7 reasons why adults who play video games are happier than others

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2014_TZPl5tIiqEXAyYou often hear in your address accusations of infantilism and the waste of time when you play. Don’t worry, surrounding just do not know what can be useful with video games and why playing adults happier than those who are grumbling.


The strong bond with the inner child, where you have adults playing, never bored and stuck in a rut.


Adults who play video games, I find this as an opportunity emotional discharge, respectively, it is easier to tolerate stress, and are less likely to break on others.


In their lives no room for creativity and imagination: they are constantly visited by various fictional worlds and actively involved in their fictional lives. Sometimes the rules of the game such that the world is created by the participant. It is the most successful method of implementation of the «God complex» that lives in each of us.


They have a more balanced life: playing adult will always find time to play, thus maintaining the balance between work and leisure.


Adults who play video games, better developed coordination, the higher the reaction rate. These qualities are useful in such serious activity like driving a car.


They always have something to wait for. Swallowed them routine, and they have not forgotten the childish joy of waiting for something wonderful, whether it is a new generation of consoles or the next version of the beloved game.


Playing adults can have fun when others miss. For example, while waiting for the reception at the dentist, the one who used to play, can pass the time and to get rid of the fear of the forthcoming examination.

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