7 reasons why it is useful to drink coffee

KavaAlmost all drink coffee and love it. You, too, man? Personally, I drink it several times a day and not going to quit, although I often hear that coffee is bad that he excretes water and calcium, it increases the pressure that the coffee «my brother died».

But still it does not convince me to stop drinking coffee. It’s delicious, it’s nice, it energizes and helps to Wake up. And to be able himself to comfort, we have selected for you seven reasons why drinking coffee is beneficial.

1. Coffee helps prevent diseases

Studies conducted at Harvard, showed that 1-3 cups of coffee a day is even good for health, because this dose significantly reduces the risk of diabetes. If you drink up to six cups a day, it will reduce the risk of disease even more, but who will do that? And coffee consumption by 80% reduces the risk of Contracting Parkinson’s disease and 25% chance of cancer. Women who drink four or more cups of coffee in day on 40% reduce their chances of developing breast cancer. Terrible disease, right? But the coffee comparison is not terrible.

2. Coffee helps you to train more effectively

Before you do exercises or go to the gym, drink a Cup of coffee. It will raise the level of endorphins in the blood in just a few minutes. Endorphins lift your mood and charge you with vivacity for the upcoming exercises, thereby increasing the efficiency and duration of exercise. Want the best results — drink coffee before exercise.


3. Coffee good for health

A Cup of coffee contains more than a thousand different antioxidants. They are important for health because they reduce inflammation of the joints and removed from the body of toxins including the cancer-causing. And antioxidants neutralize free radicals that lead to weight gain. The more antioxidants you consume, the better you will feel and look.

4. Coffee increases life expectancy

A study of the American national cancer Institute found that people who regularly drink coffee live longer than those who do not drink coffee. It is not clear how it happened, but scholars tend to chalk it all up to contained in the drink antioxidants (see previous paragraph).

Also, coffee reduces the likelihood of spontaneous and frankly unnecessary meals and improve the effect of exercise (see paragraph 2). The habit of drinking coffee successfully override the habit of Smoking, though it is much healthier, and it also affects life expectancy.

5. Coffee makes you smarter


Coffee not only invigorates, but also makes you think: the fact that the main component of coffee, caffeine is a natural stimulant. In the modern world it is the most widely used psychoactive component. Caffeine blocks the effect of inhibitory neurotransmitter called adenosine, which in result strengthens connections between neurons in the brain and causes the production of other types of neurotransmitters. All this leads to a stimulating effect and positively affects the brain and mood.

Regular consumption of coffee may help to overcome emotional problems and improve cognitive abilities. Studies show that coffee improves mental ability and problem solving skills.

6. Coffee good for the liver

Studies show that coffee contains caffeine helps of self-regulation of the liver. Regular consumption of coffee may reduce the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer, and liver failure. In addition, caffeine reduces the chance of alcoholic cirrhosis. These benefits do not extend to other caffeinated drinks such as black and green tea.

7. Coffee reduces risk of gout

Gout is a pain, and, what is worse, it can catch any man at any age. It affects the joints and can immobilize a person for a long time. Drinking coffee can relieve pain and alleviate gout. Studies show that people who frequently drink coffee have lower risk of developing gout. All this thanks to the same antioxidants that reduce the level of insulin and uric acid, and they are the reasons of gout.

So drink your coffee without remorse, man!

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