7 reasons to quit your job

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2015_WZsknPPzHHZOpWe already wrote about the reasons that brought you to the brink of quitting. And he wrote about how shitty the work is. So look, and not want to work. What personal comfort above all else. And you know what, dear fellow man, we have 7 reasons why you should quit your harmful pipe factory and go to the factory later, with German machines and compote for dessert.

1. From the work horses die and my nerves are shot

Some professions have a negative impact on human health, and health – as you know, this is the most important. And it’s not only hard physical labor, pulling bags of cement and other risks to life. Intellectual work is also quite traumatic and usually for the nerves. Be nervous at all strongly not recommended. And if you have a wide range of responsibilities? Well then, without fail? Or Director, a leech, constantly shouting and mentally (stress: moral) mocks you as not every BDSM porn can. When you feel your heart beginning to falter, but nerves of steel is a mess, and the constant seat grows hemorrhoids the size of a fist, then it’s time to find something quieter.

2. The chief went

Again on the head. Not all of them lucky.

So he/she’s an asshole and an aggressor. It happens that he just didn’t like. Well, the face he doesn’t like yours, you enrage him. But he can not dismiss you, because of all the sheep you’re the most efficient worker. But the increase, as you know, to not wait. Then you face the wrath of the righteous. Shake the solid earth, destroyed the temples of heaven, drops your self-esteem. Head of a tyrant – it’s all a rabid animal, like a plague dog. Just do not confuse it with demanding. Fuck him in the morning day numerous checks is to suffer will be the whole team. Grab a friend, work overtime.

3. Your place of work too far from home

Life is a road, and the road completely blocked. Life is too short to spend it at intimacy with a stranger, you hate people in a small iron box. Of course, I mean tube beach big cities. Even if you have your own car, don’t think you like to spend two hours in the nervous queue under heavy grey skies, irrigating your iron pillar vile rain. And yet the peals of a horn from nervous motorists… why are you beeping!? Honk the horn yourself! You see, there is still 3 cars!.. But he does not see, he continues. Evil. Specifically. To make you feel disgusted. Your nedosypayuschie the body finally died. And right on public transport (if competently to take the place) you can take a NAP. And driving does not take a NAP. And so all life, all waking hours go on the road and work. And at the end of the day, you suddenly realize that due to most of these trips you don’t have time.

But there is always work closer. So, a promising office 12 km with a good income. But pity of your life! If these trips wore you out, if one thought about them you start vomiting, then you need in life to change something.

4. The conditions are not suitable your thin sincere organization

When hard to work when other sounds coming out of the woodwork. When you work in a Palace made of cinder block, with no normal conditioning (in the middle of summer!), without the normal bathroom, without a break for lunch, we need to consider: do you want this job. Yes, it’s the little things, but if, sorry, you don’t have a normal working place in the office rat run, from the next room can hear the sounds of endless repairs in your office employs 15 people and you travel from place to place, distracting each other from the implementation of the plan five-year plan in 3 years, and most importantly, it all prevents you to work properly, so it is necessary foaming at the mouth to demand his superiors normal conditions, or to go.

If you don’t spend most of lives at work, we are happy for you, but most, unfortunately, it is not so. And I wish this part of life was held in maximum comfort. Most likely, head timidly hint that can not do anything, because there is no money. Well, then the choice is obvious. This is unlikely to be the main cause, but it may be one of the factors.

5. Need more money

The most popular reason for a job change. In principle, this is normal, because in normal people, life is not only limited to work. And in order to truly live, we need money. So, prospects are prospects, but if in 2-3 years you see no progress, for the moment. Following a career shift or retirement, or dismissal.

This is especially frustrating in cases where they work for half to two people, and get paid one. On the other hand, if this work makes you feel the navel of the earth, the king of the office, that will suit you and Threepenny earnings.

But if you decided to go to the boss asking for salary increase, do not forget that the amount should be adequate. That is to say, you give them their opportunities, they give you their. If not – in the path of the road. Anyway, don’t forget to remind yourself about the chief. He, poor man, thinks: «if don’t ask for anything, so everyone is happy».

If you’re looking for a salary 3 times more then ready to meet with constant rejection. You’re not going to have a trial period, but in the end finally find the Holy Grail of their income.

6. Feel overwhelmed with a burden of job responsibilities

There is no shame, it’s work that’s called «not yours», or you’re just burned out, because the boss dumped on you left a bunch of responsibilities that are difficult to cope on their own. Pretty common, when you are given new tasks, in addition to those that were defined previously, or charge to perform the work of other employees who can not cope with it. But you, as I understand it, not a robot, the work our magazine is not very much. You are a man of flesh and blood, who, by and large, all this nonsense does not have to deal. Or ask for double salary.

7. There is no stability

In the world there is no stability in his personal life there is no stability, but there is also the work of his infinite mind, as the sweat from your armpits on a hot summer day, with fluidity. And they get their salary in time and move from place to place. No, here something not so! Perhaps, it is better to think about finding a more stable and promising job, isn’t it?

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