7 reasons to call yourself a coward

manygoodtips.com_1.07.2016_Ij5CMPs2x2JybHuman nature is also paradoxical as his decision. Our instincts may say one thing and the mind to whisper on your ear is quite another. It happens so because the goals of the mind and instincts are different. Last I want to keep you alive, make you 80-year old man with thirty kids and the house, a kind of cave where you will be in safety and prosperity. But the mind creates crazy thoughts that make people go under the tanks, to go to fight one against ten, playing Russian roulette. What contradicts the instinct of self-preservation used to be called courage, and now more stupidity, why we get angry.

Your you quit the army… as a runner… And the house locked up like a fool!…

– A. K. Tolstoy, «the Death of Ivan the terrible» –How many times have you faced situations when you find any excuse just not to put yourself at risk? I think over time it will make you a better person? Perhaps you’re on the road and lowly reptile. Can proud, you’ll live a long life, but this life is full of fears. Today we won’t talk about the heroism of cosmic proportions. None of us are superheroes. We will take only a few life situations that can become turning points on the path to becoming your personality.

1. An insult on the street

Walking on the street, the back can hear curses and laughter. You’re alone, no one near. Think: «Oh, no, they are not me and some other guy, why to rotate. Wearing perhaps headphones and pretend to be deaf». The house is a bad feeling, because you understand that the insults were turned in your direction, but you chose to ignore them in order not to get into trouble. It might help you and your unharmed nose. Soon the unpleasant feeling in his chest go away, and you’ll forget about this, it would seem, nonsense. But really, your brain will begin to consider such cowardly behavior is the norm, available in any other situation, which may not even relate to the danger of being broken. Negative energy itself does not disappear, and your resentment, too. You just take it all on people who you are good on girls, friends, work colleagues. Gradually turn into an evil beast that I could, if I just respected myself. So the next time you turn to the dregs and talk to them — in 99% of cases it all ends with a verbal altercation.

2. Comments your friend

Stop.com.ru_1.07.2016_AovqylxlechlWWoe to those guys who have a hot and beautiful girlfriend. The streets are full of cattle, which he can’t keep his mouth shut and that will consider you spineless boy that won’t tell if your girl will say something disgusting with a hint of erotica. In fact, many modern guys prefer to remain silent to avoid the conflict. Girls verbal support them in this: «no, come on, let’s just go, it’s just nonsense.» But know this — your little girlfriend is lying to you, because every girl wants to see next to a strong guy who can protect and stand up for her honor (chivalry direct some, but you understand). And when you’re going on about, then just create the Foundation for further conflict in their relationship.

3. The noise behind the wall

Would not include this item here, if I didn’t know that there are people who prefer to tolerate it. They and their friends say to do: «let’s wait a bit, soon they will stop drilling the wall, you’ll see!» No, my friend, they won’t stop and the music will keep, and will not stop screaming until you kill each other. Noisy neighbors is a problem that must be addressed as soon as it appears. In this case, you have a legal right to the conflict. One of my friends, unable to bear the sound of music the domestic production in 3am, just showed up to the party and cut the speaker wires.

4. The beating of a stranger

Surely never in all your life you are not faced with a situation when the stranger beat off the liver from a few people? This can happen in a bar, café and even on the street. Itself classic reaction — I’m not here, it’s not my business, maybe something he did wrong. So, man, he really could do something, but it doesn’t matter when a man kills a little bit, right? What to do in such cases? To prevent beating, it is possible to find support from passers-by. If that doesn’t work, though usually a couple of people you can find, they just need to cheer up, go deal with it. Let you will have bruises, abrasions and criticism from friends, but at least you will retain your dignity and do the right thing.

5. Boorish attitude to the stranger

manygoodtips.com_1.07.2016_T0hGZKslrLy2BSee that strange girl annoying some weird guy at the bar? To approach and ask if she was okay and how to help her. People come to relax in such places and, unfortunately, many who come to disturb the guests. This is a face-control, but he is not able to cope with everything, and sometimes skips the trash. To help the girl in such a bad situation — it’s just the normal behavior of any normal person. Thus, he does not become a goat, because no one owe you nothing after this assistance. Why would you do that? If everyone really asks this question today, that generation is lost.

6. However for girlfriend

If you live a long time with the person, then very quickly you get used to it. And even when the feelings are gone, you still live out of habit, because «everyone is satisfied». But it’s not. When you ignore a problem, create a time bomb. Sooner or later you will have children from unloved, joint property, and desire to leave. The losers are all your best years, the best years of her children, the accumulated assets. And all because you didn’t want to go at the most opportune moment — at the start of the relationship, when you are nothing but habits are not linked. Be bold in a relationship is to take responsibility for the breakup. Be honest with a friend.

7. Leaving work

That takes courage, which is not enough, perhaps, half the male population of the country. Because the men sit on one place all my life. With the same salary and the same zero term. If the work does not give you absolutely nothing, then it’s time to change it. So, right now. During the economic crisis, when finding a new place will be much harder than before. Think about what you could lose. Low wages, boorish attitude of the leadership killed in the most brutal way? Seriously, we don’t think you have any excuse to stay in the hated the work, except as cowardice in the face of uncertainty.

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