7 reasons to visit the water Park this summer

manygoodtips.com_18.07.2014_7iqy4pDTYNuGvYeah, it’s weird when a grown man goes to a water Park instead of doing anything brutal. But don’t jump to conclusions, spend the day at the water Park, especially if at this time you should be at work — very cool! This is for 10 reasons:

1. I feel like a child

When did you become so serious? You don’t realize that in our hearts, we will forever be children once we grow up externally. Why discussing politics in the restaurant was more fun than a ride on the water slides? The children still quite smart and they know a lot about entertainment, unlike you. Stop being so serious, grab a rubber ring in the form of a duck and go to a meeting aquatic adventures.

2.Free from form

Oh, Yes! Away suit. Imagine how you tired of the office clothes. Well take her to hell, pulled on shorts and jump from the hill right into the water. It’s cool that you don’t feel awkward that you can go in wet clothes and no one will think you’re crazy. Here nobody will look askance.

3.Is this normal

Descending from the high hills you will want to cry. Well, scream. Here to refer to this normal. You as you are, during descent in the water, there is no falsehood or vanity. And it’s great.


In many parks there are slides for which can simultaneously down 5 — 10 people. A descent from the hill at speed. Normally this race is won by the fat kid, but now you’re an adult and can outrun any child. Hurry in these slides and get the victory in the race.

5.Not so busy

Before you go to the water Park you think you have too much to do and absolutely no time for such leisure. «I have no time for childish nonsense!». Fuck this shit. Don’t worry about what other people think. Especially if you have real friends, they will gladly go with you and none of them will say that this idea «sucks».

6.You’re devastated

After the Park you come home really exhausted. You’re tired, you’re hungry, you even forgot about your damn phone. This is a very cool feeling. Fatigue entertainment. Don’t worry how devastated you would feel, the next day everything will be fine. But the memories and pictures will last a lifetime.

7.Again armed

This hike in the Park you have developed immunity to the bad mood for the next six months. If you have a serious job and no place of rest, then you need to arrange discharge. Periodically, go crazy with friends as a child.

For such entertainment need just one day. Of course you will be able to free up some time for the water Park, the main thing is not let yourself promises, and just tear ass off the couch and go out with friends for your legal holiday.

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