7 reasons to be socially active


To the editor comes a lot of questions from guys who suffer from social anxiety, one of the widespread diseases of the information age. Guys can’t talk, can’t adequately continue, and finish the communication from them is impossible. Appear complexes, which turn into real fears. Life turns into torture. You are free to chat, be witty, intelligent, even courageous guy, but in society you’re not just a little gray mouse, and the corpse of the gray mouse.

Start a conversation, and the words stuck in my throat, confused. Trying something to offer, but your idea stumbles about phobias that you made up for yourself. Complete darkness, which simply do not overcome. But a man can cope with all, especially with their own cockroaches in my skull. For this it is first important understanding, understanding, why do you need to meet the society and that it will give you.

Emotional discharge

Man is a social animal, which alone does not want to live. Even modern monks who «left the world», have access to the Internet and all the blessings of civilization. Why would a man need a man? That he has supported, warmed and understood. Everyone needs to vent, everyone has problems to solve is difficult, if not articulate them. It is a kind of therapy which allows you to breathe freely and move on. If you do not, you’ll take a bottle and some beautiful fall evening to a close person all together. But it is better not to do: you can seriously mess up his attitude to you.


The time is now, it is better to stick together. You help a neighbor, and he helps you. The more such horizontal linkages, the easier it will be to live. Don’t waste time on all sorts of household stuff. Besides, it is always good when you have friends that will help at least advice. Trust me, good advice can save a lot in your life.

Expansion of financial opportunities


We recently wrote about the advantages of cost-sharing between groups of people. This form of cooperation is based on friendly relations. Here we are talking about a common interest are unfamiliar with each other people. But to become a part of this concerned group, you have to communicate and communicate a lot. Can’t go for it? Then pay more and collect longer, no one to condemn you.

Useful links

Dating can be business, can be friendly and can be confusing, you do not have a particular colour. But any of them may at some point to «shoot». And not guess, when comes the fateful moment that will touch your life and the life of someone you know nothing but a name. In Russia, a lot is just an acquaintance. Be a friend of an important person, and shares your life will increase. And if you get into very big trouble, a ghostly connection to be able to pull you out of the pit with the snakes.

The understanding of reality

You can always hide from it, but sooner or later it’ll catch up to you. And then the blow will be crushing and you start to look for meanings, which you can hang on, but will not be able to find them. All these years you avoided society, but it sheds light on the conventional picture of the world. And you, fortunately or unfortunately, we live in the world. So don’t lie to yourself and escape from the reality that surrounds you. The faster you run from it, the hotter her hellish breath on the nape. It is for this reason, you need to communicate, to learn about changes in the city, human lives, Economics and politics not only through the Internet.

Personal development


The more friendly and open you are, the more interesting people you will meet in your way. Individuals are good because they can bring something new to your personality, thereby developing it. Their views are unique, their experience is unique, absolutely different from what you are accustomed to observe among the crowd. You communicate, find a source of information and transferred the experience of others for themselves. Grow spiritually and intellectually, is it not good?

Your accomplices

Everyone has a hobby. Perhaps you are modeling or the brewing of beer, and maybe you are fond of riding or poker. Of course, all of this to earn one alone, but your skills will eventually become dull if you don’t attach to their Hobbies to other people. And how can you love poker and never play at this table? Virtual reality at this stage cannot be replaced by simple human communication.

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