7 reasons to believe in themselves again

manygoodtips.com_18.08.2015_bF4gkdQ3MPiqNSometimes life sucks. Live shit pours on all the pipes when you’re trying to do something. Everything goes wrong. Some say the hard times are given to us so that we learned to appreciate the times of big. It’s easy to say, but not in the moment when you’re at the bottom. How to find the energy to penetrate into the rough stream of life again?

If confidence in the future life is going downhill, read the following paragraphs that will help you get back on your feet and believe in themselves. We believe in you!

1. You’re a lot stronger than you think

When you’re on the margins of existence, then usually accent the attention on their weaknesses: drunkenness, laziness, inability to learn, the devastation, the lack of a healthy relationship. Stop doing that, man. Each person has their strengths, otherwise we would not have seen those amazing success stories that everyone so admired. Try to define their abilities and make them his business card. If you’re in the soul of a chef, but went bankrupt in the banking operations, it is better for you to do what you’re good at.

2. You always have a choice

Our life is the result of our choice. It is very simple. All you need is a better understanding of their decisions, understand the importance of their choice. If your decision adversely affects relationships, work or life, it’s time to pause and think about what you did wrong and how to change it. You can’t control all the events that happen to you, but you can set the vector, the direction of your life.

3. You’re one of a kind

But don’t get cocky. Feel personality when waiting for a long, rough road — is a must. You have your own experience, special abilities, you think differently than others do you Have your own dreams. Try to find themselves, their identity. Think how to make you feel better and what you need to do to get off the losing streak.

Deal with your troubles. We’re not talking about things, rather about deeper things. Not like the work? Look for other options. Think about the qualities that are necessary for a particular profession. When you understand all this, it is a chance to get out will increase markedly.

4. You’re stronger than you think

People are very interesting and wonderful creatures. They happen, overcoming incredible difficulties, pass through fire, water and copper pipes, and the result is prosperity. And all this from the bottom. No matter where you are, who born and what social status you have — you always have a chance, you can do a lot of things.

5. Your energy is contagious

One way to get better is to make better other people. It’s such an energy exchange that helps to restore strength and positive emotions. Make an effort to give energy to others, and you will see that people will tell you the same.

6. Helping others, helping yourself

There is such an important hormone known as oxytocin. So, it is activated when you start to help other people, maybe it is due to certain chemical processes that can easily explain the scientists, but it is important to know just what this hormone helps you to strengthen the immune system. In addition, you gain confidence that you can solve their problems, helped strangers.

7. You are the Creator of your destiny

The time when it was believed that man has no power over your life, gone forever. Then the world was ruled by brutal clerical laws and everything was in the shadow of strict morality. Now the only person who is responsible for your future is yourself. Always remember that. Excuses you can find a lot, but the reality is they will not have anything in common.

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