7 reasons to exercise

Pora was.kom.ua_15.09.2015_OsTwsbIvM44k3The summer passed, and with it went the desire to look cool on the beach and not to Shine their belly. You can relax and get back to pizza, burgers, lasagne and other delights of fatty foods.

Let’s be honest with each other. Many of us freeze gym membership until winter or even autumn. Well, just because it’s cold and too lazy to walk on the ice or in the rain. However, exercise is created not only in order to drop fat or look like Schwarzenegger in his best years. It’s all well and good, but not the most important in the life of an ordinary guy. There is one more sad news, namely, the study, published in the Guardian, where he studied the relationship between diet and exercise. We will not describe in detail the work of scientists, but the point is that exercise is not particularly affect weight, unlike the kind and amount of food consumed.

But don’t be discouraged. Especially for you manygoodtips.com wrote a list of things you should know about exercise. When you read this, maybe will go back to the gym or resume Jogging.

So here’s what you need to know.

1. Forget about the stress

Anxiety, nervous disorders – some of the biggest problems of Russia in the XXI century. The unstable situation at work, in the family, with a friend – all this puts a disastrous impact on our mind adds to our hair unhealthy gray.

An hour or two of Jogging and a couple of physical exercises can work wonders. Besides, this is the only really healthy way of getting rid of depression.

2. Protect your heart

Well, exercise is unlikely to protect you from a broken heart, but they will help a body that’s still beating in your chest. A damn good exercise for the heart.

However, you don’t have to overload it, rather to pose as a marathon runner. Enough 30 minute loads per day.

3. Make you more confident

If you don’t have the courage to talk to a girl who lives in a neighboring apartment, try to work out.

You saw how arrogant can be the men at the gym? So, all this for a reason. Maybe they have no reason to be confident in myself so much, but it helps in life. A study on the relationship between work and life suggests that those people who exercise regularly, can more confidently handle the many stresses of life. Russell Clayton, lead author of the study, can confirm this statement.

4. Make you better in bed

Yes, it’s true. If you better control over your body, and you have plenty of stamina and strength, you have much more to offer to a friend than if you’re sedentary man, who is unable to rise from the chair.

Exercise, incidentally, improve circulation, help prevent erectile dysfunction and lead to lower levels of estrogen.

5. Improve mood

Suppose the runners are much more they rejoice in simple things than a regular office plankton, not beyond the walls of his concrete cell. In Germany could find out that there is a direct correlation between running and endorphins (happiness hormones). So, the race sends tons of endorphins in the brain.

But researchers from Pennsylvania state University found that physically active people generally are more joyful, enthusiastic, than others.

We found that people often appear pleasant feelings in those days when they are most physically active.

Amanda Hyde, a researcher

6. Help creativity

Those involved in writing, acting, theatre or some other creative work, often encounter such a serious obstacle, as a creative crisis. If you didn’t write a line, you have enough 45 minutes of hard training in order to be filled with new forces of creativity.

And it works. God knows why, but the method is very effective.

7. Increase your productivity

Also, regularly, you can protect yourself against stress and improve your cardiac health, you also increase your productivity that matters. It was found that physical exercises contribute to a more active neurogenesis, although previously it was thought that neurogenesis in the adult human can not be.

So that brains grow better when you’re watching yourself in a physical sense. Don’t overdo it. Still, the boxers are a Prime example of intellectual ability.

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