can boast». She is special because is unique. If all women start to look like this, it will cease to be good.

In other words, we all want to have what is not from other people. The fact that most people do not, makes us to want it. It turns out that in principle it is impossible for everyone to get their hands on this thing because if it all will disappear reason to desire her. This paradox can be applied to absolutely everything that annoys you: the economy, the government in General, in society at large.

«Not true,» I can tell you, while in the next browser tab you opened our post with Emily Ratzkowski. «The system sucks because there is a minimum set of characteristics that should be in every man’s life, but for many people they are not all for the same politicians, greedy bankers and other assholes, in which the system works.» Understand.

Now take a pen and write a list of all the things, in your opinion, should be everyone in the world. So, everyone needs security, freedom and a roof over my head. Access to clean water, food, health, transport. Electricity. Phone. In our days everyone needs the Internet, and if people live in a hot climate, they need air conditioning. The freedom to choose their partner. If you made this list, you still have any ideas — otherwise you wouldn’t have a reason to be mad.

Now ask yourself, which for some reason one does not ask: Why did you decide that all this should be?

The answer is simple: your list is Emily Ratzkowski. Your ideas about what should be available to all people — it is nothing like a list of things which most people on the planet simply is not and never has been. If you were born in Nigeria, you would have had an entirely different idea of what should be available to all people (certainly no Internet and no air conditioning). The Nigerian standards of living would be like what you have now.

2. We compare the world with our fantasies about him


You can be annoying, the new car guzzles more gasoline than last, that’s fine. But I agree, it would be strange to be angry that she can’t move you for free anywhere in the world. Right?

And that’s what we do every day, annoyed that the real world doesn’t meet our impossible standards. If you open the paper, then immediately realize that people greedy, corrupt politicians, good little work — so, right, if you can answer the question «compared To what?» Because there is in reality such a society where there was no greed, corruption, and low-paid work.

Usually we don’t compare our country with another — we compare it with an imaginary ideal, which saw somewhere in the movie. Your imagination ignores the contradiction: you wonder why we can’t make a world in which politicians work for the good of society. What is the benefit of society? For example, someone wants to make abortions outside the law, and someone recognizes their right women well, and for whom to work?

Even if all the greedy rich people of the world gave us half of his fortune, we would still have been angry at them because…

3. We only see the negative side of even positive trends

negative into a positive

So, for the past 30 years, the Soviet Union is gone, everything has changed, manufacturing has almost collapsed. Just look at former factories converted into shopping malls.

Just imagine what would happen if all the rich shared with us his attendants, and our revenues have grown tenfold over the same 30 years. It’s like a modification of the Roman Empire: all the dudes be fed grapes by girls with the appearance of supermodels.

Guess what? Revenue growth of ten times is a reality. In China, for example. In India, the income over the last ten years has tripled. But who cares about those two and a half billion people? You! You dream about the ideal world of the brotherhood here and be happy that China and India are successfully fighting poverty.

Don’t like that expensive gasoline? The fact that it increases demand: someone in this world every day, buys his first car. It’s hard to find a job that requires no education? The fact that it is the best work for people you know from where, for whom it’s the first normal job in life.

In other words, the rich have advanced a little to share with the poor. This is exactly what we wanted. If you have a home computer, refrigerator and air conditioning, you done well for yourself — much better than many in this world. You have a life format Ratzkowski Emily — the one you want. You don’t become nice? If not, why not?

4. Things that we hate and seek the same

the I odne those W

Can’t argue with that: Economics and politics to exploit us. Corruption can be stopped if the dude last trick, just say «no.»

For example, recently, the US fast food workers have started to claim that they doubled the salary. A great example: the minimum wage is a poverty limit, why not raise? Because you have to pay taxes, because they have to bribe, because in this business and without that big money. In a perfect world, how would the government? The price of gasoline is very high — it is necessary to reason with the greedy oil exporters. But it does not happen. And you know it.

And the reason is not only that. Unskilled workers a lot. If you only know how to serve customers (why anyone can learn in a day) then like you, a lot like air. Since a lot of resources for them with little pay. Of course, if you are a more scarce resource (e.g., developing SOFTWARE), then you’re worth more. How to make unskilled workers receive more? As Lenin said: «From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs». And if you’re a developer, you want to get as much as a worker «McDuck»?

5. We do not recognize that the failure of alternative more severe failures

all rotten

So happened to me one time in high school. I read a book that has changed my view of the world, and I could not talk about her taking all that topic a couple of months. Then I read another book and realized that if he carried out what was in the first, it would be hell, chaos and death. You know what I mean.

So sane people do not respond to the phrase from discharge «it is a Pity that we did not build communism», or «Why don’t we ban poor people to breed?», or «have You seen «Zeitgeist»?». So I looked and looked. Any failure on closer examination turns out to be a more favorable alternative to other failures. It always reminds me of a quote I once heard at school in English class: «For every complex problem there is always a clear, simple and wrong solution».

May all your bright ideas have come someone in the head, and the true state of Affairs is alternative to something bad. For example, long-range missiles. Yes, terrible that people can kill each other, simply by pressing a button. But the rockets were not invented instead of foam parties, and instead of the war, when soldiers are freezing in the winter and years languishing in the heat in the summer.

We can wish for a government that doesn’t kill people. We can seek a better system than capitalism. We can hope that one day will bring the breed niepodleg cats. What unites these aspirations? That this desire for what does not yet exist. What did I say about sneaky cats?

6. If people have the power, we only see the bad things they do


Even if you don’t believe in God, perhaps you like the concept of judgment day. Each person receives according to merit. Think about it: all the rich assholes with their greed and corruption get in the ass! No lawyers, bribes and excuses — only justice, only hardcore.

The people running large corporations, should be responsible for environmental pollution, theft, fraud. What they did was good? For example, create jobs, engaged in charity, and thanks to, for example, their machines do a lot of good happened.

Exploiting Chinese workers, the manufacturer, donates huge amounts for the treatment of heart disease — he’s in heaven or hell? And takes bribes COP who saved someone’s life? Good too is considered to be.

Somehow good for us of course. So, early man did not have computer and Internet. «But they did not exist,» we say with a clear conscience. What? Did they appear by themselves? Without anyone’s effort? For the sake of a just and worked for wear.

7. We want the world was bad — it gives us a reason to be alienated from him

we want the world was bad

Result. All these «How can I enjoy when the children in Africa are starving?!» — the complete nonsense that people think when they take off their mask of cynicism and detached irony, despite all the imperfections of this world. This is another lie to themselves, as the speech from the category of «I’ve had worse».

«Why go to the polls? Solved us. Anyway, the state is bad, I want anarchy.» «Why give money to the homeless? They’ll spend it on vodka.» «Why start a business, and so there is plenty of everything». «Why try to make friends? All around freaks and no one can be trusted». Convenient excuses.

Therefore, the cynicism does not make sense. It is one of inaction. But inaction breeds cynicism. Of course, it’s nice to feel that you know everything that the world is rotten that it was better before. But so what? So you can’t change it. You can have a long list of reasons and excuses, that’s your business. But the point is not that the world is bad. It is not bad, even if you want it so much.

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